Published: 04 January, 2023

STEPN Clone App - Build Move-to-Earn platform like STEPN - Osiz

STEPN Clone App is a Web3 fitness way-of-life app clone with interesting M2E gaming, social-fi, and game-fi components. White Label STEPN Clone App lets your clients walk, run, or run exterior while wearing NFT tennis sneakers.

STEPN Clone App - Build Move-to-Earn platform like STEPN - Osiz

STEPN Clone App

STEPN Clone App is a Move to Earn(M2E) Web3 lifestyle App built with Game-Fi, Social-Fi, and Blockchain technology.STEPN Clone Script is a ready-to-use Web3 lifestyle app that is built with features similar to STEPN. Osiz provides a STEPN clone app with customizable solutions with fitness and gaming elements that are developed using Blockchain technology. 


STEPN is a Move to Earn(M2E)non-fungible token operated by the Solana Blockchain which is a Web3 Lifestyle application. Users of STEPN are rewarded for their activities like walking, jogging, and running outdoors thus earning tokens. 

STEPN Clone App Development Company

Osiz provides you with a customizable Move to Earn(M2E) platform that blends real-world activities with Web3 Technology and Blockchain to build and create a gamified and intriguing fitness experience that encourages a healthy lifestyle.

How does STEPN Clone App Works?

STEPN Clone App functions in the following way,

  1. Users should Download the STEPN app.

  2. Sign up with STEPN using your email id.

  3. Complete the verification process.

  4. Users should link their wallets to access STEPN coins. 

  5. Deposit Solanas native token to purchase NFT sneakers.

  6. Energy restores within 24 hours before purchasing NFTs.

  7. The number of minutes worked out will be turned into tokens.                  

Features of STEPN Clone App

  • Game-Fi Elements

  • Game-Fi Systems

  • Decentralized Wallet

  • Burn Mechanism

  • Social-Fi Elements

  • Social-Fi Systems

  • Integrated Marketplace

  • Move to Earn M2E Rewards

  • Two Token Model

Tokens of STEPN Clone App

STEPN Clone has two tokens a governance token and game utility token through which users can earn rewards by performing certain activities like walking ,running and jogging. The tokens are,

  • Green Metaverse Token (GMT)- a governance token

  • Green Satoshi Token (GST)- a game utility token

Remuneration Generating Modules of STEPN Clone 

The STEPN clone script rewards users with special tokens and it uses 2 kinds of unique tokens as rewards. 

Green Satoshi Token 

GST is gained by using STEPN in different methods. The users themselves perform activities like walking, running, and jogging. By executing a token generation event method, users can level up ,repair their sneakers, upgrade gem digital items that are used to mint the new NFT sneakers. The GST token is used to:

  • Repair sneakers

  • Upgrade sneakers

  • Upgrade gems

  • Unlock sockets

  • Mint sneakers

Green Metaverse Token 

GMT is received by users for taking part in the premium game content and here rewards are given in the form of GMT (Green Metaverse Token) tokens. Governance tokens can be used to alter the sneaker's name, and upgrades the game to the maximum level. Benefits of having GMT tokens include:

Enhances your chances of winning additional sneakers while minting sneakers that are rare, epic, and legendary.

Includes your sneaker customization fees

  • Assists you to reach 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 levels

  • After level 4 improves success of gem upgrades 

  • Improves the chances of winning rare NFT sneakers

  • Permits you to redistribute attribute points

Game-Fi Element Features of our STEPN Clone App

  • Game Mode

  • Shoe-Minting

  • Sneakers

  • Gems and Sockets

  • Badge

BlockchainTechnologies Used in the Development of Our STEPN Clone App

  • Ethereum-based STEPN Clone

  • Solana-based STEPN Clone

  • Binance Smart Chain-based STEPN Clone

  • Tron-based STEPN Clone

  • Polygon-based STEPN Clone

  • Avalance-based STEPN Clone

  • Cardano-based STEPN Clone and etc.

Why Choose Osiz for STEPN Clone App Development?

Osiz is a leading STEPN Clone app development company with certified blockchain and NFT professionals to design and develop a blockchain-based clone app similar to STEPN with high-end security and customization option. We devise and assist in launching the best Decentralzied Application-like STEPN and play-to-earn(P2E) applications for game users. On partnering with Ozis, you'll get the following benefits,

  • Certified developers

  • Transparency

  • Scalable solutions

  • Reasonable Quotation

  • On-Time delivery

  • Customizable option

  • Instant Launch

  • 24/7 Support

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