Smart Contract Development

Automate Your Business With Self Executing Smart Contract


Smart contracts are self-executing digital contracts, that are backed with ability to digitally facilitate, verify or enforce the terms of agreement between the businesses. As the smart contracts are linked to blockchain, the data becomes immutable and the need for third party is eliminated, which thereby automates business process and cut down extra costs.

Osiz technologies, a reputed smart contract development company deliver high quality smart contract solutions for start-ups to enterprises. Our professionals are updated to the world class technologies, including new innovations in blockchain technology. Whether it is building smart contracts for your existing blockchain or implement new smart contract for your enterprise, we focus on developing self executing digital contracts, customizable for any type of industries. We provide the most accurate smart contract services, to ensure that you benefit with right automation process to lessen operating cost and time.

Benefits of smart contract

Business automation is getting simple these days, as cutting costs, saving time, reducing manpower workforce and executing every process in a secured way is made easy with technology.

Smart Contracts has the capacity to bring the following benefits:

  • Reduce costs and time.
  • Automated business process enhances accuracy.
  • Decentralized execution leads to transparent record-keeping
  • Quick, reliable, and immutable
  • Clear communication
  • Data secured
  • Eliminating intermediaries will enhance trust
  • Higher efficiency
  • Storage and backup can retrieve lost data easily.
  • A self-auditing mechanism of digital value reduces error.

Smart Contract Services

Smart contract is an essential part in any blockchain based business as it is the backbone of business automation. Being the best blockchain development company, we specialize to offer custom smart contract development services, irrespective of your industry.

Smart Contract Architecture

The most important factor for the best smart contract is that, the smart contract code needs a top-notch work-flow. We have experts to make a precise plan of the smart contract development, to make it work reliable and error- free.

Smart contract Design & Development

Smart contracts differs for every industry, based on the business size and nature of the business. We design and develop state-of-art smart contracts, with advanced and customizable features, suitable to any industry.

Smart Contracts Audit

Smart contract auditing ensures to develop a reliable smart contract with flawless functionality. We provide meticulous smart contract auditing services for a valid and error-free digital contract through complete assessment of smart contracts.

Smart Contracts Optimization

Every single operation in a smart contract takes some amount of Ethereum gas. An optimized smart contract can help in reducing the wastage of ethereum gas. We are experts in smart contract optimization for a seamless work process.

Build Decentralized Applications

Decentralized applications along with smart contracts, will double the security and functionality or any software or business process. We offer custom services to create unique smart contract on decentralized application, to ensure complete automation.

Smart Contract Development Process

Smart contracts has become a key to automate transactions in blockchain. Regardless of your business status, be it a start-up or large enterprise, we have vast experience in integrating smart contract in your business, to reduce the costs and the hassle of blockchain transactions. The successful process we follow for better integration is as follows:

Analyzing the Requirement

Initially, our team of experts will brainstorm with you to get detailed knowledge about your business requirement and analyze the business idea that needs to be infused in smart contract.

Technical design

Once we get insight about your business requirements, our knowledgeable team will make a document defining the smart contracts, create a detailed data flow diagram, design technical architecture, document the technical GDPR compliance requirement and deliver milestone creation.


After comprehending the requirement and technical designing, our smart contract developers develop smart contract at alpha, beta level and build accurate smart contract based on your business.


Before deployment, Our quality assurance team will do in-depth testing, to check the quality of the smart contract developed and assure you that the smart contract is 100% bug-free and secure to work.


Once the quality of the developed smart contract is checked and proved to be defect free, we deploy it on the main blockchain network and will be ready to execute in your business.


If there is any backlogs in the smart contract or if any updation is needed, our team of smart contract experts, including developers, QA and technical experts will continue their service to deploy a new smart contract with necessary updates.

Industries Which Utilize Smart Contract Development

Contracts form an important part of any sort of official agreements between parties involved in business. Smart Contracts already exists across a vast array of industries and we adept to turn your traditional contract into self executing digital contract, using computer code in following industries:


In banking and finance industry, smart contract can reduce complexity in banking process, improve data quality, strengthen security, faster processing, lessen paperwork and enhance the financial market functionality.


Usually, it takes a long time for any insurance claim to be processed and paid, which thereby increases the cost and leads to inefficiency. Using smart contract in insurance, the claiming process can be effective, efficient and simplified.


Smart contract in hospitals and healthcare centers, will enable the patient to share their medical data with every member involved in the network, thereby improving the collaboration between data providers and result in accurate diagnoses.

Supply chain

Businesses that deals with supply chain management uses smart contract to record ownership rights as numerous products move through the supply chain. This can improve customer engagement, increase efficiency and reduce time.

Transport & Logistics

In transport and logistics industry, smart contracts will allow the businesses to tract the product movement from the factory to the designation, in a simplified way, by providing the real-time visibility of entire supply chain.

Why choose Osiz for Smart Contract Development?

Osiz technologies is the best smart contract development company in India, with best smart contract solutions for your business. We have a team of smart contract experts, who has vast experience and detailed knowledge in providing high-end smart contract solution to any industry vertical. Being a leading blockchain development company, we specialize in developing custom smart contracts solutions on ethereum blockchain platform and our team will provide a complete automation support, right from identifying the business need to delivery of the project.

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