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Hyperledger Fabric + Composer

Hyperledger fabric, a secure blockchain foundation to transform industry operating models that matters for the business network a lot. It is under the blockchain technology that built trust to the third parties through utilization of smart contracts. This is to meet the modern business to build open source blockchain framework for business, and ready production. With the features of flexibility,resilience and confidentiality, it provides solution for a wide range of industries with the support of distributed ledger.

The hyperledger composer is for business networks digitization. Multiple participation can accessed the network, where some of them has the responsibility to itself maintain the network host are considered as the network maintainers. We, Osiz technologies steeped with the sophisticated technologies can develop hyperledger fabric+composer as per our clients necessities.

Why Hyperledger Fabric + Composer?

Modular Architecture

Hyperledger Fabric let the developers for the creation pluggable components to the architecture. This enables modularity with its robust architecture, that looks into the future of the brand new blockchain technology. This is valuable for the users in custom identity management system to utilize the blockchain platform on top of the hyperledger fabric.

On Demand Data Retrieval

The most underrated feature till to date is hyperledger fabric’s channels and these channels allow for the data partitioning. Besides, this let us to protect the data that we need to protect. With these Hyperledger Fabric, one can easily expose the data which are necessary, and store the data that is sensitive in data partitions.

Built for Permissioned Blockchains

No all the blockchain would have to be exposed and anonymous. Hyperledger Fabric allows for all the entities to have known identities. Permissioned blockchains are the ones that are preferred mostly by the finance companies, that consider healthcare and data protection particularly. This is to identify the network authenticity verification.

Enhanced Flexibility

For the high level of abstraction, composer let for us and the solutions are easy to adapt.If an asset definition varies over time, the adaption of binaries data written on the blockchain becomes simple. Also, it assured that all the data attending a specific asset or process are written homogeneously into the blockchain.

Reduces Risks

In composer, most of the artifacts model can serve for other projects. Also, we can reuse them with the multiple applications or projects and becomes simple for the project toolkit creation that can be applied to many different contexts. In addition, with the composer, it is possible to perform a deep testing since it integrate with DevOps, DevTest traditional tools.

Increases Understanding

Mapping business requirements to execute something becomes simple with this. Usually, the requirements are expressed in terms of assets, participants and transactions probably. Mapping these things directly rather than mapping with key is possible with the hyperledger composer. This enhances the understandings and builds a bridge between the technical and functional worlds.

Benefits of Hyperledger Fabric + Composer


As it is based on the modern and relevant technologies, It aid you to stay for a long term in the competitive world and it is assured that your business future remains secured.


This technology comes with full business transparency because of the records of the blockchain technology as well as the trait of smart contract of the Hyperledger blockchain technology that brings transparency to the private business contracts.

Open Source Security

This technology is supported by the Linux foundation and it furnish it as an open source where the tools are extremely secure and we can swear on that.

Confidential Transactions

It offers business flexibility through providing you the option for sharing your transactions details with whom you want to or with chosen parties with the precise encryption keys.

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