Published: 30 December, 2022

Web3 Wallet Development Company - Osiz

Osiz is a Pioneer Web3 Wallet Development Company with years of experience in build Web3 Wallets. With Help users securely transfer, receive, and store assets with multi-chain Web3 wallets!

Web3 Wallet Development Company - Osiz

What is Web3?

Web 3 is the successive third version of the internet which became the talk amongst various industries and businesses. The concept of web3 makes internet privacy protected, personalized, and more advanced with the help of artificial intelligence and big data. Web3 is a decentralized digital space where users chiefly hold control over digital assets in the digital space. Many enterprises are welcoming web3 though it is still in its initial stage of development by understanding its immense potential in the current digital world. Web3 technology blends the concepts of decentralization, edge computing, decentralized data networks,token-based economics, blockchain technologies, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The purpose of Web 3.0 is to supersede the loopholes in the existing version of the internet. 

What is Web3 Wallet?

A Web3 wallet is a digital wallet used to store digital assets like   Non-fungible tokens (NFTs). A “crypto wallet” is similar to a web3 wallet which is a tool to access a web3 economy that allows users to interact with DApps. Web3 wallets are non-custodial wallets, where wallet owners can store their digital assets without any third-party/middlemen.  The absence of a third party eradicates the requirement of KYC/AML, which retains the privacy and obscurity of wallet owners. Sole rights of the assets are given in the hands of wallet owners. Web3 wallets come with integrated security, and multi-currency support and permit users to convert cryptos into local currency.

Web3 Wallet Development Company 

It's time to transfer your projects from Web2 to the Web3 platform as it has influenced various industries from gaming to finance. Reach Osiz if you are looking for the best Web3 Development solution to develop a Web3 application.

Alternatives of Web3 Wallet

Web3 wallet has been constantly in the process of growing as the count of people entering the crypto space has increased. There are some alternatives for Web3 which confuse users to choose their desired platform. Irrespective of the wallet, each wallet is unique that is used to serve the same purpose that differs slightly. The top 5 alternative wallets  are,

  • MetaMask

  • Coinbase Wallet

  • Argent

  • Trust Wallet

  • Rainbow

Requisites of Web3 

Web3 wallet helps to manage crypto assets on the whole as it has simple user interaction. In Web3 there are two main action buttons like Send button and the Recieve button which is used by users to send and receive Crypto assets. Web3 Wallet is used for its accessibility. Web3 Wallet is used as a gateway to access various web3 platforms. With web3 wallets, users can acquire access to DApps. An example of DApps is Decentralized Finance (Defi). Hence Web3 wallets can be used as DeFi wallets.

Our Web3 Wallet Development Proceedings

Knowing Prerequisites 

This is the initial and noteworthy step of the process. In this, the developers get to know about the client's requirements related to Web3 crypto wallets and acknowledge it during the development process.

Designing & Development 

Our team of professional designers develops stunning UI/UX designs to enrich the user experience. Our priority is given to the quality output thereby fulfilling clients' expectations and leaving an abiding impression on the users


We aspire to provide a bug-free wallet solution to our clients by implementing relentless testing methods to guarantee that the application operates smoothly.


After designing and developing the Web3 wallet, the project is approved by the client and is ready to launch. If needed, the demo is shared and deployed on the platform to enlarge its existence digitally.

Post-Delivery Assistance  

We Osiz provide Post-delivery assistance to our clients in case of facing any issues after delivering the applications. We are 24/7 available to provide service to our customers. 
Web 3 Development Services provided by Osiz

Our developers use the following tech stacks for a web3 project.


Blockchain is a digital ledger with transparency that helps to store immutable details with decentralized access.


AI is used for machine-to-machine communications for the most efficient implementation of several tasks that remain in sync.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts runs the platform and lets users communicate online on fulfilling certain conditions.


IPFS allows the platform to store digital assets safely and securely. Here contents are separated and stored in different blocks.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning application provides intelligent and data-oriented web solutions and acts as an alternative to traditional service.

Virtual Reality

VR technologies and frameworks are used by the internet for an interactive and engaging platform 

Why Prefer Osiz for Web3 Wallet Development?

Osiz as a leading Web3 wallet development company aims to deliver Web 3 wallet service with secured Blockchain platforms. We have experienced developers to develop wallets based on clients' needs. Our partnership will profit you in the following ways,

  • Certified developers

  • Data ownership control

  • Enhanced security

  • Omnipresent access to data

  • 24/7 Service

Feel free to reach us via chat or email and Contact our experts with guide you on developing your Web3 wallet.

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