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Published :28 June 2024
Cyber Security

Deep and Dark Web Monitoring Services

Deep and Dark Web Monitoring

Osiz's deep and dark web monitoring services assist organizations in assessing their digital risk exposure, covering breached data, compromised credentials, threat actor targeting, and online security vulnerabilities. Our experienced cyber professionals employ specialized tools to scan inaccessible data sources like password-protected repositories, encrypted networks, social media, underground marketplaces, and threat actor communication platforms. Our reports provide actionable insights for mitigating identified threats effectively. 

Dark Web vs Deep Web

The deep web encompasses parts of the internet not indexed by search engines, while the dark web is a subset requiring specialized software for access. Although the former is primarily utilized for lawful daily internet activity, the latter is more anonymous and has a reputation for hosting criminal transactions.

Here are some other important differences between the dark and deep web:

  • You must use a password to access the deep web, whereas the dark web requires the Tor Project or a comparable browser.

  • The deep web is substantially larger than the black web because it includes content that search engines do not index.

How Deep and Dark Monitoring Protects Your Business?

Data Breach Detection:

Osiz's AI-enabled deep web monitoring tools detect malicious activities on dark web networks, safeguarding your credentials and sensitive data. By scanning the dark, deep, and open web for early signs of attacks, these tools shorten your time to mitigate (TTM) and implement effective countermeasures.

Wide-Coverage Threat Detection:

Cybercriminals on the deep and dark web use encrypted browsers to create anonymous identities, making them difficult to track with standard anti-theft solutions. Osiz's monitoring services provide real-time alerts for criminal activities targeting your employees, assets, systems, and resources, enabling prompt protective actions.

Actionable Advance Alerts:

Continuous dark web monitoring is essential to anticipate and mitigate potential attacks effectively. Awareness of planned attacks allows for early action. Osiz's solution customizes services to the unique needs of each client, delivering precise warnings of emerging risks. Once sensitive information is compromised, recovery is challenging, making early detection vital.

How the Dark Web and Deep Web Work

Dark web monitoring proactively detects attacks before they occur, leveraging various techniques to gather, analyze, evaluate, and deliver actionable intelligence.


Collect intelligence through scraping, APIs, manual collection, and other methods across deep and dark web sources including TOR, I2P, ZeroNet, and paste sites.


Utilize AI classifiers and advanced analysis models like Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze thousands of posts, uncover leaked data, and detect relevant attack discussions.


Assess risks, vulnerabilities, and malicious activities affecting executives, brands, customers, and vendors, providing expert advice on enhancing security operations.


Provide high-quality alerts, vetted by a Security Operations Center, about illegal sharing of customer information, login credentials, personal identification information, or any other fraudulent activity.

Features of Dark and Deep Monitoring 

Flexible Monitoring: Adaptable monitoring solutions that can be customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of your organization, ensuring comprehensive coverage and protection.

Multitier and Multitenant Support: Provides support for multiple tiers and tenants, allowing for scalable and efficient monitoring across different levels of your organization and various user groups.

Experienced SOC Professionals: A team of seasoned Security Operations Center professionals dedicated to detecting, analyzing, and responding to cybersecurity threats in real-time.

Early Breach Detection: Early identification of security breaches, allows your organization to implement countermeasures swiftly and minimize potential damage.

Compromised Card Detection: Monitoring and identifying compromised payment cards to prevent fraud and protect your financial transactions from unauthorized access.

Compromised Endpoints: Detecting and addressing compromised endpoints, such as computers and mobile devices, to ensure the integrity and security of your network.

Business Benefits of Deep and Dark Web Monitoring

Here are the business benefits of utilizing deep and dark web monitoring services from Osiz:

  • 24/7 surveillance

  • Protects stakeholders

  • Undermines risks

  • Prevents data breach

  • Early Threat Detection

  • Real-Time Alerts 

  • Brand Protection

  • Incident Response Improvement 

Ways to Protect Your Business Information from the Dark Web

Here are several steps to help prevent your company's sensitive data from being exposed on the dark web:

Step 1: Use Strong Passwords and Change Them Regularly:

Many employees reuse the same password multiple times, which compromises account security. To mitigate this risk, employees should change their passwords every 30–90 days and ensure each account has a strong, unique password. A password manager can help by storing and encrypting login information with a master password, which is the only one the user needs to remember.

Step 2: Browse Securely:

Allowing employees to browse the internet is essential for modern business operations, but it can expose the company to security risks. To protect web browsing, install or update security software, such as firewalls, anti-spam filters, anti-spyware, and anti-virus programs, on all company computers and network devices.

Step 3: Safeguard Information:

When alerted by a dark web monitoring tool that your company's information is on the dark web, act quickly to minimize the impact:

  • Notify relevant individuals and departments immediately.

  • Monitor for unauthorized changes, such as suspicious purchases or messages.

  • Test and assess your company's applications, network, and third-party website policies for vulnerabilities.

  • Implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) for compatible applications.

  • Ensure multiple backups are maintained, with at least one stored offsite.

Is It Possible To Remove Information From The Dark Web?

A loud Yes.

In many circumstances, executives, law enforcement, political leaders, and media personalities may find their information on the dark web. This could include personal contact information, passwords, or other sensitive data that poses cybersecurity threats. The risk of extortion or ransomware attacks increases if such information is not removed.

Through the deep and expansive partnerships of Osiz, we can collaborate with clients to scrub sensitive information from the dark web, as well as from social media. Every scenario is unique, but Osiz remains your dedicated partner in these situations.

Collaborate for Deep and Dark Monitoring Services With Osiz

Osiz, the world-class leading Cybersecurity Consulting Company uses advanced tools and techniques to address the possible risk in your organization. Our expert team uses advanced tools to detect and mitigate digital risks, ensuring your organization's sensitive information remains protected from cyber threats. Enhance your security posture with Osiz's proactive monitoring solutions. 

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