Game Development

Game development, in technical terms, is the detailed journey of conceiving, designing, coding, and bringing video games to life. It includes crafting gameplay, visuals, sound, and interactions. As an innovative game development company, Osiz stands out by creating games spanning various genres. Our skilled developers, well-versed in state-of-the-art game engines and technologies, create immersive gaming adventures that connect with players.

Our Game Development Services Range


Web3 Game Development

Utilizing blockchain technologies, our group of video game developers constructs secure and decentralized Web3 games. Our specialization includes decentralized governance, player ownership, and the provision of fair gameplay experiences.


NFT Game Development

Specializing in NFT-infused games, we elevate in-game assets with real-world significance. By utilizing top-tier blockchains, we empower players to craft, trade, and vend NFTs directly within the gaming ecosystem.


Metaverse Game Development

As a premier video game development company, we strongly prioritize the creation of immersive metaverse games that evolve in sync with their communities. We encompass all the top metaverse features, including interactivity, user-generated content, and social connectivity.


Blockchain Game Development

Covering a spectrum of blockchain game development solutions, our team offers services that span from incorporating smart contracts to conducting security audits. Our blockchain gaming projects encompass the integration of player-centric economies and the implementation of secure in-game transactions.


Mobile Game Development

We specialize in offering complete mobile gaming solutions for iOS and Android platforms. As a premier game development agency, we guarantee the creation of highly polished, high-performance games with captivating player experiences.


AR and VR Game Development

We develop AR and VR games that offer players engaging real-time experiences. Our games feature interactive gameplay, high-quality graphics, and leverage advanced AR/VR and devices, platforms, and frameworks.


Unity 3D Game Development

Our team of Unity game developers utilizes the latest attributes of the foremost game engine to produce visually captivating and interactive 2D and 3D games. Furthermore, we ensure the seamless performance of these games on numerous platforms.


Desktop Game Development

Our proficiency lies in crafting intricate, top-tier games through the sophisticated toolkit of Unreal Engine. Our creations enthrall gamers with breathtaking graphics, immersive settings, and exhilarating gameplay moments.


Unreal Game Development

Our proficiency lies in crafting intricate, top-tier games through the sophisticated toolkit of Unreal Engine. Our creations enthrall gamers with breathtaking graphics, immersive settings, and exhilarating gameplay moments.


HTML5 Game Development

Focusing on HTML5 game development, we design cross-platform games that align with client needs. Our games are engaging, easily accessible, and deliver flawless performance on web browsers across a range of platforms.


Our Game Development on Prime Platforms

AR and VR

We make use of latest AR and VR technologies to produce thrilling games.


We create games for prominent console platforms such as PlayStation 4, Nintendo, Xbox, and other similar platforms.


We develop games for both Android and iOS platforms or engaging in cross-platform development.


We offer comprehensive game development for personal computers, with the capability to port to both Windows and macOS platforms.

Technologies we are skilled in

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is a robust game development framework with advanced rendering, physics, AI, and real-time capabilities, enabling creation of visually impressive, interactive experiences across diverse platforms.


Unity is a popular cross-platform game engine that empowers our developers to create interactive 2D and 3D games, simulations, and experiences for various platforms using its integrated development environment and scripting capabilities.


CryEngine is a powerful game development platform known for its high-fidelity graphics, dynamic physics, and AI capabilities, empowering our creators to build immersive and visually stunning experiences.


C programming language is a versatile and widely used system programming language known for its efficiency, low-level control, and portability in developing various applications and software solutions.


C++ is a powerful programming language that extends the capabilities of C with object-oriented features, enabling efficient, modular, and versatile software development across diverse applications and industries.


C# (pronounced "C sharp") is a modern, object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft. It's widely used for building a variety of applications, including desktop, web, and game development.


Swift is a robust and user-friendly programming language created by Apple for developing applications across their ecosystem. It offers modern syntax, high performance, and safety features.


HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a standard language for creating and structuring web content. It employs tags to define the elements and layout of web pages.

