Published :11 February 2020
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Kick-Start Your Online Taxi/Cab Booking Business Like UberTaxi

 Kick-Start Your Online Taxi/Cab Booking Business Like UberTaxi

With the slight contrasting attributes, there exist several taxi rental services like Uber and Ola. That is they had no mobile app. The reason behind the enormous victory of Uber-like apps is the extended growth of the Internet. They had a keen vision of the future emerging technologies, Internet and well noticed the pivotal role of the internet in everyone’ s life which tempts them to employ the platform rightly and became unbeatable.

To point out, until there is enumerable competition for Uber and Ola. If you desire to initiate a taxi booking business, the evolving step is to buy a mobile app or a website. This is because, nowadays, everyone is using the internet nowadays and also the enhanced capital income which is being popular in a short span of time.

Fundamental Features

In general, the taxi booking app should comprise a world-class portfolio, to grab the user in the first look as the well-known proverb,” the first impression is the best impression. As per the First Impression Is the best Impression.”

Next to that, the fast and effortless login process is an essential thing. On the other hand, it is much better to set up the app in such a way that the user not even need to register it. For registration progress, the app should accumulate these progressing information like user - Name, Email Id, Mobile Number, Password.

User Dominant Features

In the main page, the user has the access to undergo these following actions simply

       1.  Search bar to choose their pickup and drop location.

       2.  GPS feature for locating the current place.

       3.  Add a detailed map view for the selected location to track the location of the cab.

       4.  Let the user choose the cab type.

1. Ride Details

The ride details in the cab booking script display all the details about the ride like when will the taxi pickup from the user location, the path to the destination and time taken to reach the destination. Hence, this will be much simpler for the user and the driver to know about their ride.

2. Driver and Wage Module

This trait will assist both the user and the admin to gain all the required details about the driver which let in what amount to be paid to the driver for a certain distance.

3. Location Tracking

The location Tracking in the cab booking app is used to track the driver and user location. If a ride booked by the user, this feature will display the countdowns until he/she got the service. In short, once the booking is confirmed, the driver’s location is shared with the user and the user’s location is shared with the driver which assists both of them to know each others’ location.  

4. Communicative Portal

This lets for both the user and the driver to communicate with each other in case of any confusion while reaching the location. To mention, with this communicative portal both the user and driver can communicate directly. If the driver needs to communicate the user and there is no communicative portal, just think what happens in these circumstances. The admin act as a bridge between the user and the driver for communication. To avoid this, the communicate portal trait is a worthy thing.

5. Secure Payment Gateway

The app also comprises payment gateway which remains so secured. To point out, the data which are entered by the customer for payment remains confidential. To mention that, the customer can also pay the wage by cash. Want to launch your Taxi Booking Business with ready-made Solutions.


Future of Taxi Booking Business

As per the census, the income of taxi administration in the U.S. from 2010 to 2015 has generated massive revenue and it will be expected to reach the extent of 2022. It is anticipated that the income of taxi administration in the U.S. will add up to roughly 2,841 million U.S. dollars by 2022.

So you no need to worry about initiating a taxi booking business. In this fast-moving world, everyone is in a need for a taxi or any other vehicle to travel. On the other hand, the prime reason to prefer online taxi booking is time-consuming and cost-effective.

Even there is a shining future in this business, it requires 100% dedication and satisfied service to the customers from you which in the sense, have a look at the following

    1. you have to be available to the customers by 24/7,

    2. Instant Available Service,

    3. Various Payment Gateway,

    4. Instant Access to Driver Information

    5. Live Tracking,

As well, if you furnish all these features and flexibilities, evidently you will get success in this business by doubling your profit.

Wanna build your own app like uber taxi your taxi booking business. Osiz technologies, a reputed mobile app development company is here to build your taxi booking app that comprises all these elemental features as well as unique features that will gonna take your business to the extent level in the ride-hailing industry. Stick with us for any queries

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