Database Solutions

We provide complete database solutions which includes Custom Database Design & Development, Database Management, Database Migration, Database Integration, Database Maintenance & Support, Database Consulting for various size of business industries.

Database Design & Development Services

Nowadays, Database development is extremely important for businesses to manage their entire data safe and secure. A Custom well-designed database offer capability of data retrieval, storage and administration processes and can deliver a wide range of and reporting platforms.

As a leading Database Development Company Osiz provides, complete database management solutions that helps you to get the best options for collecting, accessing, managing, analyzing, processing and disbursing massive volumes of data. We offers comprehensive Database Development Solutions which are exactly tailored to meet the analytical business requirements of each of our clients globally.

The Data base management experts at OSiz have 10+ years of experience working with critical database systems including Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, IBM DB2, PostGreSQL, RDBMS and Sybase. Our experienced database application development services establish faster, scalable and highly efficient data management solutions for the entrepreneurial needs.

Why Database Management Solution?

Data Sharing

In centralized Data Base Management System data is shared by wide range of applications. It helps create an environment in which end users have better access to manage massive data.

Data Security

The more end-users access the massive volumes data, the greater the complexity of data security breaches. Corporations invest comfortable amounts of time, effort, and money to establish that corporate data are used accordingly.

Data integration

Data integration means assuring that the data in the database is correct. Incorrect data gets rejected and cannot be stored in the database. The DBMS implement integration constraints to maintain data integrity.

Data access

Database management system makes use of queries to access data from the database. This complex process is done using advanced techniques that help provide quick answers to reliable queries. This feature is very important when data is stored on external devices.

Data administration

Centralizing authority of data that is used by many end-users automatically improves performance. Data can be classified based on its variety, volume and velocity. This makes the system efficient and cut down redundancy.


This outstanding feature consists of mechanisms Database management system allows multiple end-users to access massive volume of data at the same time.

Database Development Services

Database design and programming

At this stage, we design the basic database architecture and define prototype best explain our client business needs. We bring out a comprehensive design from agreed specifications as per client.

Database Implementation

A data source program given to the detailed business requirements of the client is developed. Customers can evaluate prototypes during the process and provide reviews at various key levels.

Database Testing and Quality assurance

Quality is our first mandatory process, hence Before deploying a Database system for an organization we used to test and verify its entire performance with our expert Quality Assurance Team.

Database Deployment

Our team of experts will explain the applicable method for deployment of the project after establishing the same from the business client.

Database support

Our database team of experts provide 24*7 services support to you to maintain your database applications. We hold esteemed expertise in offering high-performance database administration, monitoring, and maintenance.

Upgrades & Maintenance

We understand our client's business requirements and work with them closely in order provide our valuable services with their needs. Our database developers offer form development, reports automation, advanced search features and much more for your database.

Industries We Serve

  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Logistic
  • Logistic
  • Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Non-profits
  • Governments
  • Insurance
  • More

Why Choose Osiz for Database Management Development?

  • 10+ years in database driven application development
  • Well-experienced in all Frameworks like Comentum Framework, CakePHP, CodeIgniter Symfony Framework, Zend Framework, etc..
  • We have a team of our 200+ skilled developers capable of creating programming and development services.
  • Entire Coding Guidelines and Standards and User Friendly Interfaces
  • We help business sectors increase productivity, capability and save time & cost at the same time without compromising on work quality.

Hire Database Developer From Osiz

At Osiz, we understand that performance and efficiency are the primary for every business growth. Our pool of database experts give you the comprehensive solutions to migrate and upgrade your entire environment. We develop Database Servers like, MySQL, PgSQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle and SQL Lite. When it comes to Database authority, our team of experts come with extensive industry knowledge of performance tuning, SQL Queries Tuning, database designs, database scalability, clustering, sharing, replications as well as, indexing. Hire website database developer for complete service conversion and processing to integration, maintenance and update. Our experience in NOSQL Databases and Development using NOSQL Databases as back-end increase your productivity and boost your business growth in next level.

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