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Battle Pets Clone Script To Launch Your Own Gamefi Project On BSC

Published: 25 March, 2022

Battle Pets Clone Script To Launch Your Own Gamefi Project On BSC

NFT Game development is one of the new trends in the blockchain field. Similar like to Battle Pets is the most desired NFT game in the gaming community as it furnishes a passive income through playing.


Would like to be a debut on the blockchain and Defi game sphere? 


On that occasion, you are at the right place. Osiz has a combination of all trending techs like blockchain, De-Fi, NFTs, and Cryptocurrencies. 


DeFi is the trendiest cryptocurrency breakthrough this year and one of the most promising blockchain applications. However, the current DeFi scenario is unclear, necessitating some courageous research. Here, I would like to tell more about Battle PETs.


What is BattlePets Clone Script

BattlePets clone is the most needed Dapp Game application, which includes a smooth and secure gaming experience. Our BattlePets clone script is a white-label solution developed, multi-tested, and can integrate rich-new features along with the existing features.


What is Battle Pets?


"Battle PETs" is a BSC-based blockchain game featuring lovely pets. Each pet is an NFT that can be acquired, fed, and equipped with weapons to fight other pets.


What can you do with cute pets?


  • Training 
  • Battlefield 
  • Challenge 
  • Shop
  • AMM exchange 
  • NFT market
  • Budokai
  • Group battles 
  • And so on 

Features of our Battle Pet clone Software

Here are some existing features in the BattlePet clone that you should know for your business uplift. Yep, come with me to dive more to get the fruit.  


Egg Incubation: In the Battlepet clone script, the player needs to do some clicks to hatch the eggs easily on the platform. In total, they have 3 powers for the egg.

  • Combat Power: One of the long-lasting battle power of the player to win in the battle. 
  • Fight Power: For every 100 experience points obtained, the battle power grows by one.
  • Stamina: Represents HP strength, with a maximum of 100.


Setting up and dismantling equipment: For the pet fighting, the players need to grant weapons and other equipment to improve the power. It can be installed as well as uninstalled. Four different types of equipment can be supplied with four different inventory spaces, they are Weapon, Shield, Helmet, and Armor.


Purchasing Pets: Either PET tokens or BAKE tokens,  the players can use to buy the pets. The power of the pet depends on the price. In the case of BAKE tokens, the power depends on the real-time value of the token


Feeding Pets: Feeding the pets will consume the PET while it increases the Battle power during the battle.

Abandoning Pets: When a player abandons the pet, 90% of the BAKE token or PET token price will be refunded.


What Token Used In The BattlePet?


"PET Token"  is a utility token that is used as the premise for transactions in the battle pets ecosystem. We created a GameFi business model to fulfill our goal of integrating Game and DeFi. PET tokens can be used to buy and grow Pets’ eggs, trade pets and equipment, and so on. PET tokens are earned through winning battles, completing chores, and trading.


  • PET tokens have a total supply of 200 million.
  • Bakeryswap Launchpad will spend 8% of the funds for IDO.
  • The remaining 2% will be utilized to run the project.
  • 90%of the funds will be utilized for Gamefi farming which includes battle awards, mission completion, and other activities. 


IDO (Initial DEX Offering)


On 23rd October 2020, PET IDO has launched at the best AMM on BSC BakerySwap. While the Min IDO participation amount is 1000 PET tokens. 


The IDO will end when the 8% PET tokens are sold out, and if not sold out in a week, that can burn the remaining. 


While participating in the IDO, You will get a free pet egg, the more you contribute, the more ‘Battle Power’ your pet will have. Battle Power is the main indicator of battle pets. The higher Battle Power your pets have, the higher the probability of winning in battles, also the stronger farming ability and more trading value. Contributors are allowed to decide to hatch a battle kitty or a battle puppy or a battle bunny.

PET token will be listed in BakerySwap AMM and traded freely after the IDO.


