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NFT Development Company

As a leading NFT Development Company, Osiz provides Non-Fungible Development Services that can help you create NFTs for artworks, digital collectibles, gaming, sports, music, video, content Subscription, etc.

NFT - An Overview

NFTs are non-fungible tokens. It provides a digital certificate of possession of every particular digital asset. Essentially, it is a smart contract built using open source-code parts which are able to be used on platforms such as GitHub to secure the digital object. NFTs are built on ERC-721 standard on Ethereum blockchain.

NFTs are created in many forms like jpegs, gifs, and videos. Osiz help you create NFTs in a whole lot of other forms. Create both NFTs and NFT platforms and upscale your growth with the latest technology in the DeFi space. But any digital asset that the artist wants to make will become an NFT, such as messages or events.

NFT Development Services

NFT Token Development

NFT Token Development

Non-fungible tokens help people collect and own digital collectibles. Develop and issue NFTs to your audience on Ethereum’s ERC-721, which is the basic standard.
NFT Marketplace Development

NFT Marketplace Development

Millennial artists with their authentic works are the major contributors to the tokenization of NFT art. With NFTs, the art industry has established a place in the marketplace.
NFT Exchange Development

NFT Exchange Development

Our NFT Trade Platform allows users to sell and share NFT tokens. Through buying and selling NFTs, traders will make a fair profit.
NFT Gaming Platform Development

NFT Gaming Platform Development

In any other game, the NFTs used in a game cannot be used. This commodity is not interoperative. The NFT can be earned through gaming organizations.
NFT Lending Development

NFT Lending Development

Create NFTs and lend them to other users. It’s a great way to earn more income. Thus NFT lending can improve your business in the latest trend.
NFT  Fantasy Sports Platform Development

NFT Fantasy Sports Platform Development

Sports collectibles are one of the most common collections on the market. It has a strong worldwide base and the NFT fantasy sports market is stronger.
NFT Art Tokenization

NFT Art Tokenization

The artists play an important role in tokenizing NFT art, as a part of their profession. This technology gives art a spot in the market with NFTs.
NFT P2P Exchange Development

NFT P2P Exchange Development

Administer an NFT P2P exchange where users can trade NFTs freely and directly. NFT P2P exchange is one of the innovative concepts of NFT.
NFT IPO Development

NFT IPO Development

Create your poster and launch it as an IPO through which you can raise funds. This is one of the ways to earn through non-fungible tokens.

Differences between SFT | NFT | DNFT

Semi-fungible Token
  • ERC-1155 is a token standard created by Enjin which is used to create both fungible (currencies) and non-fungible (digital cards, and in-game skins) assets on the Ethereum Network
  • This token standard allows for the creation of both utility tokens and also Non-Fungible Tokens like CryptoKitties.
Non-Fungible Token
  • NFTs are non-fungible tokens. It provides a digital certificate of possession of every particular digital asset.
  • NFTs are created in many forms like jpegs, gifs, and videos. NFTs are built on ERC-721 standard on Ethereum blockchain.
Distributed Non-Fungible Token
  • dNFTs is an open-source standard that provides distributed ownership of NFTs in real-time applications on the EOS blockchain.
  • It offers utility benefits to various industries that require ownership in the form of distributed rights.

Keystone Features of NFT Development Solution

NFTs are made of ERC-721 standard.
NFTs are created by smart contracts which remain to the sole identity of the NFT.
NFT provides proof of digital ownership.
NFTs can’t be divided into smaller tokens.
NFTs from one domain cannot be utilized in another.
NFT holds the ownership of the data on the blockchain.

Why Choose Osiz for NFT Development?

Being the trusted NFT development service provider, Osiz Technologies holds the invaluable expertise of NFT token developers to meet the requirements of its clients.

NFT Development Process

Get involved in every phase of the NFT development cycle.

NFT Development Process

Hire NFT Developers

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Hire trusted NFT token developers from Osiz to reach new heights by implementing blockchain technology in any of your NFT business models. We hold expertise in creating NFTs for all kinds of cryptocurrencies. Our developers possess hands-on experience in creating tokens of all sorts with the latest blockchain techniques.


Non-fungible Token Platform Development deals with creating an NFT marketplace where users can buy and sell NFTs.

NFT development deals with developing unique NFT tokens that can be used as in-game or in-platform rewards.

Create your own NFT Token on all the top blockchain platforms with OsizTechnologies.

Yes. NFT Token Development on TRON and Binance Smart Chain is possible.

  • Experienced NFT token developers.
  • Prompt project delivery.
  • 200+ dedicated team of blockchain professionals.