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Svelte JS Development Company

Svelte is a super-fast JavaScript framework used to build highly reactive web applications. This is a component framework like React JS, Angular JS and Vue JS, but the only major difference between Svelte JS and other framework is that the DOM updates faster in Svelte whereas, it takes long process in other frameworks and libraries. This modern JavaScript compiler allows you to write easy-to-understand JavaScript code which will be compiled to highly efficient code that runs in the browser. Svelte will be applied only if edits are made and this is a tool for creating code. An important feature of Svelte JS is that the final file size is very small due to the shorter code. Also, since it processes less information, the speed of the software increases. Osiz Technologies is a reputed Svelte JS Development Company to deliver user friendly and robust web applications on Svelte JS framework, with absolute features.

Why Svelte JS ?


In Svelte JS, there is no API and only pure language concept is being used so it is easy to update a local component state using assignment operator. Also, this framework uses labeled statement, an unique feature that is not commonly used by other JS, for reactive declarations.

No Virtual DOM

When using Svelte JS framework, the code will be optimized and reduced to smaller size. Svelte writes efficient code that surgically updates the DOM, when the state on an app changes. This feature differentiates Svelte JS from other JS frameworks with higher performance.

Less Boilerplate

The efficient Svelte JS framework make it simple to build boilerplate-free components by using the most commonly used programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JS. This saves time and gives productive result as the front-end developers need not learn any new language.


Generally, JS frameworks like React JS, Vue JS, etc has large size of code and the result will be less apps start-up performance. Svelte is a framework that uses less code and results in greater performance of application. This consumes less time as the browser becomes responsive.

Our Svelte JS Development Services

Web Application Development

We are exposed to the latest tools and technologies, to develop powerful web applications on Svelte JS, customized to the client’s business requirements. With vast experience and appropriate resources, we develop unique applications, in a cost effective way.

Svelte JS UI/UX Development

The important factor of any app is its User interface. We are specialized in developing applications with beautiful and interactive interface, to give a better user experience for the users. This might help in increasing the customer base of the client’s business.

Svelte JS Quality Assurance and Testing

We have a team of professionals to assure the client with high quality web applications and our testing team will make sure that the application developed is free from bug. Through this we ensure that we deliver error-free and seamless functioning apps.

Support and Maintenance

Our team of Svelte Developers are proficient in providing continuous support and maintenance, even after deployment of application to the client’s network. If any further update is needed, we will render full support to our clients at the required time.

Why Osiz for Svelte JS Development ?

  • Top notch Svelte JS development company
  • Strong JavaScript knowledge
  • Industry proven experience
  • Proficient Svelte JS developers
  • Front-end application development
  • Assured Quality
  • Rich Web applications
  • Interactive and real time development process
  • Affordable Solution

Hire Svelte JS Developers

Osiz is the perfect place to hire passionate Svelte JS Developers to develop flexible and super-fast web applications for your business. With necessary resources and technologies, we are updated with the latest tools and technology stack. Our speciality lies in executing the right plan to deliver the best Svelte JS application at an affordable cost.