Components of Battlepets Clone Script


Our adorable pets are gaining more and more fans after completing our IDO and a series of events with our partners. Everyone wants to know how our pets will fight in the game, what they can do with their $PET currency, and how they may benefit from it.


Weapon system


To give them a boost, all combat pets must be geared up. A weapon system that is built for a playable battle game is essential. However, the DeFi has been used to combat pet games, implying that weapons in the game are tokenized and can be farmed by players. 

Players can use $PET to arm their battle pets and render them more formidable in battles by purchasing weapons and equipment. Weapons can be improved and exchanged as well. A superior weapon can greatly increase a pet’s fighting ability.


Arena Battle 


As an arena invader, players can stake their combat pets and a specific quantity of $PET, and the invader receives $PET for staking. Other players can offer the occupant a set number of $PET as a challenge. The player puts his or her battle pets against each other in a one-on-one battle in the arena. Regardless of who wins a portion of the $PET is taken away.

The probability of victory is determined by both parties ‘ combat power, the more their combat power, the more probable they are to win. However, a pet with low fighting power has a chance to win the battle, while the likelihood of victory is low, the cost of victory is considerable. 



Battle tournaments are a unique way to play the game. Battle pets can demonstrate their strength and earn rankings by participating in battles. Pets at each rank may farm $PET, with each rank's farming pace decreasing from high to low. The greater their rank, the faster they will be able to farm. The challenger may defeat a ranked opponent, with the winner taking the position.


Siege battle

A player can join different homes each of which has the right to harvest and share the created $PET. There are numerous castles, fortifications, and strongholds t occupy and defend on the pet peninsula. To earn $PET can attack and conquer. Siege fight winners will own the structures they take as their territory.


Evil Devil challenge 

Our pet continent is about to be invaded by a ruthless devil! Kittens, bunnies, and bunnies must kill the monster to protect our house!. The last Battle pet who overcomes the devil will receive a fantastic reward similar to Fomo3D.


Battle Pets characteristics and general system economics 


As an NFT asset, there is a variety of pets that may be owned, nurtured, and traded in the Battle Pets realm. Pets that are owned have animate feelings and can locate loved ones with whom they can breed new baby pets, and users can prepare them for the fight by arming them with weapons. Weaponizing many things will level up to create them stronger to win battles and any associated rewards.


According to the updated release, the addition of DeFifeatures to the Battle pets ecosystem which is facilitated by the PET tokens has resulted in a high transaction count. The value of the token is increased by 20 times with a market capitalization of over $200 million. Each PET token is now priced at $0.649728 on coingecko with only 10% of the total amount of 200 million tokens in circulation.


Battle Pets asset transactions are also increasing at a phenomenal rate. There are currently over 3000 individual pets and over 21,000 transactions using pet NFTs have been completed. According to weaponry statics, nearly 2,000 weapons and over 23,000 transactions have been documented. 


Battle pets now offer a liquidity farming campaign that features the remaining 90% of PET tokens that are not currently in circulation at a rate of approximately 200 % APY. BakerySwap is now trading Pets tokens with increasing liquidity.


Why Osiz for BattlePets clone script Development? 


Osiz is a leading blockchain-based game development company. As I previously said, DApp game creation is on the rise, thus it is critical to find top blockchain game developers with experience building DApp games on BSC to provide a smooth and secure gaming experience. Osiz can let you create your own blockchain game on BSC such as battle pets with exciting features at a minimal cost. The features we follow to develop Battle Pets are, 

  • Decentralized app with high performance.
  • Developed using HTML5/JS tech stack
  • Provides gamers with solid ideas and approaches to help them get the most out of their gaming experience.
  • Providing users with a secure and well-managed crypto-based transaction system
  • Development of a safe wallet to hold cryptocurrencies.


You are in right place, Get Consultation With Our young and skillful Specialists!

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Disclaimer: Osiz Technologies never mastery the Battle Pets and their trademark as well as we never undergo any promotional activities for them.Simply,we are utilizing the term Battle Pets to identify and understand easily.This is to note that, our products and services never harm an individual and organization.

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