Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity Services

Aims to protect individuals, businesses, or organizations' data, systems, applications, and financial assets against threats, viruses, attacks, and more.

What is Cybersecurity?

What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the execution of protecting systems such as software, hardware, and data from cyber-attacks. These cyberattacks are usually aimed at accessing, altering, or destroying a user's system or an organization and sensitive data. Productive cybersecurity strategies can provide a strong security posture to avoid all these cyber threats. Creating an effective cybersecurity measure is a major part of any organization. We provide the best cybersecurity consulting services with the industry's best cybersecurity experts adapted with disaster recovery plans that assist in recovering quickly from cyberattacks.

Importance of Cybersecurity

By initiating cybersecurity solutions, some users and businesses can protect data themselves and others against the broad range of cybersecurity attacks or cyberterrorism. As a result, these breaches have a powerful financial impact on the organizations and also loss of the confidentiality of customers. Cyber security is a major part of protecting individuals and businesses from hackers, spammers, and cybercriminals.

Cybersecurity Is On The Rise

  1. In 2023, there were 2,365 cyberattacks and 343,338,965 victims.
  2. Data breaches increased by 71% in 2023, compared to 2021, which set the previous record.
  3. The minimum cost of a data breach is $4.44 million.
  4. As of 2023, 30% of malware will be delivered via email, making it the most common vector for malware delivery.
  5. In ninety-five percent of organizations, email security incidents have been reported.
  6. Compromises of business email accounted for $2.5 billion in losses in 2022.
  7. Information security jobs are projected to grow by 33% between 2022 and 2032.

Cybersecurity Services - What Do We Do?

We provide end-to-end cybersecurity solutions to protect your business with our customized security services,

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Vulnerability Management
Clone List
Endpoint Security
Clone List
Security Infrastructure Management
Clone List
Security Monitoring
Clone List
Cybersecurity Advisory And Consulting
Clone List
Cyber-Physical Security
Clone List
Enterprise Security-As-A-Service
Clone List
Digital identity management
Clone List
Privacy and data protection
Clone List
Threat detection and response
Clone List
Secure cloud transformation
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Digital workplace security

Cybersecurity Solutions We Offer

We Offer A Wide Range Of Cybersecurity Solutions To Protect Your Entire Ecosystem. Our Cyber Security Solutions Include:

Security Service Edge (SSE)

Ensuring user and infrastructure safety to protect corporate resources from cyber threats and data breaches with centralized cloud-delivered services, offering unified security functions for hybrid workspaces.

Extended detection and response (XDR)

Threat detection, investigation, and response solution utilizing cross-domain telemetry and AI/ML for advanced incident handling, integrating security portfolios for holistic protection against sophisticated threats and ransomware.

Secure access service edge (SASE)

Cloud-based network architecture merging network and cloud security technologies, incorporating core functionalities like CASB, SWG, ZTNA, and SD-WAN for robust and scalable security enforcement across the enterprise.

Malware protection

MCybersecurity software detects and prevents unknown and malicious files, safeguarding against malware execution on network devices, and providing a robust defense mechanism against potential attacks.

Malware analytics

TAdvanced sandboxing integrated with threat intelligence to analyze and understand malware threats, evaluating their severity and recommending preventive measures to fortify organizational defenses against malware attacks.

Trusted access

Solution ensuring user and device authentication, vulnerability assessment, and adherence to zero trust principles, enabling risk-based authentication to verify user trustworthiness at various access points.

Application security solutions

Protects software applications by identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities during development and production stages, ensuring resilience against potential attacks and ensuring secure operation.

Network security

Identifies and mitigates potentially malicious network traffic, focusing on protecting computer networks both internally and externally, allowing organizations to block, filter, or mitigate threats effectively, and safeguarding network integrity and data confidentiality.

Internet of Things (IoT) security

Analyzes, connects, and transforms IoT devices to enhance business efficiency, ensuring security and integrity within the IoT ecosystem to prevent cyber threats and unauthorized access.

Cloud Security

Detects and remediates security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments, ensuring robust security posture and compliance with industry standards.

AI Transformation

Secure and robust AI solutions for enhancing business efficiency and innovation, leveraging AI technologies to optimize processes, enhance decision-making, and drive organizational transformation.

