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Happy Independence Day 2019 - Support our Troops, Salute our Troops

  • Posted On August 14, 2019

This post is to disclose that India is gearing up to celebrate the 73rd independence day on 15 August 2019 as not only a day or event but also a national festival of the Indians with the theme “Support our Troops, Salute our Troops”.

It’s a day for the remembrance of freedom fighters who fought valorously and forfeited their lives for the freedom of India from dominion powers. And also a day to honor the tricolor with freedom, beauty in diversity, integrity in differences and association of the largest democracy in the world.  

On this 73rd independence day of 2019 August, the Government of India under the outreach authority has configured a poster design competition regarding the theme “Changing Face of India – Independence Day 2019”.

With a praise to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives to assist us and a  salute to all the mothers who dedicated their sons and daughters to the nation for the protection, let’s lionize the Independence of the largest democracy proudly. Altogether, a salute to those who are forfeiting their lives to gift us the morning of Independence and freedom.  

Here is the hearty wishes from the Osiz Technologies for the independence. We celebrate the 73rd independence with patriotism and humanism. HAPPY INDEPENENDENCE DAY! Jai Hind!