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Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality have become the new demand of multiple industry verticals as they have incomparable potential for creating incredible and engaging experiences across the web and mobile. AR and MR technologies is the usage of digital objects on the top of the real world have been the preference for some, while engaging the users with fully rendered virtual world is the preference of many others. These reality- based interactive and engaging technologies are being used by various industries other than gaming such as e-learning, marketing, sports, surgical procedures, interior design, real-estate, hospitality, tourism, engineering and much more. Customize a reality-based innovative solution for your business today.

At Osiz Technologies, we grasp innovation to bring unique and captivating experience through advanced AR, VR, MR applications that add value to your business. Over the years, we have built stunning AR / VR / MR apps with next-gen functionalities for clients across different industries. We posses competent knowledge and experience in creating magnificent applications that exceeds your business objectives. Unlock the potential of AR, VR and MR with our amazing services.

Why is AR, VR and MR Important For business?

The trending technologies with unmatchable features make wonders to multiple industry verticals. It enhances your business progress better, as compared to the other emerging technologies. Experience the digital and virtual world in the real world which brings the following importance to your business

  • Increase customer engagement rate
  • Enhance sales and generate revenue
  • Better marketing and promotion
  • Perfect training and development
  • Boost up user interaction
  • Easy learning and understanding
  • Stimulate social experience
  • Highly interactive solution

Our AR / MR Development Services

AR/MR Software Development

Get the location based, market based and superimposition based augmented reality software developed in mobile phones or wearable technology like virtual glasses. Leveraging the amazing software at your business can help hospitality, architecture, education, healthcare and son on.

AR / MR Application Development

We develop splendid AR and MR mobile applications for your business to create a real world experience. We build amazing applications that projects digital image on the physical object and allow object recognition, which can be made possible through smart phone camera.

Projection Based Services

We specialize in developing application that will bring the digital object into the real world. This might be interactive or non-interactive, based on the client’s requirement. This might be useful for various business purposes like architectural design, sales executives, etc.

Recognition Based AR

As a leading AR application development company, we develop AR applications which uses the smart device camera to detect and recognizes the marker, and replace it with a corresponding object. It is much useful to execute your business to your customers or clients without complication.

Our VR Development Services

VR Integration and Deployment

Our experts integrate advanced VR technology at a wide range of platforms to which our client requires and as a result, improving capabilities inspires more potential uses and saves cost.

Virtual Product Environment

Being the best VR development company, we craft VR design and solutions by world class 3D designers for products, buildings, movies, games, education, entertainment, tourism and many more.

3-D walk

We help you in engaging VR 3-D walkthroughs, to attract the users to the platform through effective presentations for prospective buyers and investors regarding new projects, property, etc.

VR Gaming App Development

Our VR Game development can bring real gaming world on the smartphones. We adept in delivering the next generation mobile games apps with advanced feature and futuristic functionalities.

Industries We Serve

Advancement in technology has taken various business and industry to the new height. AR, VR and MR has also brought unimaginable solutions for various industries and we are expertise in the following industries along with gaming, e-Commerce, advertising, marketing and much more.


  • Phobia Treatment
  • Physical Therapy Training
  • Equipment Simulation
  • Simulation of Surgeries

Education and Training

  • Guest Lectures
  • Interactive Walkthroughs
  • Field Trips
  • Engaging Tutorials


  • Product Simulation
  • Technical Training
  • Computer-Aided Design
  • Computer-Aided Manufacturing

Real Estate

  • Interior Design
  • Effective Home Demos
  • Construction
  • Architectural Design

Travel and Hospitality

  • Provides Virtual Field Trips
  • Virtual History Tours
  • Location-based AR Apps
  • Provide Virtual Hospitality


  • Creates virtual Trial Rooms
  • Create product catalog visualization
  • Interactive Kiosks
  • AR-assisted Window Shopping

Why Choose Osiz for AR/VR/MR App Development ?

When it comes to developing AR, VR and MR solutions, creativity and smartness is what that makes you stand ahead of competition. Our team combines potential skill with creativity to build immersive and outstanding user experiences with each of the apps they create. We posses the following features.

  • Strong Technical Skill
  • Vast Experience
  • Agile Methodology
  • Creative and Flexible Solutions
  • Customer-centric Approach
  • Seamless Communication
  • Best Game Studio
  • Competitive Price
  • 100 % customer satisfaction
  • 24/7 Technical Support

Hire Our Expert

We have creative team that comprises expert mobile app developers, 3D artists, UI/UX design experts, and digital producers who possess vast experience and potential skill in creating revolutionary applications.Our expertise enables us to deliver the project on time and helps you to generate better revenue in short period. Hire our dedicated experts to acquire the fullest advantage of AR, VR and MR under one roof at a comparatively affordable cost.

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