Published: 27 January, 2023

Betfury Clone Script - i-Gaming Crypto Platform Like Betfury | Osiz

Betfury Clone Script is the readymade Social i-Gaming Crypto Game Platform Script built on Tron Blockchain Network. Osiz Offers readymade, fully complied, customized solutions like Betfury

Betfury Clone Script -  i-Gaming  Crypto Platform Like Betfury | Osiz

Betfury - A Rudimentary 

Betfury is a decentralized iGaming platform powered by the Tron blockchain and here the transactions and the winning price is carried away with the help of cryptocurrencies and crypto wallets. Betfury is a platform that provides enhanced security and permissionless access. It never demands players passwords or funds, thus assuring complete fund safety during the gameplay. Betfury benefits its player with an easy scaling platform, reasonably low commission fees, and instant transactions.

Betfury Clone Script

Betfury Clone Script is a market-ready social-gaming platform built with a BTC Dividends pool powered on the Tron blockchain network.  Tron is mostly preferred as it's a decentralized network with no central authority to control the users additionally smart contracts provide a secure and steadfast system. Our Betfury clone comes with a unique script and a profitable gaming experience. Osiz is a notable Blockchain Game development company and we develop i-Gaming-like Betfury clone scripts with cutting-edge technologies for enhanced user experience.

Create Betfury NFT Gaming Platform Effortlessly.  

Develop your own NFT Gaming Platform like Betfury with the help of Betfury Clone Script. Betfury Clone Script is a decentralized and ready-to-launch gaming platform that can be customized according to the client's needs that are built on Tron. After the development process users can use the platform filled with features and can gamble by using all the elements of DeFi. We help you by providing White Label solutions for the Betfury i- Gaming platform.

How To Create a Game Like Betfury on an i-Gaming Platform?  

1. Reach a prominent blockchain game development like Osiz to develop your own i-Gaming platform. Hence hire blockchain game developers. 
2. We initiate the development process by knowing all your requirements and brainstorming together with our expert team.
3. Our blockchain developers will design and develop the i-Gaming platform like Betfury by acknowledging all the characteristics needed to target the audience.
4. Finally launch and deploy the game on the i-Gaming platform.

Features Of Our BetFury Clone Development    

  • Referrals

  • BFG Staking

  • Jackpots

  • Cashback & Rewards

  • Dividend Pools Of Cryptos

  • Staking and more.

Avant-garde Features Of Betfury Clone Script  

  1. Betfury Box

  2. Jackpots

  3. Bonuses

  4. Cashbox

  5. BFG Staking

  6. Daily Tasks

  7. 1000+ Games

  8. Dividend pools in TRX, BTC, BTT, and USDT

Games Covered By Our Betfury Clone

The Clone Solution that we provide has access to the following games.

In-house Games

The in-house gaming section comes with 13 exhilarating gaming titles like Keno, Dice, Plinko, Tower, Crash, Cryptos, Circle, Triple, Mines, HiLo, Limbo, Coin Flip, and Stairs.

Casino Live Games

Live Casino games are mostly preferred casino games as it creates an experience of real casino human dealers from their home. In addition, it provides an attractive live dealer tables section with engaging game shows.


Battle game is a "must try" game as it carries the most intriguing gaming section that permits users to battle with other gamblers and earns a huge prize pool after winning.


It may be either a traditional or crypto casino, Slots are always preferred and played casino game type. Our betfury clone script has many many slots than can be accessed from the left menu.

Betfury recently launches its sports betting platform where users can bet on sports too. Users can bet on live games as well as scheduled games without any restrictions.

Table Games

Our clone solution arrives with 46 table games for gamers who are interested in table game rounds. It contains European Roulette, Monster Scratch, Dragon Tiger, Signs of Fortune, Hallow Pick, etc.

In-Games in our Betfury Clone 

  • In-House Games

  • Slots

  • Battle

  • Sportsbook

  • Table Games

  • Live Casino Games

BetFury Payment Methods

Betfury comes up with many facilities and accepts multiple crypto payment methods and various cryptocurrencies. Here users can change cryptos to fiat and vice versa. Cryptocurrencies supported by Betfury are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Bitcoin cash, USD coin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Binance Coin,  BitTorrent, Ripple, USD Coin, SunToken, Banana coin, and BFG Tokens. This platform has its own limit for the deposit and withdrawal of some accepted cryptocurrencies.


Osiz is a leading NFT Game Development Company. Our expert developers make use of blockchain capabilities and off-chain betting systems to provide an engaging and profitable gaming platform to gamers. This platform comes with extra advantages like min bets, scaling, paltry commission, and instant transactions. Feel free to reach us via email or WhatsApp to launch your own social i-gaming crypto game platform like Betfury.

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