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Osiz technologies Pvt.Limited is one of the initially established companies to offer services for blockchain and cryptocurrency development. With the promise of rising blockchain technologies, it was introduced in early 2009. Clients will receive cutting-edge solutions from us due to our unwavering experience and comprehensive understanding in the sector. With our assistance, various clients from all around the world were able to launch their blockchain-based businesses and attain their goals.

Our team of committed blockchain professionals will do a complete analysis, brainstorm, develop, and implement ground-breaking innovations. The ideas will be in line with market trends and guarantee the highest levels of security, success over the long term, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

Founder/CEO Mr. Thanga Pandi and co-founder/MD Mrs. Kirithiga Thangapandi founded Osiz in 2009.

"We are adored of new technologies that were seeded in 2009 and now have grown -up like a Banyan tree. Since then, we have grown into who we are with our dedication and astute teamwork. We can provide a wide range of services to our clients and keep our employees happy with our top-notch IT infrastructure" says Mr. Thangapandi and Mrs. Kirithiga Thangapandi.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide complete business solutions with "Leading Edge Technology" and become the best IT service provider in India.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop a "State of the Art" website that helps businesses thrive in today's competitive digital landscape. We fully understand the need for businesses to promote and develop their brand to future customers.

Our Core Values

We are rooted in prioritizing customer satisfaction and happiness over business profit, and we strive to be at the forefront of future technologies and innovations, ensuring unmatched business solutions for our clients.

our core vlaues


We promote end-to-end ownership, responsibility, and accountability using the appropriate tools to complete the task.

our core vlaues


Our cross-capability professionals collaborate and exchange knowledge as a team to accomplish a shared objective for both our clients and ourselves.

our core vlaues


We conduct our business in a completely transparent way to ensure the success of our clients, and our operations are based on open communication and honesty.

our core vlaues

Client satisfaction

We guide our customers on their path to becoming high-performance organizations and establish long term connections by being responsive and reliably providing value.

our core vlaues


We maintain the highest governance standards and manage commercial operations with moral and intellectual integrity.

Our Achievements

15+ Years of experience
350+ Experts of technology
1000+ Websites delivered to clients
500+ Mobile Apps delivered
2000+ Clients worldwide

What Do We Do?

With 13 years of experience, Osiz supports businesses in implementing new technology so they can keep up with change. Our extensive analysis, design-thinking-driven methodology, and unrivalled offerings in strategy, consulting, technology, and operations produce a ground-breaking roadmap to assist businesses all over the world in making the transition from traditional technology platforms to blockchain-based systems. We are motivated by the desire to spot and seize disruption-related opportunities in order to produce transformational results for a future decentralised digital world.


Blockchain Networks We Are Familiar With


Industries We Work Through Our Solutions

  • tick_iconHealthcare
  • tick_iconInformation Technology
  • tick_iconSupply Chain
  • tick_iconLegal And Compliance
  • tick_iconSales
  • tick_iconFinance
  • tick_iconProduct R&D
  • tick_iconMarketing And Communications
  • tick_iconHuman Resources
  • tick_iconReal Estate

Our Specialization In Development

With the help of our amazing products, we specialize in helping you transform your plan into winning ideas.

  • tick_iconWeb3 Development
  • tick_iconMetaverse Development
  • tick_iconDeFi Development
  • tick_iconBlockchain Development
  • tick_iconHyperledger Development
  • tick_iconCryptocurrency Development
  • tick_iconDApp Development
  • tick_iconOn-Demand App Development
  • tick_iconNFT Development
  • tick_iconGame Development
  • tick_iconICO/STO/IDO Development
  • tick_iconMobile App Development
  • tick_iconWeb Design Services
  • tick_iconAI Developmen

Our Development Process

At Osiz Technologies, we follow a special methodology to bring the best outcome that meets our client’s requirement while satisfying the latest market trend. We have developed various software applications ranging from basic Inventory packages to complex ERP solutions for businesses of different industries. We also customize software as per the client’s requirement to meet the demand of every individual clients. We follow the procedures below in the development of a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) at OSIZ TECH.

We have a dedicated team of expert and passionate professionals who strive hard and work towards completing your application by the deadline. We offer tailor made solutions that perfectly suits your business requirements.


Gathering Information

Basically, there are a lot of businesses and the website and mobile application can never be same for all kinds of business. The news portal / mobile app differ from entertainment website while the youngsters and adults expects different look. To build a website / mobile application that satisfy all the businesses requirements while attracting people of all ages, our senior team will invest their time in collecting all the relevant information from the client regarding the purpose of creating website, client’s goal and their target audience. We also offer some useful suggestions to develop the best outcome in the most efficient way.



After gathering the needful information from the client, our business analysts & concerned teal (design / development / marketing) will analyze the complexity of the project and decide the budget & time frame to complete the project. Additionally, we prepare a concise and efficient document that includes payment terms, project closure clauses, team members, timeline, tools and technologies to be used for the development of website / mobile application.



Now that the scope and deadline of the project is clear, our highly talented team of professionals will device an effective strategy to design and develop the project beyond client’s expectation. We adopt the agile development methodology to ensure optimum result in a productive and efficient manner.



Once planning is done, we will then start to bring a shape to your project by creating wireframes. This is done to inspect the intuitiveness of the project, after which we create their PSD for their visual appeal. A skeleton design of the project will be prepared by our expertise and client’s suggestions will be asked. If the client is satisfied, we will proceed further and if the client has any suggestion, we will do the necessary changes.



When the design skeleton is prepared, our design team will begin to create website or mobile applications while ensuring that it works perfectly on all devices and platforms without any compromise in its look across all the devices. We are expertise in designing website / mobile application in such a way that it is responsive to all size of screen and every devices including mobile phone, PC & laptops.



This is the phase which includes a lot of programming work. Our dedicated team of developers will build development framework, code template and fill out the content. Our website or mobile application gives fascinating experience to your users and will attract the target audience while meeting the clients requirements and market’s trend.



Once development is done, our adroit testing team will examine the developed website or mobile application to ensure that it has no bug. If any error is found in the website, we make sure that it is effectively removed before deployment. This is done to give 100% assurance to our clients and satisfy them with the most productive and effective solution.


Deployment & Support

When our testing team gives a green light that it is free from bug and doesn’t have any issues related to its design or functionality, we make the page live. After deployment of project, if the client demands any addition or modifications, we do it in a seamless way. Also, we extend our service by providing strong technical support after deployment.

Awards & Recognition

We take privilege in publicizing that our company Osiz Technologies, has received the Best Game-Fi Development Company Award at the 2022 Money Expo - the biggest trading event in India. This prestigious award recognizes our commitment to creating innovative and engaging gaming experiences for our clients. We strive to provide our customers with the best gaming experience possible and are thrilled to have been recognized for our efforts.

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