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Stratis Blockchain Development Company

Blockchain was implemented to bring transparency, decentralization and security to the business system. In such way, to simplify the implementation of blockchain technology into enterprise, Stratis platform gave the perfect solution. Stratis is a blockchain platform exclusively for enterprise businesses, to create applications on particular private blockchain. It is the Stratis API framework, which enables an organization to fasten and simplify the blockchain adoption and implementation process. Stratis platform mainly focus on streamlining the business processes through blockchain.

At Osiz Technologies, we develop and integrate the latest advances in security with the newest breakthroughs in network speed, scalability and uniqueness for better blockchain solution for your enterprise. Beyond building the platform, we also offer Stratis Blockchain consulting services to businesses who need guidance related to working of the technology so that you get insight about the smart contract execution.

Features of Stratis Blockchain Application Platform

Blockchain-as-a-Services (BaaS)

The Stratis platform hosts the blockchain functionalities through cloud, since it is a BaaS Platform. This eliminates the need for maintaining a full client node to work with specific blockchain. This would save significant time and resource of maintaining the blockchain network.

One-Click Deployment

The main feature of Stratis platform is that it focuses on easy to use platform, through implementation one-click blockchain deployer. The user can deploy unique sidechain with numerous different features of main parent chain. The entire blockchain network is just a click away.


Each blockchain deployed using the Stratis network is a private sidechain. It allows the users to customize the network while being in a secure infrastructure of the main chain. Also, with this feature, as an user, you can modify your specific blockchain without disturbing the other chains on the network.

Stratis Identity

Stratis platform stores the user’s identities in the blockchain. This will be helpful in verifying the business ownership for investment, confirm whether the given data is correct or also use it to prove your own identity. This acts as a digital identity and you can also have control over your information.

Benefits of Stratis Blockchain Platform

Stratis is a blockchain based platform, specially created for enterprises business. Incorporate Stratis Blockchain at your enterprise to secure your business with high storage, transparency and reliability. We help businesses with development of blockchain for their enterprise with the Stratis Platform as it is easy to adopt, implement and deploy. Many businesses are adopting the Stratis Platform as it is easy and has enormous benefits. Here are the perks brought by the Stratis Blockchain Platform to enterprises.

  • Decentralized Application
  • Control over Privacy
  • Scalable Network
  • Highly Secure and Verified
  • Easily Accessible
  • Self Execution through Smart Contract
  • C# and .NET makes it easy for developers
  • Reliable Programming Code

Why Osiz for Stratis Blockchain Application Development ?

Explore the potential of blockchain technology at your business, with our unique Stratis blockchain development solution. Implement blockchain in you enterprise to compete with your competitors of the corporate world. Being the best Stratis Blockchain Development Company, we inherit the following features.

  • Pre-eminent Blockchain Development Company
  • Skilled at Stratis Platform
  • Well-experienced and updated team of professionals
  • Better understanding on Clients Requirements
  • Custom Stratis Blockchain Development Solutions
  • Customer Support
  • Knowledge on Blockchain networks and programming languages
  • Promising result on time

Hire Stratis Blockchain Developers

Are you looking for a talented team of experienced professionals to build your own Blockchain Application on the Stratis Platform ? Osiz Technologies gives you the right solution. We have passionate team of engineers and blockchain developers, who are specialized in Blockchain Development on Stratis Platform, to take your enterprise to a new level. Hire our Stratis Blockchain Developers to implement the power of blockchain technology at your enterprise.

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