Published: 09 August, 2019

Cryptocurrency Exchange App Development Company

The global economy has moved towards a digital Eco-system where everything is about the virtual currency.

Cryptocurrency Exchange App Development Company

Cryptocurrency Exchange App Development Company 

The global economy has moved towards a digital Eco-system where everything is about the virtual currency. From small investment to huge money transfer, all the transactions has become paperless process. Though the physical coins, currency notes still exists with huge demand in the market, the digital payments has become viral and among this, the newest and most promising addition to the digital payment sector is cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies are nothing but the decentralized digital currency specially designed as a medium of exchanging digital information. Cryptocurrencies are impossible to counterfeit because it is cryptographically secured. Cryptocurrency can be traded or exchanged for fiat currency, tangible asset or even for other digital currencies. Over the last couple of years, cryptocurrency has been gaining the public eye rapidly and a lot of people have started to invest on the cryptocurrency while most of them have already tasted the essence of it’s benefit. Inevitably, this has paved way to the idea of cryptocurrency exchange app development. 

Why do You Need to Develop Cryptocurrency Exchange App ?

Money, being the main source of everything in the world, people dream to become a billionaire and cryptocurrency is believed to be the easiest path to achieve the dream. Generally the transactions done through bank will be processed via online banking sites or respected banks mobile applications and the bank notes/coins will be stored safely in our wallet. Likewise, in case of cryptocurrency, an excellent crypto mobile app with rich features is necessary to store the cryptocurrencies and do transactions. Custom cryptocurrency exchange app will allow the users to seamlessly store, record, transfer and exchange any cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether. Here are some of the important factors that says the importance of a cryptocurrency mobile app.

  • Crypto traders and investors will always look for the easiest and most secure way to trade cryptocurrency.
  • It is impossible to hack because it is a decentralized system. Absence of centralized authority gives more security to the app users.
  • Crypto enthusiastic has a mobile-first approach, therefore it is always a great to build a notable cryptocurrency exchange app with latest features.
  • Cryptocurrency exchange app lets the users to trade and exchange cryptocurrency rapidly with anyone around the globe.
  • Smart device and a flawless internet connection can make the users instantly become bank for their virtual currency, making payments and money transfers simple.

Amazing Features of Cryptocurrency Exchange App

Basically, developing a mobile application is a piece of cake. It is now very common that every mobile application comes with friendly user interface, responsive design, fast loading time, high performance, Geo-location, push notifications and more. Despite all these features, cryptocurrency exchange app consists of most exciting features such as the following.

  • Anti-Fraud Registration System
  • Automated Add Fund System
  • A to Z Fund Add Report
  • Manage Investment & Withdrawal
  • 100% Secure Login
  • Activity Logs Management
  • Total Profit History
  • Slider Management

Essential Traits to be considered While Creating A Cryptocurrency Exchange Application

Anyone can create a mobile application, but developing a rich quality mobile app with most attractive interface to engage more users is not a cakewalk. Besides the above mentioned features, the following components are very much important that has to be considered while developing a cryptocurrency mobile app. 

  1. Allows easy login via social media and Google sign up.
  2. Must allow the users to have a real-time track on market trends
  3. Allow users to fast and easy exchange currency.
  4. To make a personalized and user-first app, allow multilingual support.
  5. Alluring and Responsive App design for mobile and tablet.
  6. Give detailed information with Filtering and Shortening coins
  7. User should be allowed to watch the cryptocurrency worth instantly in the international market 
  8. Push notification for live update compatible with Image with CTA.
  9. View Real-time market situation via attractive charts (Donut, Pie, line, Row, and Bar)
  10. Add Cryptocurrency exchange to enable users to know the live value of crypto
  11. Trace the live values of all crypto in the different currencies 
  12. Enable Search Option to select at least 1000+ cryptocurrencies 
  13. Insist your users to rate your app and share your app, it helps in boosting popularity.

Wrapping Up

It is always good to stay ahead of your competitors and if you wish to develop your own cryptocurrency mobile application with all the above listed fundamental features and much more customized functionalities, Osiz Technologies would be your perfect partner for you. Being one of the top-notch mobile development company having exceptional knowledge on cryptocurrency, our top-class technical professionals have become expertise at developing highly functional, reliable and safe cryptocurrency exchange mobile application where the users can store, exchange and trade any cryptocurrencies with anyone all over the world. Our application supports multiple cryptocurrency and multiple language, hence easily becomes a close companion for many crypto traders. 

No doubt that the idea of cryptocurrency exchange app development is a profitable and futuristic one. Engage with us to develop your own crypto mobile app extremely faster at a shoestring budget.

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