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Osiz is an innovation-hunter & white-collar adroit with surplus of immersive

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& solutions for clients. That's why they always wish to fulfill their needs with our one-box solution.

What Is Metaverse?

Metaverse is a conjunction of two ideas for many years such as 3D digital virtual reality and digital second life focused on social platforms. Once the user owns their 3D Avatar, then they start to play in the 3D virtual world to interact with other 3D avatars.

The user has facilitated with virtual and augmented reality headsets to enjoy their game in the virtual field. They can buy, sell, entertain them with all possibilities. It is a boundless virtual platform.

Live Facts Of Metaverse

  • Metaverse market size is $47 Billion
  • Meta (formerly Facebook)has invested $10 Billion to grow this space.
  • The market size of Metaverse will reach $800 Billion.
  • Prediction of Metaverse gaming world to become a $400B business
  • The augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) market in Europe is forecast to reach $20.9B

Metaverse Development Solutions for Industries?

Possible Industries Of Metaverse Development Platform

We allow the users to get their favorite clothing products and accessories by building virtual changing rooms, virtual showrooms, and storefronts.
By building an incredible virtual space for the users to refresh their minds by enjoying their favorite media, chatting, and engaging themselves.
Travel & Tourism
With the 3D software and exquisite assets, the user can travel with different realistic digital worlds, letting them experience tours, and nature through our software. Virtual Offices
To improve your healthcare business through the metaverse platforms by offerings, training, diagnosis, and medical research help of our program-ace.
We have developed various payments tools and instruments to purchase physical goods or services in robust marketplaces.
Game Development
With our software, the users can connect with the social platform with various social features to enjoy virtual space.
To have a flawless manufacturing business process, we will give popular solutions like digital twins and prototyping simulation.
With our adroit developers, we will give you immersion and other digital tools to make education much more accessible and appealing to learners to feel a pleasant experience.
Real Estate
People can open up virtual life in the Metaverse version of 3D immersive, realistic virtual home tours. They can live in their wised countries and a new market for real estate agents and brokers around the globe.

Money-Making Aspects of Metaverse Development

Play to Earn Games
Open Art Gallery
Web-based Shopping
Promote Your Business
Become a Real Estate Dealer
Land Renting on Metaverse
Metaverse Architect & Designer
Party & Concert Participation
Run Online Shopping Business

Metaverse Development Services

Osiz has several success records with metaverse development services and also has proved that it is a trusted metaverse development company. Our main objective is to satisfy our valuable clients by creating their business projects as per their needs.

Metaverse NFT Marketplace Development
You can instantly launch your Metaverse NFT Marketplace Platform with the most popular blockchain network to be trendy. We deliver your world-classic project with all needed features & workflow.
Metaverse Social Media Platform Development
With our expert help, we aid you to launch a social media metaverse-based project. That furnishes you with the best social medium connectivity, virtual reality experiences, 3D environments for virtual social engagement.
Metaverse Real Estate Platform Development
With the outstanding revolution of the Metaverse industry, now it includes real estate. We aid you to start your own virtual real estate empire for your user. They buy, sell, and manage their own virtual properties.
Metaverse Games Development
Our Metaverse NFT Game development services come with various metaverse 3D virtual environments, live game streaming, crypto value exchange, P2E(play-to-earn) gaming with NFTs minting, and some more for the users to relish on it.
Metaverse Token Development
We will develop a token to perform online transactions within the network associated with the Metaverse platform. It reclines with the fictional, digital world by using the VR headset or computer to empower it.
Metaverse E-commerce Development
The shopping paradigm also booming in the Metaverse platform. We are here to help you out on e-commerce businesses to change future sales. For that, we provide your users to try and buy the products.

Features of Metaverse Development

100% Purely Decentralized
We will give 100% customized Decentralized Platforms for gaming, socializing, crypto Trading, Frontend and backend development, UI/UX design, smart contract integrations, and oracle implementation.
Metaverse NFT provides you with uniqueness for your Marketplace.
Highly visible to the users, the Metaverse platform developed a completely decentralized attribute to show transparency.
Smart Contracts
Digital agreements to eliminate the block fraud and disregard intermediaries in the Metaverse platform.
100% Security
To overcome the infringement in the Metaverse development solution, Osiz offers a safe and secure transaction of tokens in the white-label Metaverse marketplace.
To enhance both users & developer parties to get beneficial by verifiability in the blockchain infrastructure. For the users, we made a trustworthy platform, and developers will have complete knowledge about all the transactions
Integration Services
With spellbound metaverse development services, we provide integration services for you to enhance your project with the essential features and advanced functionalities to feel 100% real user experience.
3D Implementation
High-end 3D visualization & 3D modeling elements will highlight the 3D space, we provide high-level scalable design and development services to your valuable blockchain-based Metaverse business projects.
Premium Metaverse Applications
We will provide our clients with a premium interface to experience your blockchain-powered Metaverse. Our elegant design user-friendly admin panel, virtual reality, automation, privacy, and transparency to the users to feel high-tech application.

How We Help You To Build The Platform?

Gathering The Clients Requirement
Once we committed to starting the work, we completely congregated the ideas and requirements to develop the software as the client desired in prominent ways.
Complete Demands We Analyze
Subsequently, we gather the essential knowledge to do quick research to give one of the best business solutions to shine up.
Clear-Edge Development
Our nifty tech teams will work in an effective manner with futuristic technologies to provide the software with magnificent quality.
God-Eye Testing
Before originating the developed software, we cross-check and bug free scripts with a good navigation process to hold the frame standard as we have till now.
Promptly Delivery
We always have the stick policy to deliver the software just at the time when the client needs to start their business as per their wish.
User-Friendly Support
Even after we deliver the software, our support team will follow the client frequently to maintain a customer-friendly relationship at any time our clients need us.

Well-Suitable & Futuristic Technology-stack




Blockchain Smart Chain






Okex Chain


Amazon S3

Any Cloud Servers

ERC 721

ERC 1155

TRC 721

BEP 20

BEP 1155





Why To Choose Osiz for Metaverse Platform Development?

100% Audited White-Label Solution
Native NFT Token Creation
Realistic Gaming Platform
Rapid Launch Within Weeks
Effortless Deployment
Customizable NFT Gaming Platform
AR/VR Integration
High User Intent Experience
Exclusive NFT Token Creation
Robust platform
Round clock support assistance