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DAO Blockchain Development Platform

Create a secure Decentralized Autonomous Organization to deploy reserves without central management and make communication over the Internet .

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What is DAO?

In 2016, Decentralized Autonomous Organization or DAO (pronouns DOW) launched in the nascent structure for the organization built with blockchain technology, it can also be called a crypto co-op (alternatively, as a “financial flash mob” or a group chat with a bank account)

The purest form of the DAO is groups that form for a common purpose, like investing in start-ups, managing a Stablecoin, or buying a bunch of NFTs. It is a community-led, transparent, and autonomous entity that operates independently of any central authority. In the blockchain organization, DAOs are the process of governing bodies that oversee the allocation of resources tied to the projects they are associated with and also has tasked with ensuring the long-term success of the project they support.

DAO Blockchain Development Company

Osiz is a DAO Development company that challenges centralized businesses to be overlooked by conventing into Decentralized with the cost-effectiveness. It was earmarked to act as an investor-directed venture capital firm. We highly performed DAO platforms to eliminate security threats. We have developed top-level functionalities with market needed features for the DAO of your users. We provide a single, secure, and feature-rich shared system. Our blockchain experts will help you to refine your offering and suggest the most suitable tech approach.

Using Our DAO blockchain development services, we offer 100% transparent transactions, mandatory voting for implementing new changes, and for handling services automatically in a standardized manner.

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Main Purpose Of The DAO

The basic aspect while starting an industry is covered with the huge funding and trust to work with the people. Meanwhile, the same process over the internet is much more problematic to trust, communicate, and work with a person. With DAOs, we do not need to rely on anyone else in the group, only DAO code, which is 100% clear and proven by anyone.

Opportunities open up for Cooperation and Globalization

People will earn based on their daily life activities like playing games, investing, learning a new skill, etc.

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Fully transparent in all activities

Fully transparent in all activities

Completely standardized

Completely standardized

New potentials for global collaboration

New potentials for global collaboration

Computerized voting of its members

Computerized voting of its members

Dynamic platforms for anyone can earn

Dynamic platforms for anyone can earn

Salients Features of a DAO Network


The autonomy depends on the right & condition of the self-financed work model. Decentralized is a strong, powerful, and secure way to collaborate with like-minded people all around the world. This gives the basic foundation for secured and futuristic benefits in Blockchain systems.

Open Source Code

DAOs are held in reserve until the fundraising period ends and the DAO is deployed. Then, by developing an open-source code that is accessible to all participants, it transforms into an independent identity that is independent of outsiders and its creators.

DAO Token

As you put up the DAO rules, the financing state remains. During the financing phase, it's critical to ensure that these standards have an inner property that allows for actual economic growth at any moment and enables financing.

Blockchain Technology

The autonomy depends on the right & condition of the self-financed work model. It is organizations can work in a self-contained and decentralized manner. This is due to the fact that users have control over the exchange and can make decisions.

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How does a DAO Works?

The foundation of the DAO is its smart contract. The contract lays out the rules of the organization and group treasury. Once the smart contract is moved to live on the Ethereum platform, then no one can change the rules guidance except by a vote. This is possible because smart contracts are tamper-proof once they go live on Ethereum.

It will fail if someone tries to change something that isn't covered by the code's rules and reasons. Because the treasury is also established by the smart contract, no one can use the money without the permission of the organization.

As a result, DAOs do not necessitate a centralized authority. Instead, the group makes decisions collectively, and when votes are passed, transactions are automatically permitted. You can't arbitrarily change the code (the DAO's rules) without everyone noticing because everything is public.

Step To Launch A Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Simple to play

Smart contract creation

Behind the DAO, the developer or group of developers will create the smart contract. Once launched, the contracts go for an extensive test to ensure they don’t overlook important details. The developers can only change the rules set by these contracts through the governance system.

Simple to play


After the created the smart contracts in DAO, it helps to choose the best way to receive funding and how to enact governance. Tokens are sold to raise funds; these tokens give holders voting rights.

Simple to play


After setting up everything, the DAO requires to be deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. Then, stakeholders determine the future of the organization. The organization’s creators those who wrote the smart contracts no longer influence the project any more than other stakeholders.

Comparison Of DAO & Traditional Organisation
Traditional Organization

Limited activity is shown to the public, basically Private.

High cost for operational process.

Usually hierarchical.

Trust is built based on experience and relationships.

Top-down management, and many information & decision bottlenecks for the Governance proces.


Fully Transparent & Public for all activity.

Low cost for operational process.

Usually flat and fully democratized.

Everything is on the Cryptography (Blockchain).

The smart contract has embedded in the Governance process.

Ultimate Benefits of DAO


The biggest benefit of DAO is that it is inherently trustless. You are not required to trust any CEO, management, or leader with your decision-making when working in a DAO. Even if the main developer abandons the project or finance stops flowing, the program or the organization as a whole will continue.

No shutdown

Another advantage is that DAO cannot be shut off. If any of the main government institutions like the FBI, CIA, or any other government entity intervenes, DAO will never cease working. It has no legal authority to provide any information to any of these government agencies.


DAO is an open-source platform, which implies that its code is publicly available, allowing users to collaborate and enhance the platform. Open-source platforms are far more dependable because they are supported by a global community of developers. As a result of everyone's fair participation and openness, the DAO's mechanism improves.

Why choose Osiz for DAO Blockchain development?

Osiz Technologies is a premium Blockchain development company that offers DAO Blockchain service. DAOs are also incredibly transparent like Everything is recorded, and votes, proposals, and even the code can be audited, making DAOs extremely transparent. In comparison to traditional work environments, DAO is the idea of self-sustainability.

We create sophisticated dApps, like crypto wallets, allowing DAO users to earn and trade on the platform. As well as the creation of DAO smart contracts, Users can engage in different activities independently using dApps.