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Blockchain Development Company in Dubai, UAE

Blockchain Development Company in Dubai, UAE

As a known fact, Dubai is famed for its attractive sightseeing, luxurious shopping, modern architecture, peppy nightlife scenes and so on. All these incredible’s belongs to this delighting Dubai. Not only on these things but also in the developed as well as developing technologies, Dubai has its unique caliber landed space that never downs.

When moving for technologies, Blockchain hold first and foremost place in Dubai, UAE. Proceed further.

Blockchain in Dubai, UAE

Blockchain technology,the latest prevalent system to maintain data that lets the user to share up-to-date information.

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This is more vital to specify that, Dubai is considered as the world’s first blockchain city as well as Dubai government conceive that blockchain will alleviate the private sector with millions of new business opportunities. To point out, financial services, transportation, real estate, retail, healthcare and tourism are the industries expected to attain more perks through blockchain.

Blockchain: The task at hand for Dubai, the sudden rise and fall of bitcoin’s price in last year brought blockchain into the global public consciousness , but the use cases of the technology go behind digital currencies and revolutionize the way we live. On the other hand, such prospectives are well comprehended in Dubai, where the government announced its Dubai Blockchain Strategy in 2016.Here is the virtual representation of Dubai blockchain startegy.

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Blockchain Development Company in Dubai, UAE

Osiz Technologies, a professional enterprise blockchain development company furnish an absolute blockchain development services and solutions from ideation to completion of the project that supports Dubai,UAE with the massive range of business transactions along several platform like  supply chain, banking and finance, e-learning, healthcare, online shopping portals, insurance, travel, music, renewable energy, contract validation and so on.

Our streamlined blockchain development services offer transparency in financial trade between buyers and sellers. Trading with the couple of months, here blockchain has the ability to simplify the trade progress.

Our Blockchain Development Services

Here is our top 5 blockchain development services.

1. Private/ Public Blockchain

Generally, public blockchain lets everyone to access in the network, while private blockchain restricts certain users of the network to access. On the other hand, it let to preserve your structural and functional costs for several projects which enables you to have control over the users.

2. Blockchain AI Development

Integrating the blockchain business with AI leads to the drastic change over the present-day transactions. As a matter of fact, AI is now employed in huge industries that manage the machines to undergo decisions and high data security. Our experts employ agile methodologies to streamline trendy blockchain with AI which enhance the blockchain world further. Besides, we offer custom blockchain solutions to AI services that fortify the enterprises’  security and privacy.

3. Blockchain IoT Development

Our expert team germinate the best blockchain solution through inspecting blockchain platforms, tools, and project feasibility. Acquire smarter blockchain business with our deterministic team who build a precise blockchain network with IoT solutions. To point out, we first determine the problem’s nature to furnish blockchain IoT solutions for any hassles as per the business model.

4. Hyper Ledger Development

Generally, hyperledger, a progression to blockchain that resolve the opens source blockchain issues, and its tools let to embellish a co-operative development for distributed ledgers. To point out, we are adept in delivering hyperledger Blockchain solution for all sorts of business.

5. Smart Contract Development & Audit

First of all, our smart contract development service initiates with designing, auditing, developing and optimizing progress in individual  through executing coded business contracts which let to automatize the progresses. Additionally, our smart contract auditing service ascertain smart contract functions in regards to the business requirements.

Know our end-to-end blockchain development services

Blockchain Platforms We Undergo

Here is the list of blockchain platforms we practice

I. Neo Blockchain Development

II. Quorum Blockchain Development

III. Ethereum Classic Blockchain Development

IV. Ethereum Blockchain Development

V. Waves Blockchain Development

VI. Stratis Blockchain Development

VII. Chainlink Blockchain Development

VIII. EOS Blockchain Development

IX. Lisk Blockchain Development

With our extended blockchain services and solutions, we facilitate wide range of blockchain development services to Dubai. This is because we have acclaimed several bunch of valuable clients from Dubai and make them to shine in their business with our precious services. For this, we are considered as the top notch blockchain development company in Dubai. Desire & deserve our services and delight in your business. Feel free to engage with our blockchain consultants.

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