Published: 22 January, 2021


Build your Decentralized protocols like DEX, Token, Dapp, Hyip, Smart-contract over Binance Smart chain Blockchain.

Binance Chain is a blockchain project from the world’s top cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. It was primarily set up to help them build decentralized applications on top of the chain on which users can buy and sell digital assets. The famous Binance DEX (Decentralized Exchange) runs on the Binance chain with its own secure crypto wallet. However, Binance Chain had a tough time in figuring out ways to sort its scalability issues and the platform fee. And that paved way for the all-new Binance Smart Chain. 
Of late, Binance Smart Chain development projects are on the rise owing to the platform’s stability and compatibility. Osiz Technologies helps enterprises and startups in building dApps and other crypto platforms on Binance Smart Chain. 

How does Binance Smart Chain operate

The working of the Binance Smart Chain is dependent on these two mechanisms


In Binance Smar Chain advancement, clients use a proof-of-stake (POS) agreement calculation to stake BNB for checks on the stage. For each legitimate positive square, they acquire a prize from the organization. 

Cross-Chain compatibility

Binance Smart Chain was created to work freely however as a corresponding framework to the current Binance Chain. With the possibility of double chain design, a smooth resource move was executed between the blockchain through the cross-chain similarity measure.

Here’s an overview of how Binance Smart Chain benefits entrepreneurs.  

The Role of Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain is a parallel blockchain network built by Binance to support a variety of decentralized applications. It’s an ideal network for developers to create smart contracts. Binance Smart Chain retains all the functionalities of Binance Chain, except it increases scalability level and performance standard by enabling the support of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Binance Smart Chain is called a ‘parallel blockchain’ that brings programmability to the Binance Chain network. 

How does Binance Smart Chain benefit the community?

Cross-chain Transfer & Communication

The cross-chain transfer of data makes Binance Smart Chain easier and comfortable to use. 
In Binance Smart Chain, as stated in their whitepaper, 
  1. users are free to create any tokenization, financial products, and digital assets on BSC or BC as they wish
  2. the items on BSC can be manually and programmatically traded and circulated in a stable, high throughput, lighting fast and friendly environment of BC
  3. users can operate these in one UI and tooling ecosystem. 

Standalone Blockchain

Instead of a layer-2 solution, Binance Smart Chain is a stand-alone blockchain network, which is a self-contained network that can run well even amidst any issues.

Compatibility with Ethereum

Since Ethereum is known for its ability to build dApps and create smart contracts, Binance Smart Chain has been developed on the Ethereum network to make use of its wide functionality. Hence, most of the ethereum dApps and other components of their ecosystems can very well operate on Binance Smart Chain.  

Proof-of-Staking Consensus Mechanism

Proof of staking is found to fare better than the conventional proof-of-work mechanism. It helps in increasing the blocking time and higher transaction capacity. Also, proof of staking consensus eases the governance protocol of the system. 

Block Time

The ultimate aim of the Binance Smart Chain is to reduce the block time, lesser than that of Ethereum ie., five seconds. So, imagine the level of scalability in the Binance smart chain. 


A strategy employed by Ethereum to negate the inflation issue is collecting block rewards from gas fees and the gas being paid in their native BNB coins.

What are the different projects being operated on Binance Smart Chain? 

  • AnySwap
  • Arkane Network
  • BakerySwap
  • Bitqurey
  • Proxima 
  • PancakeSwap
  • They were selected on the following criteria:
  • Overall vision
  • Team viability 
  • Product viability 
  • Execution ability

Contribution to the overall blockchain ecosystem

Features That Can Be Integrated In A Blockchain With Binance Smart Chain

Create/ Unlock Wallet

Binance Chain program expansion can be utilized to send and get assets on Binance Chain, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum. This augmentation can be incorporated with other Binance Chain items, which can be helpful for validation and exchange without admittance to clients, private keys. A code should be added to deal with the correspondence between the web applications and augmentations naturally.


Synthetix is a manufactured resource convention. It empowers clients to loan or secure Synthetix Network Token (SNX). Synthetix permits clients to utilize an assortment of resource types as their favored loaning strategy on the DeFi stage. 


Binance Chain has its own in-constructed administration chain that permits the BNB holders to offer recommendations for expansion of exchanging sets. 


Staking is of two types

Locked Staking - at the point when clients lock their BNB tokens for a fixed timeframe and can't open it until the due time. They acquire an interest in it. 

Flexible Staking - At the point when clients lock their BNB tokens and have the freedom to open and get it any time they need. They acquire interest on the put away token. 

Token Management - Token administration comprises the issuance of tokens. An Issuance is an exchange used to make new resources. An issuance exchange comprises Symbol, Token URI, Token Type, Total inventory, Owner, and Mintable. 

Our Services offered on the Binance Smart Chain network 

BSC-based DEX Development 

Build your decentralized exchange like Binance DEX on Binance Smart chain blockchain network with complete automation. Owing to its scalability and high-performance level, decentralized exchanges are sure to hold a higher level of traders and trading capacity than conventional exchanges. With complete decentralization, the decentralized exchange can promote high liquidity for the platform and trust among your audience too. 

Blockchain Network Development

Build your exclusive blockchain network like the Binance Smart chain with rigid security protocols. It helps you build your own community and you can build as many applications you wish on top of your blockchain network. 

Token Development

BNB is the native token of the Binance Smart Chain. It acts as the gateway to all the components of its ecosystem. Similarly, you can develop and launch your token based on ERC-20 standards for your network and other platforms. 

Smart Contract Development

The compatibility with Ethereum has eased the process of creating smart contracts for developers. So, create smart contracts from Binance Smart Chain and automate your platform operation with the utmost efficiency. 

dApp Development

The primary use-case of Binance Smart Chain is to support the building of highly scalable decentralized applications. Hence, launch your powerful Binance Smart Chain based dApps on the BSC network and distinguish your platform from the rest. 

HYIP Development 

Developing a decentralized investment platform (or) HYIP platform on an emerging network of Binance (Binance Smart Chain) is sure to gain attention and credibility among the investors. So, deploy your HYIP platform on the Binance Smart chain and 

MLM Platform Development

Multi-level marketing platforms tend to perform better than most ventures because it benefits all the parties involved forever. Upgrading your MLM business (or) creating one from scratch on a Binance Smart Chain with 100% decentralization can take your initiative off to higher levels because of automation, blockchain, and transparency.

Revenue Model of Binance Smart Chain

Like Binance, other top cryptocurrency exchanges have started to build their own blockchain network. This is a part of their revenue model because, with an exclusive blockchain network, you get to expand the range of applications built and widen the global user base. Beyond a blockchain network, releasing native components like native tokens and other in-house applications can further increase the authenticity of the entire ecosystem. 

Why Osiz Technologies for services based on Binance Smart Chain?

Osiz Technologies, a leading blockchain development company, has delivered more than 100+ blockchain applications, and have happy clients around the globe. We have a pool of developers who are experts in developing decentralized applications on any blockchain including Binance Smart Chain. If you wish to start your decentralized business venture on Binance Smart Chain, you’re most welcome to strategize with us.  
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