Published: 13 July, 2022

Semi Fungible Token Development Company - Osiz Technologies

Osiz is a semi-fungible token development company that offers semi-fungible token development services, that provide result-oriented semi-fungible tokens for your businesses. We provide ethereum tokens services like ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-777, and ERC-1155 that are tailored to your business needs.

Semi Fungible Token Development Company - Osiz Technologies

Semi-Fungible Token Development

A Semi fungible token development platform can perform the work of creating multi-faceted semi-fungible tokens easily which exhibit both fungibility as well as non-fungibility. The gas fees for transactions get lower since only smart contracts are used to complete the whole transaction.

With the ability of Osiz 's experts to adapt to emerging technologies. It is only imminent that SFT development can only get easier for them with the sheer experience with blockchains. Osiz provides you with end-to-end SFT token development services so that you can use a single smart contract to represent multiple tokens at once.

What is a Semi-Fungible Token?

A Semi fungible token possesses the properties of both fungible and non-fungible tokens and that is what makes it even more interesting. A semi-fungible token remains fungible until it is used for a specific purpose. Initially, an SFT would be fungible where a token can be exchanged for another with the same value, after which it becomes NFT while remembering its attributes. These are the newer extension of the current blockchain-based applications and aim to combat the shortcomings of the existing applications. 

Advantages of Semi-Fungible Crypto Token

Offers Flexibility- SFT has a competitive advantage over its competitors in the gaming sector because its nature is more flexible. 

Tradbility- Due to Semi fungible tokens having both fungibility and non-fungibility built into them, the trade of fractionalized assets is made possible which is viewed as a benefit.  

Easy creation- SFT development becomes simpler for developers because SFTs are already being constructed on the active ethereum network utilizing the accessible EIP-721. 

Fungibility after trading - An SFT can be easily exchanged between exchanges and is guaranteed to have liquidity and retains its fungibility even after being traded from the original owner. 

Multi-use token- A SFT can be used to confirm the characteristics of a customized product and can be both fungible beforehand and NFT after redemption.

Why SFT Development Services?

The representation of asset ownership in the digital world was altered by NFTs. 
NFTs enable users to express asset ownership in a secure, transparent, and immutable manner. However, it takes time and is ineffective to transfer a whole collection of NFTs.As a result, the next generation multi-token standard, SFT development is growing in acceptance.  

As it allows both NFT and fungible tokens, creating semi-fungible tokens makes batch token transfers simpler. Different kinds of NFTs are made using a single contract which lower gas costs.
People like artists, gamers, and brands can take advantage of the ability of SFTs to combine many tokens into one contract with the help of our team. This reduces expenses while also making token handling simpler.

Usecase of SFTs 

  • Event tickets -While events and concerts take up a lot of spectators and fandoms metal space. the excitement of buying and possessing priceless tickets cannot be forgotten. Allowing for the production of the special tickets so that SFT can draw in a wide range of fandoms.

  • Voucher coupons -Receiving gift cards and voucher coupons provide an experience for prestigious consumers. Users can also create their coupons in this case. These coupons will be fungible before gift redemption and NFTs after redemption.

  • In-game assets - The gaming business still holds a special place in gamers' hearts so permitting SFT development for in-game assets is undoubtedly beneficial. Examples of SFT minted items include gaming utilities, money, and assets like weapons.

How to create an SFT?

A Semi fungible token or SFT can be minted using Ethereum's ERC-1155 standard. The combination of ERC 20 and 21 is what makes 1155 that create a unique item in every instance. 
The blockchain game developers -The sandbox, horizon games, and Enjin created the standard and developed SFT with a combination of fungible and non-fungible token standards in 2017.
Unlike NFTs, where each new transaction necessitates a different contract, it enables the production of the token with a single smart contract. The gaming business benefits most from SFT creation since fungible tokens are utilized for transactions. 

How do our services benefit your business?

  • Branding- The value of your brand is increased by having your cryptocurrency. It establishes your professional appearance, giving you the upper hand over your rivals. 

  • Popular- Tokens can be utilized in incentive programs and airdrops to promote your business. More people will signup as a result of increasing the user base. 

  • Exchange-Earned tokens can be exchanged or sold on cryptocurrency exchanges. They are a great long-term investment that appreciates over time. 

Future of SFTs 

  • The attention-seeking existence of SFTs has brought about a significant change in this technological era. 

  • Semi-fungible tokens have largely overcome the shortcomings of the previous NFTs by merging into top-tier industries like games and the arts.

  •  As a result, the future of SFTs is quite promising, and entering this promising industry is a  good move with tremendous effects.

  • Therefore, purchase our Semi fungible token development solutions to enter this fast-paced industry. 

Why Osiz for Semi fungible token development?

Osiz is a prominent SFT blockchain development company that has been in the operation since the first significant developments in the cryptocurrency market. Our experienced developers have observed how everything in the cryptocurrency world has been developed and have been using what they have discovered. 

Our Semi-fungible token development services use the essential standards and development procedures to incorporate cutting-edge technology into your SFT tokens. We thrive in the face of every difficulty, and we work hard to produce the best goods for your Semi fungible token development. You can depend on the crew of technical professionals at Osiz who have real-world experience building success stories. 
Make your own Semi fungible token by contacting our specialists. 

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