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Published :7 March 2022

Crypto Snack Clone Script To Start Your DEX iGaming Platform

Cryptosnack clone

CryptoSnack Clone Script is the first DEX (decentralized finance) iGaming Token. It has got impulse of the GameFi. Which means it has ownership distributed across a network. Our CryptoSnacks clone script is entering the competitive crypto market to improve the BSC ecosystem. 

You can enter into the payment sector with our staunch CryptoSnacks clone software to give gritty to the eGaming and iGaming Industries by its rewards option. It can be run on top of the Ethereum blockchain network and further tweaked to meet the needs.

What is a CryptoSnack?

The CryptoSnack is the number one token in the iGaming industry with NFT Collectibles with 150 unique pieces of digital artwork. It is working in the DeFi & GameFi (decentralized financial) system, from that the user can earn and reward with this platform. It has launched on the Binance Smart Chain platform. CryptoSnack is the first DEX iGaming Token. 

This token uses smart contracts to replace the middle-men or third parties in transactions. And this would be unthinkable without blockchain technology. The community members will receive rewards by providing liquidity through their Snack tokens. The community members can use JulWallet, MetaMask, and TrustWallet are the three wallets to claim SNACK rewards.

 It has three distinct brands such as 

  • Snack token

  • Green snacks

  • Snack gaming 

CryptoSnack is now available on the Binance Smart Chain, which offers extremely cheap transaction fees and one of the fastest payment speeds in the industry. CryptoSnack is aiming to become the most popular cryptocurrency in the iGaming sector. Our initial foray into the payment sector will be through eGaming and iGaming, which will be featured as a payment option with coins already paid.

CryptoSnack is in main talks with challenger banks and prepaid Mastercard/Visa suppliers to enable its holders to spend SNACK like other currencies. Snacks want to be fully functional in the payment market to encourage cryptocurrency usage and make a shift away from old methods as simple as possible. 
CryptoSnack is a Green token! This is why we launched the 'Green snack' brand to boost environmental consciousness. Snacks care about the environment and want to help with the fight against global warming. We have determined that carbon offsetting is one area where we can make a big difference. We are assembling a green treasury with tokens tied to environmental projects.


CryptoSnack token (SNACK) is a BEP-20 token standard, native to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). SNACK currently offers great utility within the iGaming Industry, SnackSwap ecosystem, including representing governance rights in votes on updates or proposals to the protocol through DAO. Additionally, in the future the CryptoSnack protocol allows users to earn rewards by providing liquidity using the SNACK token. 

Key features of CryptoSnack Clone Script

The key features of CryptoSnack Clone Script are as follows,

  • The first decentralized iGaming token on Bep20

  • Fully public team

  • Fixed supply

  • Global brand 

  • Eco friendly

Benefits of CryptoSnack Clone Script

  • Fastest and cheapest transactions 

  • An accepted payment method

  • Green treasury

  • Listed on soft swiss platform

  • Anonymity and gaming without borders

  • Community driven token

  • Gaming bonus rewards

Our CryptoSnack clone script will also have the same benefits mentioned above.

What is the purpose to use the CryptoSnack clone script?

There are a variety of reasons why people are abandoning the Ethereum network in favor of BSC. It is easier to use and less expensive than Ethereum. Many people can no longer afford to use Ethereum based deFi protocols because of skyrocketing gas prices. BSC charges a flat transaction fee that can be as low as 1%. Furthermore, block information times per block are about three seconds.
When compared to Ethereum, BSC has a much lower admittance barrier. The Binance ecosystem is now developing with several fantastic backed by one of the world’s largest and most successful blockchain communities.BSC allows solidity developers to effortlessly switch to the new BSC platform. Because of all of these benefits, Snack is the best option for iGaming, eCommerce, and the new age of digital banking.

Snack Casino

The Snack aims to be the number one token in the iGaming industry. To achieve snack goals the Snack brand will open its online crypto casino based on the Snack token. The Crypto and the iGaming industry have many crossovers and share several benefits for both the user and operator. 

CryptoSnack clone script will be a disruptor to the current landscape as it will not only be a recognized casino affiliate it will also be an operator and a currency used to play. Having full utility in the iGaming space is a unique advantage that will benefit the snacker community. To help the Snack community, even more, a portion of the Snack Casino profits will be added to the DEX liquidity pool, raising the value per snack token without having to acquire or raise the token supply.

Green Snack

Green Snack is being produced to make a positive impact on the environment. When carbon is offset, Green Snack will operate like a treasury, unlocking snacks. In the first quarter of 2022, the Green Snack Project will release its own 'Green Paper,' outlining the Treasury mandate and the goals it wants to achieve. In addition, a portion of the green snack revenues will be put to the DEX liquidity pool to raise the value per snack token without buying or expanding the token supply, which will help the snacking community.

What makes CryptoSnack Clone a good investment?

The majority of new tokens enter the market to outperform their competition. CryptoSnack clone script is entering the competitive crypto market to improve the BSC ecosystem. It wants to accomplish this through collaborating with other teams on a variety of levels. These partnerships will speed up the creation of new products while also benefiting the community.

CryptoSnack clone also has no attention to competing with the most popular BSC applications. Instead, it intends to collaborate with several top DeFi executives to enhance user adoption and usage of accessible BSC assets which will be made feasible by Snack Pioneer.

Why Osiz for CrytoSnack Clone script?

Osiz is the leading DeFi gaming development company for building your own Cryptosnack clone script like Crypto Snack. Our expert developers will ask for clear requirements from the client and give a quality outcome. As a result, the CryptoSnack clone software is one of the greatest cryptos to invest in especially if you are concerned about the environment. 

Are you planning to do a CryptoSnack clone script?

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Disclaimer: Osiz Technologies never mastery the CryptoSnacks and their trademark as well as we never undergo any promotional activities for them.Simply,we are utilizing the term CryptoSnacks to identify and understand easily.This is to note that, our products and services never harm an individual and organization.

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