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By considering the web applications, Apache JMeter acts as a load testing tool that helps to analyze and measure the performance status of a variety of services. As the name defines, Apache is used for testing process in wide range of applications and processes. Apache JMeter is an open source software that is full of Java application designed especially to load test the functional behavior to measure the performance of websites.

It is used mainly to test the performance on both static and dynamic resources and web applications. In order to simulate a heavy load with either a server or a group of servers, then to test the strength or to analyze the complete performance for different load types, Osiz technologies provide you an excellent services in automation testing with much perfection in results.

Why Use JMeter?

JMeter can be utilized as a unit testing tool for various web services like HTTP, JDBC database connections etc. JMeter is used for testing TCP connections when there is a need for advanced monitoring solutions.

Open Source

As JMeter is an open source software, it means a lot with 100% pure Java application that can easily download without any cost. It helps the developers to utilize a source code and can modify with customization as per their requirement.

Ease to Utilize

It is easy to install and use when compared to other testing tool. As a pure Java desktop application, it can directly get download from the internet and install in a simple way. It don’t need any specific skills or a efficient domain knowledge to utilize it.

Platform independent

Since JMeter is developed in Java that is one of the most popular programming languages in the world has run in any operating system like windows, Linux or Mac etc. It works irrespective of the platform dependency.

Effective Reporting

By utilizing JMeter, it is wise to generate reporting in a robust manner. It provides the testing result that has visualization in forms of Graph, Chart, and flow diagram. It accepts and support different formats extension for reporting.

Ultimate Testing

With the use of JMeter, user can able to test any sort of testing they prefer to make and report. It has several types of testing like load test, functional test, stress test, distributed test etc. All can be made easily with the use of JMeter.


As per your business requirement, it help you to provide the reporting with desired features customized through it. JMeter assist mostly in providing the automation testing with effective results. It helps you to save the effort rather executing the test results manually.

Manual Testing Vs Automated Testing

Accuracy & Reliability

Manual testing is liable to manual errors. It results with the low accuracy and reliability to the reporting of the test results. But in automated testing when compared to manual testing is more reliable and provide an accurate results with the use of tools or scripts to perform the test.

Cost Effectiveness

As it takes more time in manual testing, it depends on the human resources that deploys testing. The cost of automated testing gets decided by the operation of the testing tools that perform tests.

Deliverable Time

As manual testing requires many human sources to deploy the results, it needs more time to produce the reporting. In automated testing, the time required is low as it considers some software testing tools to execute the tests.


Though human performs the testing, it is impossible and found it difficult to perform the manual testing in a repetitive manner to check once or twice and thus the adequate repetition is not performed. In an automated testing, it is practically made with the option in which testing can be performed in a repeated manner to cross verify the results over a long period of time.

Why Choose Osiz for Testing?

    As an excellent automation testing company that utilizes JMeter as one of the testing tool, our adroit team offer high-caliber testing services with the utilization of various software and application test automation projects with the excellent benefits.

  • Quick time delivery
  • Good testing quality
  • Better resource usage
  • Multi-platform testing
  • Diminished regression cost

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As we entitled as the best JMeter testing company by providing offshore services in undertaking the complete credibility in testing activities. Once your business requirement is analyzed, we build an customized test plan to implement all your software production. Our automation testing team adopt an unique approach to provide a user-centric strategy that enhances your business engagements. Hire our dedicated team and acquire the accurate testing results.