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Identity management is important for any business of any domain, as it manages individual’s identities, their authentication, authorization, roles and privileges within or across the business enterprise, with the goal of increasing security and productivity while decreasing cost, downtime, and repetitive tasks. Identity management enables the right person to access the right resource, at the right time. The innovative Blockchain technology can be used in identity management, as blockchain gives the people, the right to be the in-charge of their own data. In other words, blockchain enables the user to have a self-sovereign identity which they control, so that the user can manage and share their identity more proactively, when required.

We, Osiz technologies, offer an array of blockchain solutions for various industries all over the world, at budget-friendly price. We develop unique blockchain applications and integrate the decentralized application in your business to control and manage your identity, and enhance trust and security, while eliminating the risk of loss. We strive to work towards excellence, using the advanced technologies, to allow your business to secure every individual identity without worrying about digital attacks.

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Functions Of Identity Management

of Identity Management

The identity management system maintains a record of all the information on all aspects of the identity management infrastructure. It is only using this information, the identity management system provides authorization, authentication, user registration and enrolment, password management, auditing, user self-service, central administration, and delegated administration.

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Store the information.
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Authentication and authorization.
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External user registration and enrolment
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Internal user enrolment
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Central administration

Identity Management Challenges

The identity can be in any form. It might be a password or other personal information of yours or any combination of these. It represents either an individual identity or an organizations identity. Some of the challenges faced by current Identity Management system are:

Growing Organization
Growing organization

Organizations offer a flexible work environment and remove the constraints of geographical location by taking their business to different parts of the world. They have employees scattered all over the country or all over the world, hence they had challenges to connect the employees with the organization without sacrificing security.

Distributed Applications
Distributed applications

As the technology grow, many cloud-based and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications came to usage. The users got the power to log-in using various business applications and this increased the complexity of managing the users identity. Thus, users struggle with password management due to distributed applications.

Productive Provisioning
Productive provisioning

Since the access is done manually, it takes more time to record your identity information and gain access. Similarly, the organization might not revoke the access rights of employees who left the organization and might lead to privacy problems. It is possible to make human error and lost of data, and might lead to less productivity.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
Bring your own device (BYOD)

Some firm gives the employees or other person involved in the business to bring their own device into the enterprise for some professional or personal reasons. It might create a chaotic situation for the organization in giving access to necessary people without loosing the business confidential information.


Strong password is very important to secure information. To increase the security system, more than one password must be created and remembered by the users. Few organization will also request the user to change their password every 30 days for security reason. The user might get confused with the passwords.

Blockchain Solutions To Identity Management

Blockchain technology ultimately solve a range of pernicious issues that affect industry at various domain. With regard to identity management, blockchain can potentially eliminate intermediaries and allow individuals control over digital identities. Blockchain based solution for identity management are as follows:

No need for a third party

Blockchain brings a comprehensive and centrally managed solution, that enhance the visibility and have control on the users.

Enhanced regulations Compliance

Whether the applications are in traditional data centre or private cloud or a public cloud or combination of all these, Blockchain can consolidate, control and simplify access privileges.

Greater accountability

Robust blockchain can fully automate the access provisioning process and revoke the access, in case of resignation of the user. Automated identity management process can speed up the registration process, while eliminating the human error.

Enhanced security

Unlike traditional method, blockchain will not require multiple passwords. The user must remember a single password and it is also possible to integrate password management across multiple domains and authentication.

Enhanced Customer relations

Blockchain can eliminate the human involvement in recording the users identity information, which might eliminate human error and risk of fraudulent in the identity management system.

Why Osiz For Blockchain Development In Identity Management ?

Osiz Technologies is a multifaceted blockchain development company in India. With innovative and advanced technological support, our team of strong blockchain developers, who has a record of delivering successful projects for various industries, deliver the best blockchain solution for your identity management. Our expertise in blockchain technologies enable us to develop robust blockchain solutions for identity management and empower your customer base by building in more trust and security. Our experience in blockchain technology enable us to deliver the best blockchain solution at a reasonable time.

Why Osiz for blockchain development in Identity Management ?

Hire Our Blockchain Developer For Identity Management

Hire our blockchain developer for identity management

Hire our highly talented blockchain developers to get the best blockchain solutions for identity management challenges in your business. Our blockchain development team of experts has deployed blockchain for various types industries and specialized in building advanced blockchain, as per your business needs, for your identity management. Our experienced blockchain developers provide end-to-end support to your blockchain development project, even after deployment of blockchain on your main network.

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