Published: 17 May, 2021

BEP20 Token Development Company - Create Your Own BEP20 Token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

As everyone well knows, Binance Smart Chain is to blockchains, likewise, Bitcoin is to cryptocurrencies. Even though Binance Smart Chain does not hold much fame like Bitcoin, it is still reasoned as the crypto world’s superhero.

BEP20 Token Development Company - Create Your Own BEP20 Token  on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

As everyone well knows, Binance Smart Chain is to blockchains, likewise, Bitcoin is to cryptocurrencies. Even though Binance Smart Chain does not hold much fame like Bitcoin, it is still reasoned as the crypto world’s superhero.

Generally, the Binance Smart Chain blockchain lets you build your own cryptocurrency or token. These can be purchased using Ether, which is considered the native cryptocurrency of the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. On the other hand, the tokens and their attributes are characterized by the standard which is normally known as the BEP-20 standard. All the tokens need to be amenable to the BEP-20 standard created on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. To mention, this compliance assures hassle-free transactions deprived of any hiccups.

BEP20 Token Development:

Token Development is the production of a token working on Binance Smart Chain, which promptly adds to the members effectively looking for the help of the Binance Chain for the compelling observation of their Crypto money-related approaches.

BEP20 Token Development Company:

We Osiz Technologies the Pioneer BEP20 Token Development Company develop the benchmark BEP20 tokens for the optimal users of the Binance Smart Chain for managing their Crypto Assets, coins, and Tokens. The BEP20 appears as a base token paving way for the development of Tokens for future use through its ability to offer compliance with Multiple other existing frameworks. 

Why is BEP20 Trending? 

The Binance Smart Chain holds a lot of advantages to the end-clients, for example, 
the marking BNB, validators return advantages, and Cross-chain similarity across networks. The BSC is an ideal spot for merchants to make the exchange. 

The central quality of the Binance Smart Chain is its capacity to work according to the Proof of Stake agreement calculation, which measures numerous validators rather than excavators as on account of conventional agreement calculations. 

Features of BEP20 Token Development 

1. Fast Transactions and High Scalability 

The intention of creating BEP-20 tokens is to deliver transactions so fast within seconds. Binance Chain is detectable only after exploring that this native token is fast.

2. Low Transaction Fees 

You may let users transact your tokens without paying massive gas fees like on the Ethereum network by developing a BEP20 token.

3. Entirely Decentralized Solutions

It is entirely decentralized so quick trading of BEP-20 tokens is achievable and requires very little effort.

4. No Intermediaries

Tokens are legal for exchanging so it doesn't need any intermediaries for sharing an asset.

5. Cross-chain Compatible 

BEP20 coins are compatible with binance chains (bep2 coins). using your basic wallet, you can effortlessly switch between the two networks like Binance chain and binance smart chains.

6. Smart Contract 

Smart-contract-based applications support a Binance Smart Chain (BSC). As BSC's smart contract can support a large number of transactions, a self-executing of trades happens to carry out the trade.

7. Dual Chain Architecture

The bep20 token development can offer assent with both available networks of Binance chain and binance smart chain 

8. POS and DPOS Support 

The platform is developed making use of bep20 as the basic unit of transaction lead to contributed supporting both POS (proof of stake) and DPOS (Distributed of proof of stake)

9. Exchange Listings 

The BEP-20 token standard has become very popular. As a result, most of the leading cryptocurrency and bitcoin exchanges easily list the BEP-20 tokens, etc.

Create your BEP20 Token:

Make BEP20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain displaying its nature of administration, token stamping, and token consuming systems in corresponding with the BNB which is the base cash of the Binance Smart Chain. 

The BEP 20 Tokens are created to show the decentralized financial administrations through the Peer-to-Peer monetary frameworks conveying perpetual help to the broad Smart Chain organization. 

How to Create a BEP20 Token?

To create your token on Binance Smart Chain, you came to the right place. We are the Osiz Technologies Binance Smart Chain Development company. 

