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Web3 Development

Web3 development involves creating advanced applications that leverage decentralized technologies, enabling new revenue strategies and empowering users to generate, store, and transfer digital assets seamlessly. It simplifies business operations, amplifies digital presence, and embraces the transformative potential of decentralized platforms, marking a paradigm shift in the digital economy.

Osiz stands out as the premier Web3 development company, certified in creating innovative web-based applications. Our experts redefine business possibilities with groundbreaking applications, ensuring a transformative digital experience. With a commitment to customization, Osiz delivers tailored Web3 solutions, simplifying operations and enhancing your digital standing. Trust Osiz for the best-in-class Web3 development, driving your business to new heights in the dynamic digital landscape.


Our Web3 Development Services

We give assistance to the organization to fastening the power of decentralization with our reliable end-to-end web3 services to improve efficiency, unlock more business values, enhance customer experience and create new business models.


Native payment solutions

We develop creative digital wallets for web3 platforms that offer two major services. It handles the native currency of the particular platform and act as a key to transfer web3 dApps on the other networks.


Self-sovereign identity

We create an SSI identity system to help businesses in offering users with user-friendly access and secure environment. Further, Our experts develops wallets and credentials for user;s identity over many decentralized ecosystems.


Multi chain solutions

We deliver multi-chain web3 dApp services that enables user to access web3 platforms and involved in activities like trading. Our experts integrates oracle , API and DAO into the system which leads to more transparency.

Benefits of Our Web3 Development


Decentralization Empowerment

Embrace a decentralized structure, offering enhanced security and transparency. Users gain greater control over their data without the need for intermediaries.


Interoperable Solutions

Unlock seamless interactions across diverse blockchain networks, ensuring compatibility and connectivity in the dynamic digital environment.


User-Centric Approach

Empower users to own, control, and monetize their digital assets, fostering a customer-centric model that enhances engagement and trust.


Data Privacy Assurance

Safeguard user data with robust privacy features, providing individuals with ownership and control over their personal information.


Cross-border Transactions

Enhance effective cross border transactions more securely and seamlessly with the blockchain technology.


Innovative DApp Development

Create advanced decentralized applications (DApps) that redefine user experiences, offering novel solutions and opportunities within the Web3 ecosystem.


Features Of Web3 Development

We've included a few of Osiz's standard features below for Web3 development. Have any new product ideas? Simply get in touch with us!

To engage users with your platform, give them the power of AR and VR games, commerce, property investing, or other experiences.


Experiential Learning

Introduce play2earn to our secure platform, which will provide revenue-generating chances to buy and sell digital assets in bitcoin.



Not only do we provide gaming, eCommerce, and investing platforms, but our social networking platform has been developed to give businesses more opportunities to invite new members.



Web3 applications have the ability to analyze content and media intelligently and give optimal outcomes without the need for human participation.


Web Of Intelligence

For tasks such as search, information processing, and establishing a personalized portal, Web3 applications can be modified according to personal or individual tastes.



Web3 applications can be used on a variety of electronic devices, including smartphones, televisions, handheld devices, computers, and cars.



Why Do You Need To Consider Web3 Development?


Pro-Privacy and Anti-Monopoly

We will find a solution to the privacy issues since it won't incentivize centralized platforms who keep the control of users' data in their hands. Your users will be able to decide the information they want to share and give you the data and information specific to your business needs.



Web3 functionality will enable users to access data over multiple applications without considering to be any specific platform. This says that you don't need to worry about a single device which is not accessible.


Permissionless blockchain

There is no need for central authority for web3 blockchain. Anyone can sign-up for the network and take part of it. This will stop users from being blocked because of their gender, income, orientation, or other sociological factors. Further, it will enable for the fast and affordable cross-border transfer of money and digital assets. It also makes blockchain available for digital assets and wealth to be transferred cross-border in a time-consuming and affordable way.

Perks Of Developing Web3 Development Services

No need for a third party

Blockchain, smart contracts, and decentralized applications eliminate the need for third-party service providers. Businesses will be able to cut expenses and become more competitive as a result of this.

Enhanced Regulations Compliance

The blockchain is an immutable ledger of transactions that is available to everyone on the network. As a result, maintaining openness makes it simple for businesses to meet their governance duties.

Greater accountability

On the other hand, due to the blockchain, every transaction can be monitored, allowing businesses to be held responsible for their activities. This makes it easier for individuals to purchase products from companies that have a good reputation.

Enhanced security

Hackers will find it considerably more difficult to gain access to sensitive information using Web3 There is no single point of failure due to the blockchain's decentralized and distributed nature,

Enhanced Customer relations

Every transaction under Web3 is recorded in a decentralized ledger that is visible to all parties involved, making businesses directly accountable to their customers.

Management of the supply chain

Businesses can easily monitor and manage their supply chains on Web3 Businesses may immediately discover any difficulties in production and delivery services by removing silos, improving time management and lowering costs.


Industries We Provide Web3 Development Services

Our platform assists enterprises from all walks of the industry with our profound technical knowledge.

Web3 Platform Development

With the help of our specialists, create a decentralized and token-based economy based on blockchain technology in the digital era.

Web3 GameCreation

Allow your Gen Z and Alpha experts to have an endless amount of fun while staying connected with in-game awards and blockchain security.

Web3 NFTDevelopment

Deploy a Non Fungible (ERC721) Token utilizing Ethereum technology to provide your users more authority over minting, selling, and buying digital assets.

