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Osiz Technologies : Reviews, Complaints and Customer Claims
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Osiz Technologies : Reviews, Complaints and Customer Claims

This case study is all about explaining the review, complaints and customer claims and how we handle the situation, 

What Reviews is all about?

A Google review is feedback provided by the customers regarding the excellence of your products, your customer service, or any procedures or business dealings. A review is a reflection of anything; it looks at something's advantages and disadvantages as well as the user's experience with your company's products or services. It all comes down to fulfilling customer demands.

Customer reviews are actually the best and most trustworthy source of information about your business.

What is meant by Customer Complaints?

Complaints are inevitable in every business. As customers have become more aware than before. A large fraction of customers are internet savvy and aware of the channels available to convey their dissatisfaction. As a result, businesses invest millions in offering clients services. However, no matter how hard you try but you can never satisfy 100% customers 100% times. A company’s reputation is decided by the way it addresses its customer’s problems.

How does Osiz respond to these complaints?

1) Complaints resulting from miscommunication:

Miscommunication is the source of misunderstanding. Dealing with others inevitably leads to misunderstandings. What you say can be misunderstood or interpreted by a customer. They may occasionally become irritated and accuse you of telling lies.

But in this situation, we won't lose our temper; instead, we'll talk to the experts and resolve the issue. It is advised that we should show respect to the customer even when it is obvious that they have been misinterpreted. 

2) Complaint regarding delivery:

This is a typical illustration of a customer complaint about a business. When deliveries are made later than anticipated, customers become impatient and complain.

By discussing the difficulties with the team and all the product delivery details, such challenges can be resolved. so that it can be fixed if there is a genuine problem with the product's arrival.

3) Time-Waiting Complaint:

These customer complaints are typical and frequently made over the calls or when a product is delivered too slowly. Long wait times annoy customers and convey the impression that the service is inefficient. Everyone values their time, thus they want instant services.

When a consumer complains about a delay, we confront them and apologize. It is a temporary fix, though. We will prepare and employ the different strategies after working with our team and management to decrease wait time concerns.

4) An excellent client complaint:

The portion of customers who provide the most money for the business are good customers, sometimes referred to as loyal consumers. A business can never afford to lose good clients. In the past, loyal clients have given you a lot of business and are generally pleased with your services. However, there are situations when these clients are likewise disappointed. Every business should prioritize responding to these clients' issues.

These clients previously had positive interactions with us, and we can keep them by offering the appropriate resolution when they are dissatisfied with our services. According to the business provided to us, customer service representatives will create a list of priority customers.

To know more, do refer to this site ->

What are business complaints?

When someone complains, it indicates that someone is dissatisfied with the products around them. It's possible that he frowns at actions or is dissatisfied with certain products or services. Although there is nothing wrong with filing a complaint, how it is presented is crucial.

Types of complaint:

Justified Complaint: A complaint is said to be reasonable when the complainant has a valid basis for doing so.

Unjustified Complaint: An unjustified complaint is one that is unwarranted or one that has no grounds for redress.

Procedures to follow when filing complaints:

The following steps can typically be utilized to file complaints:

Phone call: The benefit of calling is that the complainant can receive a prompt response that can help to address the issue.

Email: Using email has the benefit of providing proof that a complaint was made regarding the problem.

Writing a Letter: In this case, the complainant must correctly address the letter in order for it to reach the division within the organization responsible for handling complaints.

Visit the below link for more details ->

What are customer claims?

Customer claims are defined as demands, actions, suits, or other actions brought by or initiated by customers of the business regarding flaws in, resulting from, or otherwise connected to, goods or products delivered by the vendors prior to the deadline, other than legitimate warranty obligations under the specific terms of the relevant business contract.

Osiz is not selling any pre-made software or products. Therefore, it does not apply to our IT Services as IT services are created from the ground up depending on the needs of the Client. Osiz will not be held liable for anything if the Client modifies his original idea or need, or if he stops developing his business. We pay IT specialists to provide services, the job they perform cannot be undone, we provide services through them, and we provide specific resources to our customers and clients. Claims from consumers or customers won't apply to our Osiz Technologies.

What are consumer boards and consumer complaints boards?

Every business's customers are its most essential part and require more customers to succeed more successfully. Hence, we have a consumer board in our website. Consumer boards are online discussion forums where customers can submit their thoughts on certain products, services, or brands. A consumer board is where the customers meet frequently to offer suggestions to a business. By hearing those suggestions, we offer them gratifying service to draw in new customers and keep hold of existing ones.
This serves as both a platform for consumers to express their opinions and an open forum for them to research brands before making purchases.

Why is managing consumer complaint boards required?

Since so many customers rely on consumer forums for frank opinions, it is crucial to maintain a good reputation. One remark is all it takes to persuade a buyer to buy a product or not. We make sure that the remarks they read are favorable to your company.

The following are some benefits of having a complaint board for businesses,

  • Must carefully consider each and every piece of feedback a business receives since occasionally it contains enlightening details that could signify a big step forward for the business.
  • We make use of the customer feedback to better understand what inspires client loyalty by looking at the underlying factors.
  • Once a company is aware of the feedback findings, an effective action plan must be developed to address the issues.
  • After obtaining feedback, it's crucial to communicate it to the customer care and support team for solutions.

The main problem is that, despite the numerous positive ratings and reviews we receive, we also frequently receive customer complaints and negative reviews about our company on platforms like Google, Youtube, GoodFirms, Clutch, Youtube, and Glassdoor.
We are getting a lot of customer complaints on the Customer board. There are numerous ways to voice their objections to us personally, but they are sharing their complaints in public. It is obviously inappropriate to form a negative review of the business before using their platforms. For example, if we post one good thing about a company, no one will notice; nevertheless, if we disclose anything negative, the hype will grow and will become popular.

How do we handle the challenges?
Due to the aforementioned challenges, we have created a separate customer complaint board. So, you can easily contact us to voice your concerns and opinions. We might have no trouble pointing out your issues.  It also helps to resolve all your complaints and queries within 48 hours.
Customer claims:
If you have any issues or queries with us, you can get in touch with us directly. Reach out to us, complete the form with all the relevant information, and explain your queries in detail. We will examine your concerns, sort them out, and offer you the right solution within 48 hours.
Do read our prior case study to learn more about the Osiz Reviews and how we are handling that situation. 
We've concluded that there are still a lot of negative reviews and customer complaints coming in. As we are the market leader in providing top-notch software development services, our solutions are customer-focused and use the best approach to resolve the client's issues. Our expertise in all fundamental facets of software development has served as inspiration and kept us ahead of the curve.
You can talk to us with our support team directly for better assistance, and do post your complaints on the complaint board. Within a few hours, you can get your complaints resolved.