Quantifying Our Journey

250+ Innovators Crafting Games
400+ Projects Set in Motion
15+ Years of Gaming Mastery
75+ Countries Immersed in Fun

Our Game Production From Start to Finish

Information Collation

As a committed game design firm, we thoroughly delve into project requisites. Our team establishes consistent communication to gather comprehensive inputs. By means of documentation and ongoing dialogue, we ensure seamless alignment between both parties from the very outset.


Conducting concept analysis and research rooted in client inputs, we formulate game design documents, flow structures, and execution strategies. Collaborative dialogues with stakeholders precede subsequent pre-production and production stages, ensuring a comprehensive understanding before commencing development

Imagination Depiction and Asset Creation

Guided by the game's theme and vision, our team produces concept art and sketches. Our asset production unit, consisting of modelers, animation experts, rigging artists, and more, then meticulously crafts an array of 2D and 3D assets, ranging from props to characters and environments. These assets harmoniously align with the finalized 3D art and sketches.

Game Design and Intensive Quality Testing

Similar to reputable video game firms, our development squad possesses practical familiarity with crafting games using leading game engines and advanced technologies. Additionally, our team features adept testers who meticulously subject each game to rigorous quality assurance and thorough device compatibility assessments.

Help & Upkeep

Osiz delivers post-publishing technical support and game maintenance. We ensure games remain current across devices and operating systems. Our services span standard support packages to tailor-made service-level agreements, aligning with gaming industry benchmarks.

Game Longevity and Revenue Strategies

In mobile game development, player retention and engagement rely on unique in-game events, promotional deals, cosmetic upgrades, and adjustments to the game economy. As a devoted provider of game design and development services, we also integrate approaches to monetize through ads and in-app purchases (IAPs).


Osiz Your go-to game development company. Find out why

We pursue our passions and sources of inspiration, which is why every project we undertake elevates the brand's reputation and sparks lively conversations among players. Join us to experience the transformative impact firsthand!

Flex Method

Our team employs an iterative and product-centric agile development approach. We segment development into multiple sprints, crafting functional features during each phase to ensure the highest quality delivery.

Passionate Game Creators

Harnessing a 350+ member team, we craft remarkable games featuring innovation, captivating art, and solid design. Our mastery spans both creative and business aspects of video games, propelled by vigilant tracking of industry trends and technology.

Eclectic Portfolio

Our rich selection features over 400 impressive games across Windows, Web, iOS, AR/VR, Android, and platforms. Genres range from casual and hyper-casual to sports, RPG, arcade, MMORPG, and action.

Different Engagement Formats

We provide diverse game development options: Time and Material, Resource-based, and Fixed Cost models, etc. Tailor your choice to your project's scope and preferences for the ideal engagement model.

Agile Connection

We customize the communication process according to your distinct needs. Reach out through emails, instant messaging, or calls, aligning with your schedule and preferences.

Ease of Access

Having established ourselves as a thriving video game brand, we've forged partnerships with multiple Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs), entrepreneurs, and government entities from various sectors around the globe.

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Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQs)

Game development is the intricate process of designing, coding, and producing video games. It involves creating gameplay mechanics, designing visuals, integrating sound, and programming interactions. Skilled professionals like designers, programmers, artists, and testers collaborate to bring interactive gaming experiences to life.

Game development includes various types such as mobile game development, console game development, PC game development, VR/AR game development, and web-based game development.

Hiring game developers involves a strategic approach to ensuring you have the right expertise for your project. When considering skilled professionals, look no further than Osiz. Our game developers possess a wealth of experience, proficiency in cutting-edge technologies, and a proven track record of delivering successful projects. Through Osiz, you can access a dedicated team that is committed to translating your gaming vision into a captivating reality.

Game development involves stages like concept ideation, design, development, testing, debugging, and the final release. Each stage contributes to creating a polished and enjoyable game.

Selecting the finest game development company hinges on your project's needs. Assess companies through their portfolio, expertise, and client feedback to discover the perfect match. Osiz is the best game development company, recognized for its exemplary portfolio, skilled professionals, and satisfied clients.

The cost of game development varies widely based on factors such as complexity, platform, team size, and location. Small indie games might cost tens of thousands of dollars, while big AAA titles can cost millions.