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Published :18 February 2022

F1 Delta time clone script - To launch NFT based Virtual car racing game platform

F1 Delta Time clone script

Blockchain technology has become so popular in gaming platform. A famous use case of gaming in blockchain technology, that proves the credibility, ownership, and security of an asset. As a result, the market is dominated by blockchain-based NFT games. F1 Delta time is an ETH-based NFT blockchain game that is revolutionizing the gaming industry

F1 Delta time clone script 

The F1 Delta time clone script is a ready-to-use NFT-based car racing game script to create your own NFT gaming platform similar to F1 Delta. F1 delta time clone script is a fully customizable and thoroughly tested NFT car race game script that inherits all of the features and plugins found in the F1 Delta time platform, ensuring the greatest possible user experience for the players. F1 delta time clone script built by Osiz includes unique features including racing, staking, garage, play, and earn.

Overview- F1 Delta time 

The official formula F1 game on the blockchain is F1 Delta time. It is not like any other game you have ever played. Items in the F1 Delta Time are one of a kind and players own them all. Players can purchase their favorite formula one car, swap it with other players or sell it. Players can use a variety of automotive parts to customize their own cars. 

F1 Delta Time clone is a website clone script that incorporates unique and interesting elements to replicate the famous F1 Delta Time. This increases the game’s excitement and as a result audience recognition.
At Osiz, Our blockchain developers work hard to create the best NFT games clones possible, such as the F1 delta time clone. This clone solution is created with the most up-to-date technologies to allow for a quick turnaround. This F1 Delta Time clone may be downloaded and played on both Android and iOS devices.

F1 Delta Time has  two important components

The collectible game 
The racing game 

Collectibles game 

Obtaining and exchanging rare virtual things such as drivers, cars, components, and trinkets is a part of the collectibles game centers. It adds layers like achievements and leaderboards to the collection of NFTs. The game’s collectibles component is designed to seem like classic scarcity-based collecting games or activities such as football stickers, model collections, and baseball cards.

Racing game 

The racing game will be comparable to typical racing games in terms of gameplay. The user will be able to manage their collectibles such as cars, components, drivers, and trinkets into a grand Prix-ready entrant. The game is played in a 2.5D viewpoint over the specified track with the user controlling the acceleration and braking of their racing car.

Features of F1 Delta Time clone script 

  • Play to earn

  • Staking 

  • Action arcade racing GamePlay

  • Garage

  • Workshop

  • Time trial


Non-fungible tokens 

A collectible - a non-fungible token in F1 Delta time is a piece of digital material. A collectible can be entirely owned by a player as an NFT giving that player complete control over how the collectibles are used, sold, and traded.
Cars, drivers, components, tracks, and trinkets make up the majority of the game content in F1 Delta time with components alluding to sets of different parts of equipment type collectibles that can be joined to a car or driver to improve their base performance. As a result, all NFTs in F1 Delta time will meet the ERC-721 standard.

Fungible tokens 

A fungible token is non-unique and mutually interchangeable. F1 Delta Time will utilise REV as the in-game fungible token. REV, like collectibles, can be fully owned by a player, but instead of serving as game content, REV serves as the game's principal money.
This token is used in various ways 

Collectibles can be purchased as a player reward for accomplishing certain actions or milestones.
As a charge for participating in the racing game and as racing rewards. 
The supply of both fungible and non-fungible tokens is limited. 

What is a REV token?

ERC-20 tokens are REV tokens. REVs are the principal money in the F1 Delta time as previously stated. These currencies are used to purchase collectibles, racing entry fees, and awards among other things. The more currency a person has the more possibilities he or she will have in the game. Staking is one of the first processes for generating REVs.

What is Staking?

The phrase staking relates to holding REV tokens for a set amount of time. The NFTs will create revenues and prizes if they are staked. The rewards are determined by the length of the staking time and the staked value. It was a brand-new feature in F1 Delta time that allowed car owners to earn REV tokens.

How do players acquire collectibles in the F1 Delta time clone script?

There are some ways to buy or purchase collectibles for the players such as, 

  • Giveaways: the gamers can be rewarded with collectibles by holding a series of giveaway events. 

  • Fixed Price Sales: A fixed price sale when collectibles are sold at a predetermined price. Available volume, properties, and market worth will be considered in the transaction.

  • Store: This is where the majority of the new collectibles are sold.

  • Auction: A number of treasures will only be offered at the auction.

Why choose Osiz, to build an NFT based blockchain Game like F1 Delta time?

We, Osiz the premier NFT game development company specializing in intuitive blockchain-based NFT game clones for android, iOS, windows, and native platforms. Our experienced blockchain game developers create high-end gaming platforms for consumers, with an emphasis on delivering a gaming platform with stunning visuals, a high-resolution display, a powerful processor, other key features.
Our main purpose is to bring our customers’ ideas into reality and offer them the gaming platform according to the competitive market which can match all the demands of users, clients, and players in aspects of modernity and advanced capabilities.

Start your project Today with Us, Let's meet soon as our business partner. 

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Disclaimer: Osiz Technologies never mastery the F1 Delta Time and their trademark as well as we never undergo any promotional activities for them.Simply,we are utilizing the term F1 Delta Time to identify and understand easily.This is to note that, our products and services never harm an individual and organization.

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