What is Binance Clone Script?

Binance clone script is a website clone script that is well-designed, developed, multi-tested, and ready to deploy the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange similar to Binance. This script has holds all the existing features (Admin, User, and Security) of Binance. We also provide white label binance clone software that can be customized based on your requirements. Crypto Enthusiast can launch your own Binance like crypto exchange with our ready-made Binance clone script.  

Premium Features of Our Binance Clone Script

DEX- Decentralized Trading:

Integrated decentralized trading peculiarities for your traders to trade cryptos efficiently by having full access to the assets.

Liquidity Swap:

Live trade details, and provides potential trade signals and allows the traders trade with approved tether coins and stable coins.


Staking allows you to stake coins immediately from your crypto wallet and stake their desired assets and earn rewards.

Cryptocurrency Loans:

Traders can acquire mortgages spontaneously by giving crypto assets as security with high-end security and lower interest rates. 

P2P Trading:

Peer to Peer trading allows the users to buy/sell Cryptos instantly and even through fiat currencies as per the market value at that time.

Launchpad / IEO:

Provides Launchpad to list the tokens and cryptos over your Exchange platform.

Extended Trade View:

The Extended Trade view provides a complete view for traders to obtain the exact status of the trading and helps in planning future tradings.

Integrated Trading Bot:

An integrated trading bot helps the traders to place the order and helps in crypto tradings.

Matching Engine:

The powerful Trade Match engine is developed by embracing an active order allocation algorithm. Provides various orders like Market order, Limit order, Stop order, and Stop-Limit order.

Security Features of Our Binance Clone Script

  • Secure data encryption
  • Registry lock
  • Anti DDoS Modules
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Multi-Sig Wallet Integration
  • Escrow Enabled Application
  • Secure cold wallet storage
  • Content Security Policy

Binance DEX Clone Script Development

Binance DEX clone script is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange clone script in which traders can buy/sell cryptos in a trading platform that omits the necessities of a middleman to execute the trade. The updated version of the cryptocurrency trading scripts operates with their Blockchain like Binance DEX. The powerful blockchain engine of Binance DEX clone, Tendermint Core, facilitates rapid trading and execution. 

Features Of Our Binance DEX Clone Script

  • Decentralized Order Book
  • 150+ Cryptocurrencies Support
  • Instant Buy & Sell Bitcoins
  • Two Factor authentication
  • Crypto Wallet Support
  • Fiat-Crypto Exchange

Binance Clone App Development

Want to build your own crypto exchange app successful like Binance? Then, there’s nothing better than developing a complete Binance Clone app development solution that is considered the future of trading applications. Osiz Technologies develop a fully integrated custom Binace Clone App that contains all primary and existing features. Our dedicated team of developers knows what exactly it needs to develop a crypto exchange app like Binance. Whether you run a small or big-scale crypto business, use our Binance Clone App Development services to develop your own crypto exchange app like Binance that uplifts your business to the next level.

Our Binance clone app development solutions come with fast-performing and high-quality trading options that support both Android &IOS devices. Your users can exchange all the supported digital assets of Binance through this Binance clone app via their smartphone.

Trading multiple cryptocurrencies by using the Binance clone app will be simple for your users. Currently, most people use smartphones so they can execute crypto trading at any time from anywhere. Developing a Binance clone app along with your crypto exchange websites will be an added benefit for your cryptocurrency exchange business. 

Premium Features of Our Binance Clone app

  • Geo-location tracking
  • Encrypted live chat
  • Inbuilt Digital Wallet
  • Advanced UI/UX Design
  • Buy/Sell Features
  • Login / Registration
  • Complete Transaction History
  • Merchant API
  • Exchange Price Tracker
  • Advanced/Basic Trading interfaces
  • PIN Lock Features
  • Multi- Cryptocurrency Supported
  • Margin Trading
  • Features Trading
  • Multiple Payment Integrations
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Fingerprint access features
  • Auto Withdrawal limit
  • Secure wallet
  • Real-time updates
  • And more

Why Choose Our Binance Clone Script?

Osiz - A leading Binance Clone Script Development Company that provides the best Binance clone script that helps you to earn more revenue without investing more. We incorporate all the existing features available in the Binance as well as more additional featured with the more secured. By purchasing Binance clone scripts from us, you will get Benefits like 

Latest Technology:


We tend to develop your crypto Exchange platform with cutting-edge solutions and the latest technologies to provide higher efficiency.


Responsive Support:


We provide 24/7 support to our clients from Analysis, planning, designing, developing, deploying, and after launching your Crypto Exchange you can get experts help.




Our Readymade Binance Clone Script provides all the futuristic features for your exchange and reduces time and costs.


Want to launch your exchange platform Like Binance? Get a free demo (or) speak out to our team and share your business requirements with us here.

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Disclaimer: Osiz Technologies never mastery the Binance and their trademark as well as we never undergo any promotional activities for them. Simply, we are utilizing the term Binance to identify and understand easily. This is to note that, our products and services never harm an individual and organization.

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FAQ for Binance Clone Script

You should start an exchange like Binance because it’s a popular crypto exchange with the highest trading volume of $46,569,936,445 USD and generates high ROI.

Osiz technologies is a crypto exchange development company having highly skilled developers with 10 years of expertise in cryptocurrency solutions.

DEX- Decentralized Trading

Liquidity Swap


Cryptocurrency Loans

Launchpad / IEO

Integrated Trading Bot,etc

The Cost of developing an exchange like Binance using Binance Clone Script varies with business functionalities required by the client.

You can start an exchange like Binance with a readymade Binance Clone script & customize the exchange platform as per your business requirements.