Our Clients' Requirement

The main goal of the project is to build a blockchain explorer platform solving complex blockchain problems by leveraging a POS protocol for enhanced security and scalability. As the user base grew, the client encountered specific challenges and obstacles in the existing architecture of the system, anticipating us to design a fast network with efficient transactions and smart contracts. Additionally, the client expected us to simplify user access and management through wallet integration. Understanding the opportunity for improvement in blockchain technology, we designed the explorer platform to address these challenges and provide robust solutions.

Solution We Offered

We upgraded the blockchain explorer platform by enhancing its blockchain capabilities and user experience. Recognizing the need for enhancement, we evaluated and recognized the scope for improvement with API integration facilitating seamless software communication, while interoperability enhances blockchain flexibility. We designed a fast network with efficient transactions and smart contracts. Moreover, we designed the user interface (UI) to improve its usability and updated its core infrastructure by integrating advanced blockchain functionalities. Additionally, we developed a node monitoring dashboard to ensure operational efficiency and created a rewarding fee system to incentivize participation. Our ongoing support services continue to assist the client in managing and maintaining their blockchain infrastructure, ensuring the platform operates smoothly.



Renounced Ownership

Renounced ownership means the creator of a token or smart contract gives up control over it, ensuring transparency and decentralization in its operation. Once ownership is renounced, no individual or entity can alter the token's code or settings, enhancing trust and security in the project.


Transfer Ownership

Transfer ownership involves transferring control of a token or a contract from one address to another, allowing the new owner to make changes to the code or settings.


Add Liquidity

After deploying their token, users can add liquidity to an exchange by pairing it with another token, enabling trading and earning fees.


Enable Trading

You have full control over when your token becomes active. While some tokens go live right after adding liquidity, this can cause issues and enable snipers to buy tokens before your community. We offer an alternative, enabling you to enable trading at your discretion.


Set & Manage Taxes

You can easily set and manage taxes, controlling the fees applied to transactions within your ecosystem. This feature allows you to customize tax rates and optimize revenue streams for your project.


Enable & Disable Taxes

You can enable or disable taxes with a single tap that gives you control over when transaction fees are applied to trades. It allows you to adjust tax settings for special events or specific requirements.

Technologies Used

nodeexpressjsmongo DBstellarreact js
Rest apiReduxawsqauthweb socketsIJ
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