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Published :11 July 2024
Cyber Security

Data Leak Detection Software

Data Leak Detection Service

Data Leak Detection Software

Osiz, the top Cyber Security Solution Development Company safeguards your vital infrastructure against online attacks, and enhances internal security procedures. We provide tight cyber security by our Cyber Asset Protection Security Solution which secures the assets. Our data leakage detection software identifies and prevents unauthorized access, creates and deploys high-end technologies to facilitate mitigation steps to address risks. Our software monitors network traffic and log files, which also employs various techniques such as signature-based detection, partial document matching, statistical analysis, and machine learning algorithms to identify data breaches. We have a team of 500+ experts and 15 years of experience with a proven track record in cyber security who can take necessary action in software giving alert to users or administrators to remediate risks. Our solution is useful for organizations that handle massive amounts of sensitive information, like financial institutions, healthcare providers, and government agencies.

Our Data Leak Detection Solutions

Many cyber criminals use digital platforms like paste sites, code repositories, and deep and dark web forums to mine and share leaked or stolen data. If it’s malicious or accidental, you need our help to stop data leakage before it causes a bigger problem. Our Data leak prevention software helps you safeguard proprietary and sensitive information from adversaries, keeping data confidentially out of untrustworthy environments.

Identify Credential Compromise At The Source
Our software detects indicators of compromise(IOCs) and gets details of attackers, whether inside or outside an organization.

Rapidly Identify Breaches
Our software receives automated alerts for any sensitive data that is leaked or stolen from your organization.

Protect Customer Data From Targeted Exploits
We secure PII and customer credentials from data breaches and exploits to maintain customer trust and loyalty.

Dark Web Monitoring
We focus on visibility into dark web forums, chatrooms, and sites to quickly identify leaked information and targeted attack planning.

Brand Protection
We protect your organization, reputation, and revenue against attacks like phishing, impersonations, fraud and piracy.

Executive Protection
Our specialists protect personal data against spear phishing, impersonations, account hacking, violence threats and more.

Features of our Data Leak Protection Software

  • Third-Party Data Leak Protection - Cyber criminals are taking advantage of 3rd-party vulnerabilities to reach target systems.  Our software proactively identifies vulnerabilities in the supply chain to prevent third-party data breaches. Organizations should adopt this solution to minimize the risk of data breaches.
  • Variety of Data Leak Sources - Data leakage can occur anywhere on the internet. Our comprehensive data leak detection solution leverages open source intelligence (OSINT) and threat intelligence techniques to identify leaked information across surface, deep, and dark web. Common data leak sources are Online file stores, Databases, CDNs, Document sharing sites, Paste sites, Online code repositories.
  • Expert Support - Our fully-automated data leak solutions discover many false positives which may be considered by organizations to implement a fully-managed solution which helps in streamlining internal and third-party data leak remediation workflow of cybersecurity analysts.
  • Complete Attack Surface Visibility - Our early data leak detection helps organizations avoid serious data breaches, but prevents data leaks altogether. 

Data leak detection can be paired with a complete attack surface management tool to identify internal and third-party cyber threats to avoid data leaks and breaches.

Benefits of Data Leak Detection Software 

1. Prevent Data Breaches - Data breaches are a cybersecurity threat for all organizations. Hence, organizations should have strong information about security practices, but some weak links in the supply chain won’t help.

2. Prioritize Risk Remediation - Our software identifies specific datasets which are publicly exposed. Our team can easily identify high risk leaks based on the information provided by our solution.

3. Cost Efficiency - Our data leak detection software automates the data leakage detection process. We can fine-tune the search for targeted keywords, resulting in less time spent sifting through false positives. Since data breaches cost millions of dollars in recovery costs and times, our data leak detection software provides a return on investment.

4. Third-Party Risk Management - Our advanced data leak detection solution notifies you when your organization’s sensitive data is exposed to the internet.

5. Prevent Future Data Leaks - Our software shows how an organization’s data was exposed. We use this information to enact better endpoint data leakage prevention and data loss prevention (DLP) strategies to prevent future data leaks.

Why choose Osiz for Data Leak Detection ?

Osiz, the enterprise cybersecurity development company offers complete data leak prevention and detection capabilities through specialized data leak detection techniques and continuous attack surface monitoring. We help healthcare, finance, technology and other industries prevent data breaches, data leaks and third-party security incidents. Osiz experts proved a comprehensive solution that empowers businesses to assess and manage digital risks effectively.  Our team helps you identify risks related to IT and cybersecurity with Data leak detection software. We give you a clear and real-time view of risks and obligations customized to your business priorities by easy understanding.

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