Big Data, Cloud, High Load

Leverage your large volume of complex business data, and get valuable insights to make the right business decision.

Data Analytic Service Company in Madurai India

Osiz technologies provide Big Data Solutions & Entire cloud data analytics services for big firms, startups, and enterprises. We implement the most possible big data solutions by evaluating & implementing existing Bigdata strategies & Tools. Our experts help businesses to manage their data on the cloud by developing a well-secured cloud infrastructure using the Cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) also provide solutions for high load testing.

We apply progressed examination to change over your historical, real-time, traditional and big data into insights. Moreover, we offer comprehensive services to help you resolve all the issues you face.

Why Bigdata, Cloud and High Load

Data Management

Managing the data became highly challenging, usually, it encloses a policy-based approach to determine where the information to be stored, as well as when data can safely be deleted.

Insight Checking

A process of examining the large and varied data based on descriptive, predictive and Prescriptive Analytics, which help you to grow your business by identifying areas of opportunity or threat in advance.

Data Chart

Powerful visual analytics enables you to visually explore analytic report either in a pictorial or graphical format to get instant clarity, which helps you to boost your productivity and results.

Decision Making

Data warehouses consist of structured, semi-structured and unstructured real-time data, those data will provide a conceptual overview of potential opportunities in decision making

Services we Offer

We provide various services for every industry and empowering them with self-service to explore data and insights.

Consulting Services

Our Expert Business Intelligence & Big Data Consultant can markup the exact Bigdata architecture design & ETL process in order to handle the large volume of data efficiently.

Data Analytics

We apply the mind-boggling rule-based algorithms and provide descriptive analytics to insight what has happened, predictive analytics to forecast what might happen and prescriptive analytics to determine the best solution among various choices.

Data Visualizing

Data visualizing is the essential part of the reporting process, hence we design dashboard and report with pictorial and graphical representation which enable users to spot the performances, trends, and achievements.

Data Warehouse

We provide efficient functioning of data warehouses for your industry solutions. Various testing Process like ETL testing, BI Testing, DWH performance testing, and DWH Security testing processes to check the working process.

Top Tools and Technologies

At Osiztechnologies we provide the list of tools to improve your comprehensive Business performance.

  • QlikView
  • Qlikense
  • Tableau
  • Hadoop Apache
  • Hadoop spark
  • Power BI

Why Choose Osiz for Bigdata, Cloud, High Load Development

  • Bigdata, Cloud, High load integration support
  • Expertise in providing solutions for effective data processing and analysis.
  • 24x7 Customization & Configuration support
  • Wide knowledge in JAVA, JSON, REST APIS, Jquery, Node js
  • providing consulting services to create new business opportunity, system design, implementation, maintenance, and support.
  • Well organized & Result Driven data engineering methodologies
  • Offers total Big Data analytics solutions, which help clients secure new insights and create value from their data.
  • High-performance tuning and optimization.
  • Optimal architecture development using the Cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
  • Adaptation of new digital technologies.

Hire our Data Analytics Experts & Consultants

At Osiztechnologies we have A+ team of big data experts and data reporting consultants with 10+ years of experience. Our experts can handle any large volume of data and can implement advanced data engineering services. We excel in handling big data & business intelligence tools, based on your requirements & volume of data, we check out the right tools that can filter the exact results.
Hire our expert team, they will help you to secure new insights more powerful and colorful visualization and provide a solution for every industry.

Awards and Certifications

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