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Binance clone script

Binance clone script is a white-label exchange software that contains all the unique trading tools and functionalities that Binance offers. You can easily create and deploy a feature-rich cryptocurrency exchange platform with the aid of our Binance clone. Our Binance clone script has been completely designed, created, tested, and verified by professionals.

We at Osiz offer a white-label binance clone script that uses the most up-to-date technical tools and technologies. Our binance clone was created specifically for cryptocurrency business owners who want to launch a magnificent crypto trading platform similar to binance. Our binance clone script allows for customization, so you can modify any features you'd want or add anything else in accordance with your business goals. Our white-label binance clone script features a fantastic UI and API

White Label Binance Clone Script

White Label Binance Clone Script is a ready-made software that enables you to launch your own cryptocurrency exchange. It is a software that is adaptable and enables you to customize the exchange platform and design them in accordance with your business needs and ethical principles. It has a number of business-specific features as well as security advantages that give your users an exciting experience when trading and exchanging on your platform. It is recommended to launch your cryptocurrency business on a white label exchange like Binance rather than from scratch as it offers several advantages and features

With our fully functional white-label Binance platform, you may launch your cryptocurrency trading platform similar to Binance in a week!

Standout features of the Binance clone script

Match Engine

Our binance clone script has a high-performance matching engine activated so that your users may execute trades more quickly and effectively. It also offers scalable solutions for users

Spot Trading

By putting buy/sell orders that are matched by the lightning-fast matching engine, the buyer and seller can conduct instant cryptocurrency trading securely by using this feature.

Margin Trading

Margin trading enables your users to trade crypto assets without taking any risks by borrowing money from the admin. Therefore, by utilizing the investment, your users can enhance their profit.

Future trading

Future trading, which enables your users to purchase and sell assets in the future at a fixed price and at a defined time on a specific date or without an expiration date, is the main feature of our Binance clone script.

P2P trading

To offer the finest trading experience, we enabled p2p cryptocurrency trading in our script. By selecting their preferred buy/sell ads or by publishing buy/sell ads depending on their preferences, your users can carry out secure crypto trading.

OTC trading

By eliminating the requirement for users to browse the order book, our Binance clone script enables immediate cryptocurrency trading for your users. Users can trade cryptocurrencies with their preferred payment methods.

Security features of our binance clone script

2 Factor Authentication

In order to conduct trading activities without being concerned about threats, we designed our Binance clone script with additional security-enriched features like two-factor authentication.

Verification of KYC/AML

Our Binance clone scripts have successfully incorporated this option to prevent theft and tax evasion. This serves as a crucial requirement for stopping money laundering and other related practices.

Jail log-in

This security feature protects cryptocurrency exchangers. Its ability to block unwanted access while someone tries to enter the platform is a noteworthy feature.

Multi-Signature Wallet

Our Binance clone script defines the multi-sig wallet as the primary role factor, requiring two or more private keys to have a secure login and finance transactions.

Anti-DDoS prevention

The most essential component of a trading platform is anti-DDoS protection, which we have successfully added to guard against potential harm and security concerns.

Encryption of data

This option emphasizes the highest level of security by limiting access to the exchange platform to authorized individuals and encoding all data.

Want to start your own exchange platform like Binance? Our Binance Clone Script can make it happen!

Binance Clone App Development

Binance has a dedicated mobile trading app for all users of cryptocurrencies. If you are launching your own cryptocurrency exchange, then creating a feature-rich crypto exchange software like binance will be advantageous for your business. It is not sufficient to just create the exchange website if you are a new cryptocurrency exchange development company and want to stand out from the crowd. Hence, we are providing the best binance clone app creation services with first-rate results.

You can use our service to start a high quality Binance clone app with a captivating user experience. Our Binance clone app creation service combines all the newest features with cutting-edge security technologies to encrypt and secure your app.

How beneficial is our Binance clone script?

Reduces Time

The ready-made Binance clone will save you more time than building a cryptocurrency exchange from scratch


When compared to the cost of building from scratch, anyone may purchase a Binance clone script with complete customization and in a short amount of time.

Completely customizable

Since the platform can be completely customized, users can make it even more special to suit their demands.

Quicker transaction

Our Binance copy's high TPS ratio makes it popular. Even bigger transactions can now be finished in a split-second due to this capability.


Our feature-rich exchange platform, which is modeled after Binance, provides a variety of trading choices for experienced, intermediate, and even new traders.

Listing multiple coins

You can list more than 500 cryptocurrencies, tokens, and stable coins with our white-label Binance clone, depending on your business demands.

How to Create a Crypto Exchange Like Binance ?



Following the collection of your criteria, we develop a strategy for properly executing your ideas. That creates the best solution to suit your business needs.


Technical phase

Following development, it enhances the power by implementing technical workflows that include payment options, escrow, wallet integrations, security measures, and more.


Setup & Support

We can deploy and activate the official exchange platform after testing. By getting input and adding new features, we can improve or maintain the platform.


Requirements gathering

We examine and compile your business needs, including the kind of transaction, the intended audience, and whether you intend to run it for an extended period of time.


Develop & Design

Following development, it enhances the power by implementing technical workflows that include payment options, escrow, wallet integrations, security measures, and more.



After development, the platform is tested for security, wallet and API improvements, performance, and trade engines to produce an error-free exchange platform.

Create your own trading platform and enjoy the benefits of the booming cryptocurrency market with Binance Clone Script.

Technologies used

Our script was entirely created using cutting-edge technologies,

How are we unique from others?

If you're looking for a skilled development team to create a crypto exchange platform, then Osiz must be an exceptional option and offer assistance even after the product is delivered. By obtaining the highest ROI, our trained professional services and high-quality products boost your business revenue.

With the scalable, and reliable of the binance clone script, our team of blockchain engineers will help you shape your business. They have more than 13+ years of combined expertise in the blockchain industry.

  • Cost-effective services
  • Offers you to earn a huge Profit
  • Round the clock support
  • Customizable exchange platform
  • Accelerated growth
  • Effective outcomes

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