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Osiz technologies, a superior solidity development company to execute smart contract in any blockchain. At present, every business is growing more and more successful when connected with blockchain. As a predominant solidity development company, we develop smart contracts for the enterprise solutions. With the years of industry experience we crossed over many happy clients with successful and satisfied project delivery. We build your business extend

Advantageous Traits

  • Object oriented programming attributes
  • Securable and Reliable
  • Multiplied binary interface applications
  • Neglects third party expenses
  • Multiple member variables
  • Cost effective data management
  • Multiple level provision properties
  • Valuable enterprise solutions

Our Solidity Development Services

Smart Contracts Development

Our smart contract include services like writing, testing and deploying contracts on different platforms like Ethereum Blockchain, Neo Blockchain, and Hedera Hashgraph. Through our extended services, we aid our clients to pick the precise right platform that fit their business model

DApp Development

With the dApp microservices and the database requirements, we help you to acquire your on chain as well as off chain data. We as a, adroit solidity smart contracts experts will determine the personas of the user , components involved in the dApp and provide you an perfect outcome.

Digital Token Creation

Our services extended to dighital token creation that are mintable, burnable, upgradable, haltable, Transferable in the smart contract of your ERC20 Token Creation.

Full Stack Development

When the blockchain technology collaborates with the traditional solutions, we make our clients to encapsulate the whole process from the mobile apps, web apps, Microservices, APIs to the backend SQL, NO SQL DB, and IPFS.

Tools and Technologies

Solidity REPL

We facilitate our clients with solidity REPL that makes simple of writing command lines codes on solidity console.


The solgraph in the solidity development is to conceive the flow of solidity control and highlight the vulnerabilities of potential security.


EVM Disassembler that carry out static analysis on the bytecode for providing a higher level of abstraction rather than raw EVM operations.


We practice this doxity to generate documentation for solidity that acts as a facilitative agent for our clients to simplify their workforce.

Our Solidity Development Process

Requirements Gathering

Our requirements gathering upholds requirements understanding for new and existing applications, migration of business logic, defining off chain and on chain entities, and also the product roadmap.

Technical Design

In the technical design undergoes creation of data flow diagrams, designing technical architecture, document technical GDPR compliance requirement, creating sprints and milestones delivery.


Our development process executes an absolute process to develop the solidity that includes phases of pre-alpha, alpha, beta, release candidate, production.


Our deployment progress phase comes with provisioning, main chain deployment and so on. If it is hybrid solution, we execute cloud deployment and app store deployment.


Our development upgrades to our clients initiates from requirement gathering phase to deployment. We provide every upgrades to our clients from initial to backlog prioritization.

Why Osiz for Solidity Development?

  • Value shore - outsourcing model
  • No single point of failure
  • Enhanced security
  • Frequent updates
  • Sophisticated tools and technologies
  • Unique development strategies

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Being a top rate solidity development company in India, we turn our clients’ complexity into simplicity and offer them the required solution for the business. Engage with us for the effective enterprise solution for your demands.

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