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Blockchain in E-Commerce

Commerce is the selling and buying of goods and services electronically. The transaction for this buying and selling become secure by the blockchain technology. It is designed to store the transactional data, it naturally fit for the E-Commerce and these data storing are not financial. It may be any distinct action that need an immutable record, involving the actions that are related to the payment and order fulfillment. Backed by the cryptographic value, the blockchain holds and stores digital record that are the transaction lists called blocks. For the sake of infinite benefits of blockchain, the E-Commerce industry has overcome their challenges easily.

Challenges in E-Commerce

International Payments

The major problem arises with the E-Commerce is Cross-border or international payments. Traditional systems are not coupled with technology trends and are slow, cumbrous as well as pricy. At the same way, they are much complex to track as they move across multiple ledgers, banks and clearing systems.

Fraud Activities

In the online payments, the fraud activities is an ongoing problem. People are progressively obsessed about their personal and financial data that are being compromised.

Order Fulfillment Optimization

The E-commerce merchants spend more time and resource to deal the issues of risk management while serving their customers. For instance, it consumes time and money for legal documents, invoices, and receipts. If the customer complaints decay into chargebacks, they have the potency to do real damage to an e-commerce business.

Personal Data Protection

E-commerce sites typically store information about provider and buyers in the centralized servers and databases, that can be compromised and there does not exist security of the buyers’ personal data.

Returning Customer Relationship

The customer relationship becomes on important factor of e-commerce sites. If the customer bought something with the online payment, they not even have a good interaction between the producer and their payment details.

Blockchain Solutions To E-Commerce

Smart Contracts

The most fabulous feature of blockchain is smart contracts that represent relatively small computer program stored on a blockchain to automatize definite tasks in accordance to predetermined rules.The power if these specialized blocks of code makes it easy to automate nearly any ecommerce-related process, freeing up staff to market and enhance the business.

Inventory Control

The inventory control, is an application of smart contracts. By integrating smart contracts into the blockchain, it becomes simple to decrease the inventory items from the standard shopping carts and replacement stock can be ordered after the reach of pre-defined thresholds.

Product Description Database

To run an online store successfully, providing product descriptions and relevant images to the customers is a time-consuming and costly part. Blockchain technology allows to efficiently share this information between suppliers, your online store, and with content creators.

Loyalty Rewards Software

Blockchain automated an absolute customer loyalty reward programs where records of every purchase are stored in the chain. It makes the smart contract to easily offer a reward points to customers as they surpass specific spending thresholds.

Supply Chain Tracking

The online store can live or die that depends on the supplychains’ reliability. Through this blockchain application, it is simple for the buyer to track their orders and assume when it will deliver for them. Without blockchain applications, the provider only has the way the track the stock in the pipeline and determine when it will arrive. But this is overcome by the blockchain technology.

Advantageous Traits

  • Highly Securable of data
  • Integration with business process
  • Cost reduction
  • Secure transaction
  • Desired payment gateway
  • Time efficient
  • Improved order fulfillment
  • Alternative payment method.

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