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Determine Your Success With Our Spectacular OpenSea Clone Script!

New technologies of the crypto space hold a room full of innovations to rock the world. OpenSea is one of the largest marketplaces that opens a great chance for entrepreneurs to become dynamite in the crypto world. Grab your opportunity to embark on a P2P NFT marketplace platform like OpenSea with us!

Build Your P2P NFT Marketplace Realm With Ever-last OpenSea Clone

Our world always welcomes pristine inventions to enter the crypto industry and sweep the market. Undoubtedly, Opensea has a trump card to reach the milestone with its own unique features.

OpenSea is NFT Marketplace that has developed on the Ethereum blockchain network. That facilitates developers to create their own P2P NFT Marketplace platform for exchanging, buying, selling, and auctioning unique digital assets and crypto goods.

Currently, it holds 165,000 monthly and 35,000 daily active users. The monthly volume on OpenSea now in 2021 stands at $2.21 billion.

With nimble NFT Experts, Osiz has a ready-to-launch OpenSea Clone script for entrepreneurs to rock in the NFT market. With the decentralized NFT marketplace platform as an entrepreneur, you can attract potential creators and investors all over the globe.

Our OpenSea Clone software helps your users to create, mint, buy, sell, bid, and list digital collectibles on the platform. Hey, entrepreneur, do you have any ideas to make the Opensea Clone script exceptional? Don't forget to keep in your mind, we are here to draft a solution as similar as OpenSea with your new innovative concepts. Instantly get in touch with us to make your project the next fuzzword of the Crypto world after NFT.

What Is Our OpenSea Clone?

You can start a P2P NFT Marketplace Platform like Opensea instantly with an easy customization option through the White label Opensea clone script. Our Ready Made Opensea Clone Script is the integration of the best features and it’s not a cakewalk. We have an experienced OpenSea Clone Development company with the utmost knowledge and a dynamic team of designers, developers, QA testers, and others.

Osiz assists you in the development of the OpenSea Clone Script for the unlimited benefits of participants desiring to establish their own NFT.

Interesting Facts Of OpenSea

  • Total Users: Over 600,000 users as of early 2022, up from 4,000 users in March 2020
  • Revenue: $365 million revenue in 2021 (from Ethereum transaction fees)
  • Worth: $13.3 billion (as of early 2022)
  • 211th most popular site in the world (as of Feb 2022)
  • 310th most popular site in the United States (as of Feb 2022)

White Label OpenSea Clone Script

As per your ingenious ideas, we will instantly customization the P2P Opensea Clone through the White label option. This customized white label solution is a boom for you to make your OpenSea clone script distinctive from others. You can commence mining your NFTs and trading the digital arts as you like, earning revenue indefinitely.

Features of Opensea Clone Script

Market Offer Tracking

Escrow Activity Specification

Simplified Design Architecture

User Activity Tracking

Other NFT Tracking

Efficient Asset Listing

Market offer Tracking

Escrow Activity Specification

Wallet Preference Specifications

Performance Statistics

Efficient Asset Listing

Other NFT Tracking

User Activity Tracking

Efficient Categorizing

Multiple Currency Support

Multi-Transaction platform

Bidding Charges

Selling Fees

Miniting Fees

Transaction charges

Listing Fees

NFT Store Front

Filters Option

Search Filters

Buy and Bid Option

Digital wallet


  •   241 payment gateway methods
  •   Available on iOS application
  •   Confident Log in/Sign-up process
  •   Wide range of assets
  •   Configurable auctions

Advantage Of Using Our OpenSea Clone Script

  •   No self-coding minting
  •   Easy to navigate website
  •   Industry-standard security
  •   Low fees & gas free transactions
  •   Strong reputation and corporate backing

Custom currencies Available In Our OpenSea Clone Script

By default, OpenSea clone script items have sold in Ethereum (ETH), but other popular coins include:

  •   DAI and USDC stable coin
  •   MEME currency usable for staking rewards
  •   WHALE, a social token for NFT collective
  •   REVV and SAND, in-game currencies
  •   MANA, Decentraland’s in-game currency
  •   WBTC is a type of Bitcoin that’s usable with Ethereum items.

How Does Our OpenSea Clone Script Works?

Buyer & Vendor can sign-up/log in through the OpenSea clone by filling in the Necessary Fields.

Once the buyer has logged into the OpenSea Clone Script, then they need to connect with their flexible crypto wallet like "MetaMask" to start trading with their assets.

The vendor needs to list their NFT collectibles in the OpenSea clone software and start to mint the digital asset as the NFT by paying off some fees to the platform.

Once NFT collectibles have been listed on the OpenSea Clone Platform, the vendor should choose their mode of purchasing option. Whether it may be the fixed-price mode or auction mode.

After choosing the mode, the NFT collectibles are gone moderation by the admin will be approved.

The Vendor should furnish a detailed description of the NFT for the selling process.

After the NFT has been listed for the sale, then the buyer can start their Competing auction or purchase the NFT.

Once the vendor accepts the amount either auction or Fixed price from the buyer, then the buyer starts the payment process.

Various Business Vectors Can Utilize The OpenSea Clone Software

Health Care

Real Estate



Travel & Transport






Film Industry






How We Help You To Build The Platform?

Well-Suitable & Futuristic Technology-stack




Blockchain Smart Chain






Okex Chain


Amazon S3

Any Cloud Servers

ERC 721

ERC 1155

TRC 721

BEP 20

BEP 1155





Our collaboration models

Dedicated Team

Milestone-based approach with a specialist team & product owner.

Team Augmentation

We can deploy a dedicated Scrum Team for you, on-demand!

Project-Based Model

Fixed-price projects with dynamically scalable & self-managed teams.

Why Choose Osiz for NFT Marketplace Development like OpenSea?

  • 300+ experts Core Team of Blockchain Experts

  • Quick and Agile Development Process

  • 14+ Years Of Industry Experience

  • Requirement Gathering Of The Project

  • Crystal-Clear Analysis Of The Project

  • Whitelabel NFT Marketplace Development Services

  • End-to-End NFT Marketplace Solutions

  • Robust Gaming Platform

  • 24/7 Support System To make happy the clients

  • 600+ Websites Delivered To Clients

  • 300+ Mobile Apps Delivered

  • 2000+ Clients Worldwide

  • Friendly technical support team

  • On-time Delivery with quality output

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FAQ For Opensea Clone Script

OpenSea Clone Script is a ready-to-launch NFT marketplace Software that has all the features and functionalities similar to the OpenSea platform.

In general, NFTs are created on the Ethereum blockchain networks like ERC-721, ERC-1155, and ERC-998 token standards. It provides extensive support to buy, sell or trade digital and rare collectibles at marketplaces.

The developing time varies based on the customization to be integrated into the launch of the NFT marketplace like OpenSea. However, we deliver the project on time and hassle-free based on your business requirements.

  • Responsive UI design
  • Activity tracker
  • Liquidity
  • NFT tracking
  • Asset listing
  • Standardization
  • Wallets
  • Escrow system
  • Fast & On-time delivery
  • Proficient NFT developers
  • We use agile methodology
  • Complete white-label solutions
  • Plugins & API integration availability
  • Cross-Platform compatibility etc.