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Case studies about Scam, How Osiz Help customers and People to be aware about SCAMMERS.
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Case studies about Scam, How Osiz Help customers and People to be aware about SCAMMERS.

Every new space offers many new ways to make money when it contributes to a larger life community purpose.
Each innovation comes with some downsides that we have to look deep to make use of those innovations in a better way.
We all already knew the great sayings “ Every Good Necessitates An Evil”, likewise every technological innovations and trends have a way to be hacked or to be scammed.
As a leading Software Development Company in the market, we Osiz initiate all emerging new technological trends and also look after all the ways of scammers entry in that field of technology and take necessary actions to prevent end users from Scams.
Major Industries where Scams are high
In general 40% of frauds or scams occurs in private sectors, 28% occurs in public offices, 17% occurs in government agencies and remaining 10% occurs in non-profit organizations.
Industries where scam and scammers enters in a larger amount icludes Banking, Financial services, Gaming, Healthcare,Educational and retail industries.
Cryptocurrency, which have the potential to drive transformation in digital economy have a much larger space for Scammers too. All the innovations in crypto space such as crypto exchange, NFTs, DeFi, Metaverse and even blockchain have a back door for the entry of Scammers.
Being a top player in the Crypto Space, We Osiz be keen in delivering crypto solutions which is resistive to Scam and Scammers. As we also help Fintech and financial industry to grow to the next level which are also in the list of industries attacked by scammers, we deliver products and services that permits scammers in a fewer amount.
Most Common Crypto & Blockchain Scams
Rug Pull is a most common crypto scam and this means the developers sells all his tokens & gain funds from the investors. Finally the developer disappers with all the funds and he started the project only with the mind to conduct a scam.
This will make the investors to a high risk and they have nothing as the project will never exist and can not able to contact the developers.Thus paying a huge attention in developer's communities, token distributions are the ways to spot the scammers before the loss.
Phishing Scams
Phishing Attack is so old where scammers looks like legitimate companies and they grab all the personal information about their victims who are the users on the crypto related platforms.Mostly the phishing scams occurs via emails and they will sent the fake urls or websites via emails.
So, to prevent yourself from phishing scam, prevent your mail passwords and also check twice before processing urls that you have received on your mail.
Social Media Scams
In crypto space the scammers also use social media platforms to find their victims. Now a days most of the scammers contact through social media about their new projects and make you invest in their business platform by describing their rewards or giveways. After you transfer money, they disappear with their money.
It is so easy to check whether the accounts are legitimate, a proper impersonator account will have few hundreds followers and does not have any grammatical errors and misspellings.So kindly cross verify the profiles before investing in cryptos.
Fake Apps/Fake Websites
Scammers will have a apps or websites to make you invest with them and they collect all your funds and close their website or shutdown the apps without giving you any refunds or rewards.These types of scams are so common in many crypto business such as exchange, MLM,DeFi and more.
Scam Airdrops
Airdrops are marketing tools with which crypto projects promote businesses to increase awareness among investors. Many investors can use airdrops to make reach their scam projects to the people and unawareness among people about scam airdrops allows scammers to continue their scammy activities.
ICO Scams
An Initial Coin Offerings or ICO is a way to raise money for the start-up crypto business. But several ICOs have turned out to be fraudulent. Be aware of ICO Scams by deeply analysing the project details. Its your duty to make yourself be aware about scams and scammers.
How We Spot Scammers ?
At Osiz we do not allow Scammers to sign a project with us or we do not deliver any product or services with which our clients can scam their end-users. As we offer solutions like software development, cryptocurrency exchange development, DeFi Development, Metaverse Development, NFT Development and more, we look at all the possible scams relevant to the business and worked to eradicate all those scams and offers a HI-FI scam-free solutions for our clients and the end-users.
At Osiz, before closure of a project, we gather the requirement from the clients in a detailed manner and have many conversions to really get upto their business motto and needs. We spot out if his/her motto is to launch any scammy project,we never sign the project with them. Some of the ways via which we have identified the scammers in our services are
  • They do not have complete scope of the project, but focus only on the high returns.
  • Who Always discuss about the quick success and becoming richer soon than about his business purpose.
  • When they discuss with us about launching a business as like a top player existing in the market (For Eg : Launching cryptocurrency exchange as like Binance), they focus more on making huge user base in short span of time and making money and then shutting down the business or platform within a month or 3 months.
  • Who request us for brand marketing with the motto to Scam their end-users.
  • They do not share about their team or people behind the business.
  • They request for a product deployment which offer more rewards and free money for users in initial
  • Who hurry burry the project delivery without having a clear motto or idea but have a high ROI mindset.
Through all these realization via contacting with the clients while business requirement collection, we spot them as Scammers and do not handle their projects anymore and do the needful actions to make them not launching a scammy project with Osiz.
We can not guarantee that all our clients will never involve in Scamming activities, but we always deliver expected output at the expected time without any bugs or scams in our process.
How Osiz Helped Customers From scammers & Scams ?
All the scams occuring on any platform are only because of scammers and in most of the cases, the scammers are not the platform owners but others. Thus we can not wholly blame the product owners. We all know that cryptocurrencies or investing in cryptos are partly a risk and we can never assure about the non-occurance of scams on the business.
Being a reputed cryptocurrency & blockchain solutions provider on the economy, its our duty to clear that you should have proper knowledge and experience in cryptocurrency and blockchain to invest in cryptos as traders or as cryptopreneurs.
To reduce Scams in your crypto projects that you have launched with Osiz, we includes more security APIs integration, audit of scripts and also beta launch of products on testnet to check on the proper performance.
For each business models we follow various security standards to avoid scams even after the launch. When looked in detail, in cryptocurrency exchange development we include integration of security APIs to reduce scams. Some of the common scams that occurs on crypto exchange platform are Phishing scams, theft by hacking, hack of wallets and more.
Apart from scams in crypto exchanges, there are also scams in all other crypto business such as ICO scam, giveway scams, scam of wallets and cryptocurrencies , crypto stealing malware, rug bull, and so on. We also include minimize silos,machine learning,multi layered defenses, digital footprint analysis,2FA, multi-sig login and more in our development to reduce scams.
In all our blockchain powered solutions, we have audited smart contracts twice to prevent vulnerabilities and hacks. From this we have delivered many non-scammy projects as we have adopted a lot of security steps to make highly secured crypto or blockchain products.
General Informations From Osiz To End-Uers About Crypto Scams
Red Flags In Crypto Space
  • Phishing Scams
  • Fake Apps & Website
  • Rug Pull
  • Theft
  • ICO Scams
  • MLM Scams
  • Wallet hacking
  • Honeypots
  • Exploits
  • Crypto vulnerabilities
  • Account takeover (ATO) attacks
  • Data breaches
  • Irreversible transactions and lot more on the list
How To Spot Scammers?
Some Phrases/ Assets To Spot Scammers
  • Non-Existent or Poor Whitepaper
  • Anonymus Team Members
  • Free Money
  • Excessive Marketing
  • Guaranteed Returns
  • Zero Risk & High Returns
  • Join quick & become rich quick
  • More you invest, more you earn
  • Acceptance of Cold wallet alone and more
How to Prevent Yourself From Scam or Scammers?
  • Research about the project and its registeration
  • Research about the company investor on all social mediums
  • Look at the user base, feedback of users, ratings and reviews
  • Go through their whitepaper completely
  • Look over their security and refund policies.
  • Analysis the token sale & project feasibility
  • Get to know about the team working behind the project
  • Use Hardware wallet
  • Always enable Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Check whether the smart contract is public or not and also the audit status.