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Eggies World Clone script - To Develop A TRON Blockchain-Based Online Game

Published: 11 April, 2022

Eggies World Clone script  -  To Develop A TRON Blockchain-Based Online Game

Eggies world clone script 

The Eggies world Clone script is a ready-to-use TRON blockchain-based gaming script that may be used to create an online game that is comparable to Eggies world. This gaming platform allows users to hatch eggs in exchange for a payout. The demand for the introduction of this powerful TRON blockchain-based Eggies globe gaming platform continues to grow. 
Osiz-the best blockchain game development company in the world offers world-class blockchain game development solutions to help you build an innovative gaming platform with a genuine experience. Check out the features of our top-notch Eggies world clone script if you want to create a blockchain game that is comparable to Eggies world.

What is Eggies World? 

Eggies world is a well-developed online game built on the TRON blockchain. Every participant in Eggies World has a large chance to collect TRC tokens as a price for possessing a unique monster. To be a living monster, an egg must be hatched. 
Let us take a closer look at the eggies world!
Features of Eggies World Clone Script

  •  Proactivity

A proactivity base allows a player to stay alive in the game. Also, it permits a monster to stay alive for seven days even without paying attention.

  • Login

Players can use a variety of login methods including their wallets for accessing Eggies World. 

  • EXP Rank

Monster gets an EXP rank and it can be earned by doing activities like fighting, feeding, and so on.

  • The EGG

Visible eggs are earned after playing this game with one or more EGG tokens. The EGG shows stats such as power, health, speed, loyalty, luck, and happiness for indicating the power of the monster.

  • The Monster 

When an EGG hatches, it transforms into a monster that can feed and play.

  • Attacks / fight

A monster is targeted by a succession of attacks, and the player can release a monster with the help of EGGPower.

  • ORBZ

It is a gaming token that can be used to purchase products in the Eggies world store.

  • Professor Eggies Hideout

It is a marketplace where a player may purchase stuff such as feeding, poisoning, protecting, and customizing a monster in the game.

  • Environments

Environments have particular impacts on the EGG/stats, monster and a player has complete control over the environment allowing them to alter quickly.


There is a simple chat device that lets players communicate with one another.

How does Eggies world work?

Eggies world gaming aspects is one of the fascinating topics to know. Players must devote a great deal of time and effort to transforming an EGG into a monster in Eggies world. It could take some time from 1 to 2 weeks for hatching an EGG. After an EGG has grown into a monster, the players must feed it in order to keep it alive.
Monsters in the Eggies world are given TRX tokens which have a varied influence on your monster according to whatever token you give. Other players wield a great deal of control over your monster, and it is never killed as a result of their activities. The only way to end your Monster's existence is to stop feeding it. The DNA properties can be restored when it dies for a charge of around 100TRX.
 Types of EGG In Our Eggies World Clone Script

The EGG is divided into four different sections, which are as follows:

  • Regular EGG - A standard egg has a supply of 100,000 tokens and is made up of 1 EGG token. It is possible to get your funds refunded by paying 1000 TRX.

  • Partner EGG - Partners are distributed by partners and provide 5 partner EGG tokens. 1000 EGG tokens are burned per partner, and partner EGG tokens are not refundable for 1000TRX.

  • Seed EGG - There is only one seed EGG token available, and it is issued in a restricted quantity. Only 100 tokens can be used in Seed Egg.

  • Lab EGG- There are 9 EGG lab tokens in Lab EGG. 1000TRX does not have any refundable options.

Benefits of launching a blockchain-based game like Eggies World

The key to the Eggies world gaming platform’s evolution is mass acceptance. Eggies world has drawn a big number of blockchain enthusiasts since its establishment. You must contact a blockchain game development company immediately away if you really want to construct the Eggies world gaming platform immediately.
Osiz is a professional blockchain game development company that helps people establish a better blockchain gaming platform similar to Eggies World. Top-notch gaming platforms are developed with unique features and capabilities to fulfill individual requirements and company needs.

Why Choose Osiz?

Osiz is a well-known blockchain game development firm that offers beautiful online game development solutions for fast building an Eggies World online gaming platform Meeting customer demands and expectations is a top concern for our team. 

We have a team of expert developers who have a lot of experience making appealing blockchain games. Our team is always ready to provide high-quality, on-time project delivery and 24-hour customer service.

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Disclaimer: Osiz Technologies never mastery the Eggies World and their trademark as well as we never undergo any promotional activities for them. Simply,we are utilizing the term Eggies World to identify and understand easily.This is to note that, our products and services never harm an individual and organization.

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