Generative AI

Empowers systems to dynamically learn, create, and adapt, fostering innovation and creativity within organizational processes and solutions, unlocking new possibilities for AI-driven advancements.

Benefits Of Cybersecurity

The advantages of implementing and maintaining cybersecurity in your business can offer the following benefits.

  1. Data protection from cyberattacks, theft, destruction, and disturbances.
  2. Ensures security from concept to production for all your applications.
  3. Identifies potential threats and acknowledges them.
  4. Enhances business management and boosts stakeholders' confidence in the protection of information.
  5. Prevents the access of unauthorized users and Regulatory compliance.

Cybersecurity Tools

A variety of cybersecurity tools are used to counter specific threats. Some of the most popular category cybersecurity tools are:

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Network security monitoring tools
Clone List
Encryption tools
Clone List
Penetration testing
Clone List
Web vulnerability scanning tools
Clone List
Packet sniffers
Clone List
Antivirus software
Clone List
Network intrusion detection
Clone List
Firewall tools
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Managed detection services

Types Of Cybersecurity

To Create Complete Protection Against Cyber-Attacks, Secure Your Digital Assets, And Maintain The Integrity Of The Information System, The Following Are The Types Of Cyber Security Used In Business

Network Security
Endpoint Security
Cloud Security
Application Security
IAM and Data Security
IoT Security
Mobile Security
Zero Trust

Types Of Cybersecurity Threats

Cyber threats have become more advanced than a few years ago. The organization needs more advanced solutions to overcome it and provide protection against cybercriminals. The types of cybersecurity attacks are

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Clone List
Clone List
IoT Treats
Clone List
Spear Phishing
Clone List
Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS)
Clone List
Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) Attack
Clone List
SQL Injection
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Social Engineering

Challenges In Cyber Security

The Cyberattacks Are Not Decreasing Anytime, They Are Challenged By Hackers, Data Loss, Privacy, Risk Management, And Continuous Changing Of Strategies. The Following Are The Major Challenges In Cybersecurity

Evolving Threats

As new technology emerges, new attacks are also developing. To keep up with these changes and advances in attack, protecting them can be very challenging.

Data Deluge

The organization gathers potential information and data about people who use their services, with this data it will be easier for cybercriminals to steal Personally Identifiable Information(PII).

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Regular cybersecurity awareness classes for employees can be challenging, as they might accidentally bring threats by clicking phishing links on their mobile or laptops.

Third-party Risks

Third-party vendors can bring threats by accessing networks that are not secured, even though the organization's security is top-notch. So addressing these third-party risks can be challenging

How To Prevent Cybersecurity Attacks?

Even though you are using the latest technology and tools for your business, you may think you are pretty cyber-savvy. But unknowingly your cyber safety can be threatened. By cyber scammers, your information and data can be destroyed which causes a threat to your business growth as you can lose your clients, customers, and partners valuable details. But you can best those scammers and cyber attacks by following these tips and preventing cyber threats.

  1. Check if you're already involved in any Data Breach
  2. Check your password Strength
  3. Avoid simple passwords like 12345, 1111, or passwords
  4. Trust No Unknown sites or E-mails
  5. Secure your Device by installing anti-virus software
  6. Train your employees about cyber attack prevention
  7. Use a firewall for Internet Connection
  8. Make backup copies of important data and information
  9. Secure your Wi-Fi network
  10. Regularly change your password

Cybersecurity Consulting Company

The Cyberattacks Are Not Decreasing Anytime, They Are Challenged By Hackers, Data Loss, Privacy, Risk Management, And Continuous Changing Of Strategies. The Following Are The Major Challenges In Cybersecurity

SSE solution helps your business to protect corporate resources from cyberattacks and data loss. With SSE you can unite multiple security functions into a single cloud-delivered service and provide secure connectivity for a hybrid workspace that safeguards users and infrastructure from threats.

XDR is also defined as threat detection, investigation, mitigation, and hunting solution. This helps you to detect and respond the sophisticated threats and ransomware with associated cross-domain telemetry and AI/ML to enhance incident response. This XDR integrates a security portfolio and selects threat intelligence across third-party tools like endpoints, networks, cloud, and emails.

