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Blockchain Solutions for Finance Management

Osiz helps banks and financial institutions to manage financial services with blockchain solutions that brings in more transparency, simplicity, efficiency and earn trust at every financial transaction


Banking and Finance industry grows constantly, as every domain in businesses all over the world deals with currency. Financial institutions are very keen to take the opportunity to reduce transaction costs and paper work, to avoid loss of data. This financial transactions and data are now being secured using blockchain technology. Blockchain, simply means a “public ledger,” that contains detailed data about when and how each transaction took place. The ledger is publicly accessible to every members through APIs and torrent sites. To prevent fraud and connect a link of current transaction with the past transactions, the database is cryptographically secured.

Osiz technologies is a one-stop shop that offers an array of blockchain solutions for various industries all over the world, at budget-friendly price. We develop blockchain applications and integrate the decentralized application in your payment application, to maintain an immutable record of transactions, eliminate human element in storage process and reduce fraud. We strive towards excellence, by working with the advanced technologies, to allow your business to freely record transactions without worrying about digital attacks.

Blockchain For Finance Management Company

Finance Management Challenges

Financial sector is the most important area as it decides the health and performance of any business. Finance will usually be managed in multiple database, as it holds numerous record of information and transactions. Some of the challenges in the current financial management is listed below.

  • Lack of public trust
  • Diverse economic environment
  • Record keeping
  • Risk management
  • Increased competitor
  • Regulatory pressure
  • More paperwork and human resource
  • Banking regulations
Finance Management Challenges

Scope of blockchain in Finance management

Scope of blockchain in Finance Management

The blockchain could potentially save billions in cash by dramatically reducing processing costs and enhancing trust. Blockchain technology holds great promise to give the following impact for finance management.

  • Single Entry Bookkeeping
  • Immutable Audit Trails
  • Know your customer (KYC)
  • Fraud detection and reduction
  • Higher availability of capital and lower cost of business
  • Improved customer experience through faster processing
  • Enhanced data integrity to reduce loss

Blockchain development services for finance management:

Public / Private blockchain

We build robust blockchain, either open to public or limit the access to certain users, as per your need and requirement, to safeguard the financial transactions

Blockchain consulting

Procure strategic advice on blockchain technology, from our blockchain expertise, implement the best blockchain application and benefit from its outcome.

Proof of concept

We elaborate POC services to determine the technical viability of the product and identify its feasibility of the blockchain project in the real world application.

Blockchain development

Based on your requirement, we develop secure blockchain application, to reduce the processing cost, enhance trust, save time, eliminate fraud and save billions in cash.

Smart contract

Smart contracts are self-executing contracts, that can enhance security and automate the transaction and payments. We are expertise in developing smart contract that matches your needs.

Benefits of blockchain in finance

Since currency plays a vital role for everyone and everywhere in the world, financial sector is in a transformation process, for a secure system. Blockchain technology has become a multi-layered security guard to save the financial transactions and yield the following benefits.

  • Identify new growth opportunities
  • Respond to competitor effectively
  • Greater transparency
  • Strong security
  • Increase efficiency and speed
  • Eliminates middleman
  • Build trust of customers and international investors
  • Eradicate fraud and error
  • Save cost and time
Benefits of Blockchain in Finance

Why choose Osiz for blockchain development in banking & finance ?

Why Choose Osiz for Blockchain Development in Banking & Finance ?

Technology for finance is slowly becoming the most important element of insurance, trading and risk management sector. We, Osiz technologies, being a superior blockchain development company, provide continuous support for you to take full advantage of this new technology, by managing your finance in a simplifies way. We have highly talented team of blockchain expertise,

Hire our blockchain developer

Hire our highly talented blockchain developers to get the best blockchain solutions for your business. Our blockchain development team of experts has deployed blockchain for various types industries and specialized in building robust blockchain, to manage your finance in the most secure way. Our experienced blockchain developers provide end-to-end support to your blockchain development project, even after deployment of blockchain on your main network.

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