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How We Care For Employees

A Platform To Learn

With the usage of cutting-edge technologies, our employees are up to date with the latest technologies. We create a free environment for our employees to interact with the business people from all over the world thereby giving them exposure. We have experts to train our employees regularly to keep them updated. Our culture and infrastructure gives the employees a very good ambience to deliver the work fruitfully.

Enjoy Quality Life

Our benefit doesn’t stop in just working with different people and innovative knowledge. We also need time away from work to take care of personal stuff or spend time with family & friends. With their personal needs in mind, Osiz provide casual leave, to balance their personal life so that their work-life balance is emphasized.

Orientation & Career Growth

At OSIZ, we are always a step ahead and provide promising growth in career. We have a well experienced Human Resource team (HRM) to appraise our employees periodically, enhance our employees performance and take them to the next level in their career.

Our Induction and Orientation program helps new employees to adopt to our environment and avoid workplace issues in the future.

Employee’s Benefits and Compensation

We believe Employees are a company’s most valuable asset. Appreciation and recognition for their hard work resemble in their Appraisal. On-time Employee Wages on a monthly basis. Employees compensation like Employee State Insurance (ESI), Provident Fund (PF) and Accidental Insurance are applicable.

Live A Healthy Life

Osiz give importance to every individual’s wellness. Apart from work, we also provide on-site wellness program which includes aerobics and yoga, for our employees to have a healthy and stress free life.

Cab Facilities

At osiz, we provide cab facility for the employees coming from the nearby residential area and cities for their safe and stress-less travel. We have an up and down pickup facility especially for the ladies who struggle more. We love to bring a pleasant smile to our employees face daily without risk. Our cab has a fire extinguisher to safeguard our precious employees in case of any emergency.   


Apart from your casual leave, we provide leave on the even Saturday to balance their personal life for emphasizing their work-life balance. We also concern inevitable leaves taken by our employees and provides two-hour permission monthly to full-fill their minor works.   

National Holidays

We provide national holidays to all our employees to celebrate their occasion with families. We never ask our employees to compromise their holiday as we respect family values.   

Relax Your Mind

We provide tea/coffee to our employees at any time to make them comfortable. we offer high-quality milk for our employees as we are highly conscious of employee's health. We also provide black tea/milk to our employees who avoid tea/coffee. We have keen on eye on our employee’s health. 

Appraisal for Every Year 

We appraise our employees every year to take them to the next level in their careers. We have experienced the human resource team to enhance our employee's performance and for their career growth as well. Our HR team monitors each employee to appraise the employee who is more dedicated to their work. We recognize and encourage our employees with our appraisal at any time if they go beyond our expectations. 

Opportunity to Learn New Technologies

We boast to say that our employees can learn advanced technologies using our huge resources. Our employees have more opportunities to learn upcoming platforms/frameworks with our standard frameworks.     

Awareness Program

At Osiz we conduct awareness programs like mental health-care programs, security awareness programs, etc. It offers a holistic lifestyle choice for our employees, service range from yoga, meditation, nutritious diet, and even campaigns and workshops on mental health illness. 

Get Motivated to be Productive

Osiz motivates employees by telling them how much they are fit into the company's structure, mission, goals, and achievements. We conduct motivational classes every week to boost our employees to reach their daily work goals. 

Take Precaution for Your Health

We provide the best health insurance policy for all our employees. It can refund the insured for expenses incurred from illness or injury, or pay the care provider instantly.

Get Advance Payment in Emergency

Our employees can get their payment in advance when they are in an emergency. We support our employees at any time inevitably as we always show higher priority to them.

Sophisticated Rest Room

We have a restroom for both ladies and gents which is cleaned every two hours to get rid of unwanted health-related issues. Also, we have restrooms on every floor to make employees burden-free.  

Have Your Pleasant Mode Cafeteria

Our employees are highly benefited from our cafeteria service to build their team-bonding behavior. Our cafeteria infrastructure and pleasant music can even change the mode of our employees.