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osiz technologies - madurai - fraud company - nulled scripts - stolen your money - A thread has been published in the Bitcointalk forum : Here you can get the detailed clarification
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osiz technologies - madurai - fraud company - nulled scripts - stolen your money - A thread has been published in the Bitcointalk forum : Here you can get the detailed clarification

The website "Bitcoin Talk" has a negative review posted by an Anonymous user that criticizes our business, saying that Osiz Technologies in Madurai is a scam company that sells nulled scripts while stealing customers' money. This case study gonna explain that our company is not like this as per mentioned in the thread. 


We noticed after thorough research that neither of our clients created the aforementioned reviews. Only anonymous people or competitors who are not related to our business have posted this kind of review. Good customers will post honest reviews based on their interactions with our products and services. If users are writing false reviews, it means they haven't used our products or services and they haven't been specific with their details. You'll see most of the reviews are placed on Google and several social networking sites, including Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

Business Challenge:

The primary challenge for us is that they are not our clients; we have no dealings with them and don't threaten to take any money from them. Only anonymous people publish reviews. The major goal of the fraud reviews is to harm our company's reputation, demonize our brand, persuade people to believe we are a fake organization, and ultimately bring our business to down. So, new users are thinking to tie up with us. These are the business challenges we are facing and also overcome by our supported and trustworthy clients.

Important Note: The Positive reviews are published by our trusted clients who have done projects with us, we also verified them. At the same time, We also have the negative/fake/scam reviews which are posted by anonymous users, those who do not have PROFESSIONAL Username and their project details are also not have a detailed explanation. They just explained the Same things OSIZ are scammers !!  Just created by our competitors and their main intention to destroy our brand name. We have listed our positive reviews by our clients and also the fake review by anonymous users.

What is a Nulled script?

When someone modifies a script to remove the author-implemented protection or commercial online apps that have been changed to function without a licensing key can be found as "nulled scripts" on piracy websites. They are similar to pirated software on the web.

Refer to this blog to know more ->

Is it legal to use nulled scripts?

Nulled scripts and themes are first and foremost illegal as they break the rules and regulations, steal the source code, and delete the licensing key and copyright documents. Numerous websites offer free downloads of nulled themes, scripts, applications, and plugins.

How does Osiz handle the challenges?

Let us ask one question for those who left negative reviews: "What is the necessity for us to steal your money?" There is no need for us to steal your money. Our team of Certified user experience professionals and developers created over n+ digital platforms have been built and created for startups and businesses. 

We are skilled at delivering digital platforms on time and for a limited budget. We deliver the product once it has been thoroughly tested, free of bugs, and more. We will start the project after signing NDA.  We have a dedicated ORM (Online Reputation Management) team to ascertain the difficulties you are facing. We assist you in resolving the problems and providing the right solutions.

About Osiz Technologies:
Osiz Technologies is one of the top software development firms founded in 2009 in Madurai. We are also one of the leading blockchain development companies in south India. From small to large organizations worldwide, we offer end-to-end IT solutions for all business sizes.
Osiz Technologies has more than 1000 current and potential customers worldwide. Our dedicated employees contribute fresh ideas and collaborate under the guiding principle of exceeding our clients' expectations. We are able to provide a wide range of services to our clients and keep our team happy due to our top-notch IT infrastructure.
What is business fraud?
The word "business fraud" is broad. It may relate to offenses perpetrated by senior team members of a company or it may refer to clients of the companies themselves. In the end, business fraud nearly usually entails someone stealing money from another person while pretending to conduct business.
Types of Frauds in business:
1. Fraud in payroll:
Payroll fraud is when someone uses the payroll system at your organization to steal money while making it appear as though they are paying someone for their work. It will be easier for a worker who has access to the payroll system to commit this kind of fraud. But anyone with advanced hacking skills, whether they work for the organization or not, might potentially commit it.
2. Fraudulent financial statements:
Financial statement fraud can be committed by a employees or business owner for a variety of reasons. The fraudster most frequently falsifies financial records to inflate their assets, income, or overall net worth. Usually, people who commit this kind of fraud do so to obtain loans or to escape punishment for failing to meet their financial obligations.
3. Misappropriation of assets:
The most prevalent and often committed form of employee fraud is asset misappropriation. To be clear, misappropriating assets is stealing from an employer on purpose. Cash misappropriation and Non-cash misappropriation are the two categories.
4. Tax Evasion:
An organization will have to pay more in income taxes the more money it brings in. Tax fraud is when a company pays less in taxes as it is in a lower tax category. Tax evasion is another term for completely avoiding paying taxes by both corporations and people. This is likewise seen as a form of tax fraud.
5. Theft of an identity:
Due to the possibility that a company could both be the offender and the victim, identity theft is a sophisticated type of commercial fraud. Identity theft is the act of stealing another person's personal information and using it to commit fraud against them. With their social security information, fraudsters may do a lot of things, including open a new line of credit and more.
6. Corruption:
A broad phrase used to describe numerous sorts of business fraud is corruption. In essence, corruption refers to any type of dishonest activity or willful mismanagement of funds by a person in a position of authority within a business.
Preventing fraud at your business:
Fraud in businesses is a big issue. Everyone associated in an organization needs to remain vigilant, whether the business is the offender or the victim of criminal activity.
The best method to safeguard your company against fraud and corruption is to be aware of the risks and take precautions. One crucial aspect is checking financial data on a regular basis. Regular software and technology updates are also crucial. As another means of preventing fraud, it's critical that you pick trustable employees.
Visit the below link to learn more about protecting your business from fraud ->

Final thoughts: 

As we are the market leader in providing top-notch services for software development, and our solutions are client-focused and use the best approach to deal with tricky problems in software development. Our expertise in all fundamental facets of software development has served as inspiration and kept us ahead of the curve.

If you have any queries or issues with us, do contact us. Through a variety of communication channels, we will be pleased to help you whenever you need us.