Lisk Blockchain Development Company

Lisk is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. It is a blockchain platform created to develop blockchain technology through sidechain technology written in JavaScript, the most commonly used programming language. Like Ether for Ethereum, the token used in Lisk is known as Lisk (LSK). Using sidechain technology, the developers can build robust and scalable blockchain application with custom tokens. This blockchain application works on the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) mechanism. Osiz Technologies is a predominant Lisk Blockchain Development Company utilizing sidechain technology to develop inherently immutable and reliable blockchain application. We have smart developers, well experienced on JavaScript programming code. To build foremost blockchain application on the Lisk platform, our professionals render strong technical support to the client.

Features of Lisk Blockchain

Global Movement

Lisk’s decentralized platform enables the users to trade and exchange value more faster and more economical than ever.

Sidechain Technology

Sidechain is an independent blockchain linked to the blockchain of lisk network in such a way that, they don't get modified or altered with its performance.

Faster Transaction

Modularity is the mechanism that allows interaction of blockchain network withmain network through sidechain. Lisk used modularity concept, to make transaction faster.

Transparent and Secure

Blockchain transactions in Lisk platform provide transparency and the cryptography and distributed databases makes the platform more secure.


Blockchain application on the Lisk Platform has nil possibility for data loss and is available for the users, at any time.

Inherently Immutable

All the data stored with Lisk is permanent and cannot be modified or changed. This builds trust and enhance security of the application.

Why Lisk For Blockchain Application ?

Almost every industries has got numerous benefits from the blockchain technology. It has become the key to success for various start-ups and entrepreneurs. Lisk is one of the blockchain platform, which uses the sidechain development kit(SDK), and it is easy to code as the network can be written on the JavaScript framework itself. Hence the development process is much simple and easy when compared to other blockchain networks. Here are some of the reasons to choose lisk over other blockchain network.

  • It is easy to deploy DApps on Lisk, than on Ethereum or EOS as it is framed on JavaScript.
  • Sidechain reduces scalability issues
  • Any kind of DApps like games, gambling, storage, etc can be easily developed on Lisk.
  • Easy on-boarding for developers and users as well.
  • Uses Delegated Proof of Stake.

Why Osiz for Lisk Blockchain Development ?

At Osiz Technologies, we posses world class tools and technologies to build custom blockchain on the Lisk Platform. Being the best blockchain development company, we hold the following qualities to develop Secure DApps on Lisk Platform.

  • Eminent Blockchain Development Company
  • Direct access to world class technologies
  • Highly Experienced team
  • Unique Decentralized Blockchain Applications
  • Best Lisk Blockchain Development Solutions
  • Pool of Blockchain Professionals
  • Skilled Developers experienced in JavaScript
  • Secure Data and Identity
  • On time Completion of Project

Hire Lisk Blockchain Developers

We, Osiz Technologies, adopted blockchain technology since its invention and gained well experience in the field. With talented Blockchain developers and resources, we accomplished more number of blockchain projects for various industries. We are also expertise in DApps development on the List network. Hire our enthusiastic Lisk Blockchain Developers to build your own customizable Lisk blockchain application for your business.

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