Published: 06 February, 2020

Start Your Own Online Food Delivery Business Like UberEats

To be well fit in this modern world, ordering food online has become a part of our lifestyle. Hence, the number of food ordering and delivering app has reached its peak

Start Your Own Online Food Delivery Business Like UberEats

The Pivotal Role of Online Food Delivery Apps

To be well fit in this modern world, ordering food online has become a part of our lifestyle. Hence, the number of food ordering and delivering the app has reached its peak. The prime reason behind the grand success of the food delivery industry are comfortness, discount offers, and a wide range of restaurants and speed. Researches say that 87% of peoples favor using food delivering apps.

Growth Rate of Online Food Delivery Apps

At the 2020 end, it is evident that the industry reaches the worth of  $32 billion and expected to reach an annual growth rate of 9.3%. This number energizes many flowering entrepreneurs to jump into the online food delivery business like UberEats.

Even though the successful online food delivery business models like  UberEats, Swiggy, Zomato, Food Panda, Grub Hub, Door Dash has not to reach and constitute in some regions, there are some food ordering businesses which attained their success in a certain region. For instance, NoCo NOSH in Northern Colorado and Cyber Food Delivery Service in Fijians.

Well, because of its impressive impacts, hope you got that starting a food delivery business is not an easy job. Right? The succeeding steps are needed to be followed to initiate a food delivery business like UberEats.

1. Blend with local restaurants

The initial step is to get connected with restaurants in the local region and make them comprehend the significance of the online food ordering and make them join your platform. On the other hand, it is the best opportunity for restaurants to grab more customers by your platform. Both you and the restaurant owner wind up getting more revenue. As a result, if more customers started to visit a specific restaurant, then it shows up at the top of the search list.

2. Set Feasible Commission Rates

You need to set feasible commission rates than the successful business models like UberEats, GrubHub, Food Panda, Zomato to compete with the big players of the industry and to empower your online food ordering and delivery business. To point out, this results in integrating more restaurants to your platform.        

3. Pick Up from Restaurants

Pickup from the restaurant option is vital because some of the customers like to order food through the app/web and pick the food by themselves and they not like to pay for home delivery.

4. SEO for the Business

SEO, the most crucial activity which you need to perform for your business which lets you appeal to more local users who are in search of food. On the other hand, it furnishes a gateway for the peoples to know all about your offers and discounts.

5. Technology Solution

To point out, the platform reach depends chiefly on the user-friendliness, rich features, and so on. What makes a platform user-friendly? Obviously, it is the technology that you employ to build your app/web. So, utilizing the right technology solution to launch your online food ordering and delivering platform is very more important.

6. Targeting Areas

One of the prime tactics is, to target the regions where the big players like UberEats, Zomato, etc have not reached. Covering the uncovered areas may make your business a popular one in that certain region, then it becomes a gateway to elaborate your business to the other regions with the fame you got in the previous region.

Currently, the online food delivery business has reached its peak. Hence, this is the right time to kick start an online food delivery business. The entrepreneurs who are fascinated to step into their online food delivery web and mobile-based applications can get down their business with Osiz technologies’s feature-rich clone script. Here I have projected some of the most vital features of our UberEats Clone Script.

 1.Automatic Fare Estimation

This attribute lets the user order their food on their budget. You can see all the ordered foods of your customer and your customers also can perspect the ordered foods list and their price with the total amount which will show up on the screen before ordering the food. If you want to discard a specific food from the list, you can remove them.  

2.Multiple Languages

Customer can prefer their comfortable language to order their food. Multiple languages feature to let the user to easily comprehend the features of the app/website.

3.Live Notification

With this trait, the customer receives a notification when the restaurant accepts the order, who is assigned for their delivery, etc. In the same way, the user will also get notified when the food is prepared by the restaurant and the delivery executive starts his ride from the restaurant with your food. In short, this will aid the user to experience everything about their order instantly.

4. Live Tracking

This helps the user to know about the delivery executive’s location. With this attribute, the customer can go for some other work and return on time when the delivery executive reaches their location.  


Anyone can book their foods easily in UberEats Clone scripts apps. This is because of the clear process flow. The prime reason why people admire online food delivery service is because of its simplicity and transparency. With these peoples started to decide what to order, where to order, how to pay and when to deliver.

Well, Any company can provide you the uber eats clone script but who will furnish the best? It is vital for you to grab a good looking script from the best technical people.

Are you confused about where to get your Uber eats clone app and who offers the best service? No Worries!

Yes, Osiz technologies, a top-rated mobile app development company provides on-demand app development services that furnish high-quality apps and uber eats clone app in a budget-friendly manner. Get in touch with us!!!

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