A network architecture SASE combines both network and cloud security technologies in a distinguished cloud service. This includes core functions like Access Security Broker (CASB), Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), and Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN).

AI-Powered Cybersecurity

In the ever-evolving digital environment, cyber attacks have become constant, AI stands as a hope that boosts our defense. The potential benefit of AI in Cybersecurity can transform businesses into digital protection. It has an exceptional capacity to detect threats and acknowledge them by giving fast responses. AI excels in identifying anomalies, and potential attacks with its machine learning algorithms in real-time providing proactive response. This is crucial in preventing data breaches and decreasing cyber attacks. Due to the increasing number of cyber threats, 70% of enterprises worldwide believe in AI for cybersecurity. They can protect data across hybrid cloud landscapes, identify more accurate threats, and balance security with user access level by inspecting the risks.

Protect Your Business From Cyberattacks In Three Steps

Technology Is Evolving, And So Does Cyber Threats. Protect Your Enterprises From Cyberattacks With Osiz Cybersecurity Services And Solutions, By Following These Three Steps:


The first step is to strengthen your defense, we provide a consultation service that evaluates the cybersecurity maturity, and our experts develop Zero trust security strategy to identify the vulnerabilities, and understand your position in the cybersecurity program.


Implementing zero trust service will help you to protect your business against hackers, malware, and other cyber threats. The benefits of implementing zero trust in your business help in tracking faster attack response time, speed recoveries, minimizing attack surface, and strong security posture.


Identifying and managing cyber vulnerabilities can be a tedious job. Our managed service can help you reduce cyber risk, identify vulnerabilities, recommend action, and track remediation. You can protect your business against threats, and cyber attacks, and can continue other activities by freeing resources by knocking our professional cybersecurity and industry experts.

Hire Cyber Security Developers

Want to hire cyber security developers? Look no further than our cybersecurity development company, Osiz has a team of professional security software engineers that protect systems and networks. " Security Software Engineer" is an alternative term for a cyber security developer. Our cybersecurity expert team designs, tests, implements and manages programs that protect against cyberattacks, and security breaches. By implementing cybersecurity you can plan security measures control, digital files, and perform internal and external audits. Our developers ensure they are secure to prevent cyberattacks. Contact our cybersecurity consultants and discuss the cybersecurity projects that bring your business a great success.

Hire Cyber Security Developers

Osiz - A best Cybersecurity Service Provider

Osiz is a Cyber Security Service Provider (CSSP), that provides end-to-end comprehensive cybersecurity services to assist businesses in achieving confidence and protecting their data and information system against cyber attacks. With our assistance, enterprise can enhance their agility, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness by deploying our cybersecurity and compliance system. We ensure a risk-driven approach, data protection, risk & compliance, threat management, and cyber security monitoring and management.

As a reputable CSSP, we are the suitable provider for you because,

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Offer customized Cybersecurity Solution
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Technical Support
Clone List
Clone List
CyberSecurity Consulting
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After Support

Osiz provides various cybersecurity development services for companies to secure their business. Contact us and protect your business from cyber-attacks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A cybersecurity consultant from our team assesses, advises, and implements strategies to protect organizations from cyber threats, ensuring their digital assets remain secure. We analyze vulnerabilities, recommend solutions, and provide ongoing guidance to mitigate risks and strengthen cybersecurity posture.

Our cybersecurity company offers comprehensive services including risk assessments, threat detection, incident response, security audits, and training to safeguard your digital assets from cyber threats.

Osiz’s cybersecurity services provide proactive monitoring, threat detection, and incident response to mitigate risks and safeguard your company's digital infrastructure against cyber attacks.

We prioritize encryption, multi-factor authentication, regular security audits, employee training, and robust access controls to protect sensitive data and assets from unauthorized access or breaches.

Yes, our cybersecurity services are customizable to address the unique requirements and challenges of your business, ensuring tailored solutions that effectively mitigate risks and enhance security measures.

We ensure cloud security through rigorous encryption protocols, access controls, continuous monitoring, and compliance with industry best practices, safeguarding your infrastructure and data from potential threats or breaches.

Hiring experts from our cybersecurity consulting company ensures access to specialized knowledge, proactive threat mitigation, and tailored solutions to protect your business from evolving cyber threats effectively.

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