Published: 02 February, 2023

Secondlive Clone Script | Secondlive Clone Software | Osiz

Osiz Provides SecondLive clone script is a 3D virtual space solution that includes all of SecondLive's key features and can be used to quickly construct a full-featured 3D virtual platform.

Secondlive Clone Script | Secondlive Clone Software | Osiz

Secondlive Clone script

A SecondLive Clone Script enables entrepreneurs and business owners to create their 3D virtual environments. It has been developed and launched with all the features and functionalities that users may require. We offer scripts that are easily available and concentrated on combining smart contracts with API integrations.

To create your own flexible 3D virtual environment with the Secondlive clone script! Osiz is the top provider of Secondlive clone solutions and has a sizable team of programmers and designers who can create avatars for singing, dancing, and other activities.

Modules of SecondLive 

Here are four modules listed below: 

  • Travel around virtual spaces-User can travel to lobby games, concerts, workshops, and other locations.

  • Dress up avatar-Users customize their characters using the editor, then use those characters as their avatars. 

  • Trade on SecondLive marketplace -SecondLive market allows anyone who possesses a digital asset from a third party to exchange goods.

  • Create with creator tools -Users can produce content devoid of coding according to gameplay, interactions, and modules. Some gamification setups may be deployed online instantly and automatically.

Purpose of DAO in SecondLive 

Decentralized Autonomous Organization, or "DAO," is currently the term most commonly used in the business. Cryptocurrency exchanges and NFT markets are among the business models that are switching to DAO.

The following is a list of the DAO modules:

Proposal list: Users can browse all SecondLive suggestions and participate in polls with the aid of the proposal list.

Proposal page: The detail page of a proposal can be accessed by users from the proposal list to learn additional details and participate in a poll.

Voting power: Users can see both their current voting power and how it is distributed on the voting power page.

Intention to launch a virtual platform like SecondLive 

  • BSC is a feature that is included in SecondLive, a 3D multi-functional platform.

  • On these platforms, users can engage in a wide range of activities, including singing, dancing, studying, and working.

  • You get profit greatly from your new approach. According to Dappradar, there are roughly 48.65k total users, 5.34k total transactions, an $18.72k volume, and a $662.39 balance. This website produces a lot of visitors quickly.

Stunning characteristics of SecondLive Clone Script 

The SecondLive clone script concentrates on creating social networks and assisting creators' economic activities since it is the busiest realistic style Metaverse on the BNB chain. The SecondLive clone script stands out among other Metaverse efforts because of the following characteristics.
Substantial carrying capacity

As opposed to a dapp on a website, SecondLive was originally planned to launch with a PC client. By supporting up to 10,000 concurrent users, it allows SecondLive to support large-scale events. As the only initiative that allowed 5k concurrent users to experience a live event in the virtual stadium, SecondLive successfully hosted American rap singer Quavo's Metaverse debut in April of 2022.

Application usecases

A Metaverse with a rarely realistic appearance is SecondLive. In many ways, the SecondLive environment resembles the outside world. SecondLive is the beginning of the "Digital Species" period. When Metaverse is more integrated into our daily lives in the future, the realistic style is easier to embrace and use.

Business practices

To establish a presence in the non-crypto-sphere, SecondLive started with the entertainment sector. As a successful initial step, SecondLive engaged Quavo with 46 million fans and attracted more than 52k live stream viewers in 30 minutes of the show, breaking the previous Binance Live record

How does the SecondLive clone make money? 

Users can make money in the 3D virtual environment,

Gameplay to earn money

Users can earn money while playing online games by participating in activities like VR poker, e-sport betting, and other games

Develop 3D user accessories to create avatars 

The metaverse allows users to select whether to give their avatars accessories like clothing, gadgets, or even weapons. A large number of metaverse platforms offer design toolkits that can be used to produce and market these goods.

Create and sell VR games to generate money

End-to-end VR games could be developed and released, much like 3D accessories. Simple narrative abilities may be leveraged to make money with VR design platforms like Horizon Worlds.

Intern For Money In The Metaverse

There will be a distinct economy in the metaverse, complete with unique job skill requirements. Prize hunters may be hired by gamers, security personnel may be required in VR clubs, etc.

Host Metaverse Events With Purchased Tickets

In the Metaverse, this kind of revenue generation is already highly popular. Massive crowds may attend live performances by actual musicians, and the event's organizers may charge admission.

Inquire About Sponsors For Free Concerts

Even if one is unable to attract attendees to a paid event, sponsorship opportunities may become available in the Metaverse. A small business may conduct a trade show with free admission for visitors in exchange for event sponsors funding the organization to reach new audiences.

Trading 3D NFTs

Another option is to trade 3D non-fungible tokens (NFT), which are equivalent to trading NFT in the conventional digital realm. The metaverse may contain a variety of 3D works of art that may be purchased by investors as NFTs.

How to create your 3D virtual space using the SecondLive clone script?

  • The reliable BSC network serves as the sole foundation for the SecondLive clone script. 

  • Our SecondLive clone script is simple to use because it includes a user-friendly admin dashboard and user console. 

  • Business folks may quickly construct and launch fully featured 3D virtual spaces like SecondLive using this ready-to-use software. 

  • According to the standards of the current market, our clone script is constructed with modernized functionality.

  • Utilize your special money-making techniques to produce high ROI in a short amount of time. It is the most effective and economical option. 

  • We include a secure API in our SecondLive clone script. Customization is possible. So that, according to your business needs, you can swap out the essential functionality, themes, and other add-on modules.

Why prefer us for developing SeconLive Clone Script?

Osiz, a top Metaverse Game Development Company provides a SecondLive clone script that has several advantages, including ease of modification, dependability, responsive design, and a cost-effective solution. As a result, employing our pre-written script will enable you to launch your 3D virtual area successfully. Secondlive Clone Script is the finest option for achieving your 3D virtual space fantasies within your limitations of time and money.

Are you curious how long the Osiz developers will need to produce your 3D virtual space platform? For More Information Contact us

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