Waves Blockchain Application

Build Open Source Blockchain Application on Waves Platform With Our Cutting-Edge Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain on Waves Network

The potential of Blockchain Technology has revolutionized the business world with its decentralized, immutable, transparent and secure features. Today, most of the business are updating to the most advanced and cost-effective technology beyond decentralized application, to compete in the market. In such way, waves is an independent blockchain application platform, on which blockchain application can be developed. It is an open source blockchain platform, that allows the users create their own custom tokens and also includes decentralized exchange (DEX), for trade and exchange of newly created tokens with other waves token or fiat currency. To build your own blockchain application on the Waves Platform, Osiz Technologies would assist you with premium Waves blockchain development solutions, that could allow you to function in a smooth and secure way.

Features of Waves Blockchain

Custom Token

The main focus of Waves Blockchain Platform is the creation and trade of custom tokens. The user can create, buy, sell and exchange the tokens for any other waves token or fiat currency, without middleman. Using Waves platform is easier and zero coding knowledge, hence ideal for crowdfunding, ICO and loyalty programs.

Smart Contract

Waves Blockchain Platform implements the smart contract on RIDE Language, to automate the execution process. The special features include multi-sig addresses, token freezing, atomic swaps, voting, and Oracles. Unlike other platform, this does not require gas to execute, but charges a minimal amount of fee.


Waves Platform utilize the fastest decentralized digital asset exchange platform, which maintains a high level of security. There is no middleman involved and no administration to freeze your fund or control your trades. Hence the chance for hack is nil as you get complete control over your account.

Integration Tool

Waves Blockchain offers a simple and developer-friendly decentralized platform with a range of helpful, secure and easy to use platform-as-a-service (PaaS) tools. The platform provides flexibility to the token issuer and allows the developers to build decentralized application in an intricate process.

Benefits of Waves Blockchain Application

We provide end-to-end waves blockchain development solutions with advanced functionalities. Leverage the fullest potential of the blockchain technology with our custom Blockchain development services. Like Ethereum platform, Waves Blockchain Application also integrates the smart contract functionality for execution of enforced conditions within the blockchain network. The following are the advantages of implementing Blockchain application on the Waves Platform.

  • Rapid Development Process
  • Highly Secure Ecosystem
  • Energy Efficient Blockchain Platform
  • Minimal amount of fees for Smart contract execution
  • No Gas Required
  • Open Source Network
  • Easy to Develop for developers

Why Choose Osiz for Waves Blockchain Application Development ?

Being an early adopter of blockchain application, we have excelled in Waves Blockchain Application Development. With sufficient experience and resources, we have completed a lot of blockchain projects on the Waves Platform.

  • Reputed Waves Blockchain Development Company
  • Industry Experience
  • Custom Blockchain Solutions
  • Expertise in Waves Platform
  • Updated Blockchain Developers
  • Secure Development Process
  • Instant Report on Project Status
  • Completion of project on time
  • Assured Quality Result

Hire Waves Blockchain Developers

Acquire better insight about the blockchain development on Waves Platform from our dedicated team of blockchain consultants, to get the most advanced blockchain solutions on Waves Platform. With world class technology and experienced professionals, we deliver the expected outcome within the stipulated time. Hire our talented team of waves blockchain to create your own blockchain application, customized as per your business requirements.

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