Web3 SocialMedia Platform

Reward your users and your social media app with cryptocurrencies when it launches on the app store. Offer Post-to-earn, the next step in the creative economy's progression.

Web3 Real EstatePlatform

With our 3D, web3 platform development services, you can increase the demand for your real estate platform and make your properties more accessible.

Web3 StoreDevelopment

With our web3 eCommerce store creation services, you can reposition your brand by providing a unique user experience that allows users to try on clothes before purchasing them.

Web3 EducationPlatform

Offer a new and accessible method to high-quality education throughout the world with proof of learning, and reveal the new potentials of online learning.

Web3 EventPlatform

Plan a live event on your Web3 platform to allow users to communicate with one other using Ethereum blockchain-based smart contracts and cryptocurrency.

Web3 Application Development

With Solidity, you can build a decentralized application from the ground up on the Solana blockchain and have hundreds of successful transactions in seconds.

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Tech Stack

Tech Stack We Employ To Provide Web3 Development Solution

From idea to implementation, Osiz design your web3 development platform by employing the newer technologies, including a visually appealing user interface, a high-performance database, and fast-loading web pages.

tech stack


Present your customers with a truly decentralized platform where they may purchase and trade unique assets that can be tokenized in ERC-20 and ERC-721.

tech stack

3D Technologies

The utilization of 3D visuals and material on the Internet can speed up the user's experience. We incorporate technology that allows the virtual world to exist online and be accessed via a web browser.

tech stack

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Users can grasp natural language processing due to AI integration in the platform, which makes decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFT) more valuable.

tech stack

Blockchain Technology

Our blockchain developers are conversant with four different forms of blockchain architecture: consortium, private, public, and hybrid, allowing you to pick the best technology for your needs.

tech stack

Cryptocurrencies Wallets

Web3 applications that support digital or hardware wallets make transactions easier. For secure transactions, we construct a bespoke wallet using an advanced tech stack.

tech stack

Smart Contract

To enjoy the fastest transaction speed on a web3 application or website, create a Solidity smart contract that cannot be changed or transformed using a set of programming languages.

Our Specialization In Web3 Eye-Catching Blockchain Technologies

We use cutting-edge technology to provide innovative solutions for your business needs. Our mission is to keep up with the market and further develop the technology of the future.

Blockchain Technologies

How We Help You To Build The Platform



We learn about your business, goals, pain, points, and top priorities. These repeated brainstorming sessions aid us in mapping our existing procedures as well as your long-term objectives.


Designing Strategies


We begin developing, prototyping, and user testing your platform or product at this stage, after gathering your requirements in a whiteboard session.




This level involves programming and coding based on your approved designs. Our development lifecycle is divided into three stages: Alpha, Beta, and Release.


Testing & Quality


For each version of your product or platform, we continue our data-driven validation process and conduct in-depth QA testing to verify that the final product is market-ready.


Launching & Maintaining


Your product or platform is now available to the market. Our developers will launch your product in live environments once your approve it.


Customer Service


We execute continuing product and platform maintenance and optimization, deploy market strategies, and give real-time/fix support to ensure continual improvement.


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Technologies Used for Web3 Development

Checkout the latest technologies used for Web3 development. Enhance your business security with our high-end projects customized to meet your specific requirements.

Virtual Reality

Machine Learning


Artificial Intelligence

Smart Contract

Web3 Development Company United States (USA)

Osiz is recognized as the leading Web3 development company in the USA. Osiz has been at the forefront of the web3 revolution. Osiz is committed to delivering top-notch solutions that are secure, scalable, and user-friendly. Our extensive experience and expertise in the web3 ecosystem make them the go-to choice for businesses looking to adopt blockchain technology. With Osiz, you can trust that your web3 project from Web3 game development to finance solutions, will be delivered on time and within budget, helping you stay ahead of the competition. Choose Osiz for all your web3 development needs and experience the power of blockchain technology for your business.

Why Prefer Osiz For Web3 Development?

Osiz stands as the premier Web3 development company, excelling through a commitment to innovation, expertise, and client-centric solutions. With a dedicated team of skilled developers, Osiz navigates the dynamic landscape of blockchain, NFTs, gaming, and the metaverse. Our tailored Web3 solutions seamlessly blend advanced technologies, user-centric design, and a deep understanding of emerging trends. Experience excellence, innovation and reliability with Osiz. Some key points to select us:

13+ years of experience
Modern environment
Skilled team members
Quality assurance
Client satisfactory approach
Friendly management
Project delivery
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Frequently Asked Questions

Web3 represents the next phase of the internet, emphasizing decentralized, user-centric experiences through blockchain, enhancing security, and providing ownership of digital assets.

Invest in Web3 by seeking guidance from experts like Osiz, understanding blockchain opportunities, and strategically integrating decentralized solutions tailored to your business needs.

Various factors depend on the Web3 solution development cost like project complexity, development team, and timeline of the project. On average, the development cost with basic requirements may start from $20,000.

After a complete research based on the track record, successful projects and happy clients. Osiz Technologies stands out as the best Web3 Development Company for innovative solutions and high quality projects.

Web3 Development is highly profitable for businesses, offering increased efficiency, transparency, and user engagement, leading to potential revenue growth.

Implement Web3 ideas into your business by collaborating with Osiz, customizing solutions, integrating blockchain, and adopting decentralized applications to elevate your digital presence.

Osiz enhances your business in Web3 Development by delivering tailored solutions, leveraging blockchain for decentralized applications, fostering innovation, and ensuring a competitive edge.

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