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Osiz provides exclusive support to build public blockchain for an open & transparent distributed network and Absolute solution to develop private blockchain for a permissible network to secure the business data.

Public And Private Blockchain Development Company

Blockchain has become an essential part for every businesses today. Industries as wide as banking, healthcare, supply chain, transport, etc are looking upon blockchain technology, to make their business risk-free, immutable, transparent and take their business to the next higher level. Some businesses will want to their information to be shared with every user in the network, whereas some other businesses will want their information to be shared to certain users alone. Though blockchain is a single technology, to fulfill the privacy requirements of business, public and private blockchain emerged.

Public blockchain is an open network, where anyone can read, write or join the public blockchain network and as there will be no central authority, the data in the network becomes immutable.

Private blockchain are the network that are governed by a single entity or organization and limit the access of blockchain to certain users. Private blockchain can share the data with specific users without making it public to everyone.

Osiz technologies has wide range of experience in blockchain development for different kind of industries around the world. With expertise in blockchain, we specialize in developing public or private blockchain, based on the requirements of your business, to streamline your business process effectively.

Contrasting Facts Of Public And Private Blockchain

Both, public and private blockchain are similar in many ways, while they differ in certain functionality. Before selecting the type of blockchain that suits your business, know its differences:



In case of public blockchain, the blockchain network is decentralized and not controlled by a single entity, whereas in private blockchain, one entity or organization will have the control over the blockchain network.



As the public blockchain is shared with everyone in the network, there is no privacy and is suitable for mass advertisement. But since the data in private blockchain is shared with specific users, it has more privacy and suitable to share business secret.

Restriction to members

Restriction to members

In public blockchain, there is no restriction to members, anyone can join and become a member in blockchain network, whereas in private blockchain network, the access to join the network is limited to certain users.

Sharing of information

Sharing of information

In a public blockchain, the information will be shared with everyone in the network. But in case of private blockchain, you can control the users who can access the information in the network.

Impact Of Public Blockchain Development

Public blockchain is a type of blockchain in which, anyone who solve the cryptographic algorithm, can join your blockchain network and view or share data in the network. Businesses using public blockchain can be benefited in the following ways:

  • Reliable and secured data
  • Storage of past and present data
  • Transparent and Immutable
  • Lessen paperwork
  • Reduce fraudulent
  • Improve customer base
  • Reduce human work
  • Save cost and time
  • Eliminate the need for third party
  • Reduce advertisement cost

Impact Of Private Blockchain Development

Private blockchain is a type of blockchain in which the access is limited to certain users. If you want to share your information with many people in the organization, and not with everyone, then private blockchain will help your business. The benefits of using private blockchain in your business is as follows:

  • Data not shared on the public network
  • Enhance privacy
  • Immutable record
  • Control and manage the users
  • Reduce the risk of loss
  • No additional costs and save processing time
  • Double the security
  • Improve efficiency and Tamper-free
  • Faster than public blockchain
  • Build trust between the investors

Hire Our Dedicated Blockchain Developer

Hire our highly talented blockchain developers to get the best blockchain solutions for your business. Our blockchain development team of experts has deployed blockchain for various types industries and specialized in building public or private blockchain, as per your business needs. Our experienced blockchain developers provide end-to-end support to your blockchain development project, even after deployment of blockchain on your main network.

Hire Our Dedicated Blockchain Developer
Why Choose Osiz For Public / Private Blockchain Development?

Why Choose Osiz For Public / Private Blockchain Development?

We, Osiz technologies, is a pre-eminent blockchain development company in India. We have vast experience in developing blockchain technology for various types of industry in the world. Our experience makes us to complete any type of blockchain project, within the specified period of time. Our well talented blockchain experts strive hard to provide you with maximum benefit of public/private blockchain and take your business to the next level.

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