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Neo is a Blockchain Platform, which is often touted as Ethereum Killer. It is an open network that focus on creating a smart economy. Digital asset, digital identity and smart contract are considered as the pillars of a smart economy. Digital assets are programmable assets that exist in the form of electronic data. The users can register, trade and circulate multiple types of asset in the blockchain, as it has proof of ownership. These assets can be sold and traded through smart contract and the connection between the digital assets and physical assets are possible through digital identity, where identity of an individual or organization or other entities exist in an electronic form. Like Ethereum, Neo comprises two tokens namely Neo and Gas. The major difference between Neo and Ethereum is that, the Ethereum uses Solidity language, whereas New Platform used commonly used languages like JAVA, C++,, etc.

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Features of Neo Blockchain

Digital Assets

The digital assets are underlying infrastructure of NEO, that supports multiple types of digital assets. Proof of Ownership are recorded in blockchain and the users can register, transfer and trade assets at their own discretion on NEO.

Digital Certificate

It is important to build trust into the public chain and it is attained through digital certificates. This certificate provides complete legal protection for all the digital assets on the NEO Platform.

Transaction Mechanism

Neo Blockchain facilitates P2P exchange of digital assets. Thus the need for a third party exchange is eliminated as the buyers and seller of digital assets or currencies will be connected peer to peer.

Smart Contract

Smart contract helps the process to automate itself, by executing the order as mentioned, when the rules specified in the digital contract are agreed by the parties. This brings accuracy, saves time and money.

Multi-language Development

Unlike Ethereum, Neo platform supports commonly used programming languages such as C#, Java, and Python. Developers can develop smart contracts instantly based on the NEO platform without learning a unique language like Solidity.


Neo Virtual Machine (NeoVM) is Neo Platform’s lightweight stack-based virtual machine, that provides shorter startup time with robust execution. Unlimited scalability is achieved as it uses Deterministic calling tree-technology.

What is NEO Blockchain Development all about?

NEO was originally launched in 2014 as Antshares (ANS). Later at 2017, it was rebranded as Neo. Unlike the other blockchain platforms, Neo Blockchain is all about focusing on creating a smart economy, innovating the areas of digital assets transfer, smart contract and digital identity verification. This platform stands for asset digitalization and also automation of smart contracts. Asset digitalization multiplies the security level to the property, than the physical form of asset. Automated smart contract look to the authentic execution of terms and conditions to confirm the digital identity. In short, Neo Blockchain is all about the following three components.

  • Digital Asset
  • Smart Contract
  • Digital Identity

Why Osiz For Neo Blockchain Development ?

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Hire Neo Blockchain Developer

With strong knowledge and vast experience on At Osiz Technologies, we have a team of passionate Neo Blockchain developers who are expertised in offering end-to-end Neo Blockchain development services and promising quality solutions. Our Blockchain Developers are updated and skilled at all the programming languages such as Java,, Python, C++, etc and also experienced in developing custom smart contract as per client’s requirement. Hire our dedicated Neo Blockchain Developers to get the best Blockchain Solution.

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