Before going to develop the token, In this below section, the list of basic things are mentioned you must want to know for creating your token on the Binance Chain

1) Token Name – For example, Bitcoin
2) Token Symbol – For example BTC
3) Initial supply – For example 20 Million
4) Decimal places – 8 decimal places

The BEP-20 token can be created with the below settings:

1) Token Burn

If you are planning to build a burn model tokens that need to be worked upon at the begin time at designing

2) Token Mint

In this token mint, the users can mint BEP-20 tokens designed initially with a non-fixed total supply, allowing the token owner to “mint” a lot of BEP20 tokens. 

3) Token Pause

In the token pause, users can stop many operations like spend, mint, and burn for a specific time. This feature can also be introduced in the design.

BEP20 Token Development Services:

BEP20 Token Development Services is completed in a bunch of consecutive advances starting from BEP20 Token Development on Binance Smart Chain, Wallet Integration, and Deployment into the mainnet. Our Binance Smart Chain Token Development Services is an interaction that requires more level of accuracy to show up toward the finished result. A lot of Technical Skillset and a more overwhelming openness into the Cryptosphere are needed in the development of the token.

i) Wallet Integration

The first step in developing any Crypto token for your business is wallet integration. The wallet integration is the base process that allows the participants to trade off their crypto assets effectively over the safe and secured framework.

ii) Multicoin Wallet

After the completion of the wallet integration process, the next step is to enable the operable wallet to deliver the optimal core functionalities over a specific operational framework. Since the BEP20 is operable over the Binance smart Chain, then the BSC is sorted out from the number of available frameworks and made to offer plenty of benefits to the end-users at an optimized mode.

iii) Deposit BNB

After finding out the wallet address the next but mandatory step is asset acceptance. The wallet starts compiling codes for Smart Contracts only after receiving the assets in the form of BNB, the Binance Network's base currency.

iv) Smart contract code compilation 

Binance Smart Chain delivers asset management systems making use of a Smart 
Contract powered Protocol. The Smart Contracts are a permanent set of solutions that offer non-volatility and immutability to the base process they are to be operated for, here the BSC-based BEP20 Tokens are developed with an extreme degree of stability. 

Why Solidity for Smart Contract Compilation? 

Solidity is a most trusted object-oriented design Language in recent trends offering inheritance properties allowing the developers to create abstract classes that interlink and implement strategies within the classes.

How do I Get BEP-20 Tokens for My Business?

Numerous token development companies provide token development services but you need to know the best token development company around the globe!. 

Osiz technologies is a leading bep20 token development company that provides complete token creation services and Our dedicated blockchain developers help the clients to create their token like BEP-20 on the Binance Smart Chain with an advanced technical future at an affordable price!

How Much does it Cost to Create a BEP20 Token?

Are you planning to start a BEP20 token business, the first thing that strikes in their mind is the BEP20 token development cost. 

Because the cost of launching a BEP20 token is too high developing on the Binance smart chain. 

Some of the common factors that decide the BEP20 token development cost under the Binance smart chain such as

  • BEP20 Business Model

  • Features of BEP20 token

  • The design of the BEP20 token

  • The number of BEP20 tokens wants to be created

  • Size of the BEP20 token development team

  • Which location do you need to establish the BEP20 token development service provider?

  • BEP20 token creation and testing

  • Distribution of tokens

  • Support and Maintenance

These above-mentioned points are the important factors that will calculate the BEP20 token development cost. 

We cannot estimate the exact price for creating BEP20 tokens on the Binance smart chain. If you need a stunning BEP20 token wallet for smartphones both Android and IOS. However, the BEP20 token creation cost will differ according to your business concepts. 

Why Osiz Technologies for BEP20 Token Development?

Osiz technologies is a leading BEP20 token development company, having more than 10+ years of expertise in Cryptocurrency development services. We have a pool of highly skilled developers having in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrency development. Our developers follow agile methodology to develop the cryptocurrency exchange development process. 

Call/Whatsapp: +91 9442164852

Telegram: Osiz_Tech

Skype: Osiz. tech


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