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Develop Your Decentralized NFT Storage System to Store NFTs On IPFS

Published: 21 March, 2022

Develop Your Decentralized NFT Storage System to Store NFTs On IPFS

The NFT storage system is a new digital storage and retrieval system that helps creators and NFT marketplace owners decentralize data storage on IPFS. It was built exclusively for storing off-chain NFT data.


As an NFT development company, Osiz understands the importance of keeping encrypted NFTs on a safe and easily accessible platform. As a result, we've gone through a lengthy research and development process to create a fully secure NFT storage system based on IPFS and Filecoin.


What is NFT Storage? 


NFT Storage is a BETA service that allows for the storage of off-chain NFTs on IPFS and Filecoin. NFT Storage allows developers to easily and securely store NFT data on decentralized networks. With just a few lines of code, anyone may harness the power of IPFS and Filecoin to ensure the preservation of their NFT data.



How Does It Work?


NFT Storage uses IPFS to produce digital fingerprints for all new NFTs, allowing the material to be referenced universally regardless of how or where it is stored.


The usage of these fingerprints, which correspond to NFT assets and information, removes concerns about NFT assets going missing or being "rug pulled."


NFT Storage uses Filecoin to store NFT assets and information across hundreds of global storage providers, ensuring that the content is always publicly accessible without a single point of failure.


Filecoin also provides publicly verifiable proofs of content storage over time, allowing anybody to verify the integrity and availability of the data.


This data stored via IPFS and Filecoin can be retrieved immediately in the browser using any public IPFS gateway.



Who can benefit from our NFT storage platform?


Service providers


Our IPFS-based NFT storage infrastructure enables service providers to store massive amounts of data, reduce bandwidth costs, and deliver safe, peer-to-peer content.


Content creators


Our IPFS-enabled NFT storage solution allows creators to mint their own NFTs and manage and transport them without the need for an intermediary.




Deduplication, high performance, and clustered durability are all possible with our IPFS-based NFT storage technology for archived data. It gives people the freedom to keep data for as long as they desire.




Researchers and developers working with big distributed datasets benefit from our NFT storage solution since it allows them to decentralize archiving, increase speed, and improve overall performance.


Blockchain developers


IPFS content addressing is used in our NFT storage technology, which allows developers to store large files off-chain and create permanent, irreversible connections in transactions. It allows for content timestamping and security without requiring data to be stored on the blockchain.


Using high latency networks, many customers with limited internet infrastructure suffer significant challenges. Our IPFS-based NFT storage technology provides dependable data access without relying on latency or backbone connectivity.


Features of our NFT Storage platform


  • Pin Manager

With our simple Pin manager, you can easily see, manage, and grab your IPFS files.

  • File Infrastructure for NFTs

For your NFTs, our NFT Storage system provides secure and verified files. Before minting, you must upload through our NFT storage system, copy your IPFS CID, and attach your NFT, whether you're a creator, platform owner, or collector.

  • Easy API

You can pin whatever you want to IPFS using our developer-friendly, well-documented API APIs.

  • View content faster

Custom domains can be added to your IPFS gateways to help you operate faster.

  • Store

Simply upload your data and preserve the IPFS hash of the content (CID) as a reference to the content in on-chain NFT data. Filecoin is used for long-term data storage, ensuring that NFT data is preserved even if our NFT storage fails.

  • Retrieve

The saved NFT data is easily accessible thanks to our decentralized IPFS network. CIDs correspond to immutable material, so you can be sure you're getting the original NFT data. A public IPFS gateway, IPFS command line, or IPFS desktop can all be used to access the data.


Why choose Osiz for NFT Storage Solutions?


Osiz is a premium NFT storage solution supplier with a variety of additional capabilities. The NFT storage system, which was designed exclusively for storing off-chain NFT data, allows authors and NFT marketplace owners to store data on IPFS in a decentralized manner. It's time to start working on your own NFT storage solution to distinguish yourself from the crowd.

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