Published: 26 October, 2022

Gods Unchained Clone -To start an NFT-based playing card game like Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained Clone is an Ethereum-powered digital trading card game clone development that hosts tournaments for users to win exciting prizes. Build a Gods Unchained clone gaming platform with Osiz now.

Gods Unchained Clone -To start an NFT-based playing card game like Gods Unchained


As everyone is aware, the NFT gaming industry has been prospering for the past few years due to growing user interest. If you are a business owner reading this, you have undoubtedly put in twice as much effort building up your NFT game platform as Gods unchained because of all its advantages, features, and other qualities. Osiz has a ready-made solution that could help you construct an NFT gaming platform more quicker than beginning from scratch. 

Let's start with the information in this blog

Gods Unchained Clone 

Gods Unchained Clone is a custom trading card game. This game was developed for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) running on the Ethereum blockchain. Gods Unchained Game Clone  features unique assets that are fully owned and managed by the players. Players can be traded on a public market that contains every single card or added to a specific deck. Osiz- Fascinating NFT game platform development company that helps you get your own NFT Trading card games like Gods Unchained to market faster.

Development of Gods Unchained Clone 

Osiz is a pioneer in the creation of blockchain-based NFT games such as Gods unchained with the goal of providing users with more revenues. We have assembled a group of developers with extensive experience in both blockchain and NFT game creation. Our ready-made Gods unchained clone development will help you generate more money. 

The finest way to begin a digital trading card game is with Gods Unchained clone from Osiz. Gods Unchained is a popular game platform among business owners because of its distinctive characteristics. You may know that duplicate Gods Unchained will pave the route for your success in the gaming sector. 

Features Of Our Gods unchained Clone

  • Complete decentralization

  • Perfect trading experience

  • ownership of the digital assets in its entirety

  • Broader and deeper smart contracts

  • extremely transparent

  • Immutable

  • Ethereum enables

  • Ignoring fraud-related acts

  • Many players available.

How Does Our Gods Unchained Clone Function?

Gods Unchained clone works similarly to other online strategy games in that it uses credits or gold as its primary currency. Their in-game currencies take real money from users and turn it into a more enjoyable experience. The game's market allows players to buy and sell cards to build a card that will help them win more matches and accumulate more cards. 

The number of players and sales for these games has increased steadily. They have done a fantastic job of marketing the game and community through graded events and matches. They also want to release a mobile version of the game to reach a wider audience. 

Immersive benefits developing Marketplace like Gods unchained


Transparency throughout the project fulfillment is one of our advantages. Additionally, we prefer to keep you informed about various developmental stages. 

P2P trading

With the help of our platform, users can engage in peer-to-peer trading of cards with other players without the use of intermediaries.


The platform doesn't rely on a centralized authoritative structure because our Gods unchained clone software is entirely decentralized.

Multilayer environment 

Our gaming platform enables a multiplayer setting where different players can congregate and compete together to energize the player's experience. 

Statistics Of Our Gods unchained Clone 

  • With 731 daily active users and $447,000 in 24-hour trading volume, the Gods Unchained platform is actively used by users every day.

  • The participants use the site to complete more than 1980 transactions every day.

  • 2.700 ETH ($4.83 million) total are in the account.

  • This blockchain-based game is currently the sixth most played.

Why Choose Osiz for Gods Unchained Clone Development?

If you think the moment is perfect to create your own NFT marketplace similar to Gods Unchained. The next step is to select the top NFT game developers, who must possess exceptional technical expertise and creative thought.

We, Osiz, are the leading experts in NFT Game Development services and can help you build the online game of your dreams using the NFT Marketplace. We provide a bug-free NFT marketplace on the Ethereum network that is comparable to Gods Unchained and is designed with unique features to meet your needs. Our NFT Game Development services will greatly increase the gaming industry's bottom line. Our programmers produce a result that is nearly flawless. 

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